El Paso, Texas & Juárez

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Interesting photos from the El Paso Public Library's Southwest Collection that give you a window into the past.


<ul><li> 1. El Paso, Texas &amp;Jurez, Mexicovarious photos, some during the Mexican Revolution</li></ul> <p> 2. by Jessica Santascoywwww.stargazingmariachi.com 3. Grocery Store, Downtown El Paso 4. Member of Chinese Community 5. Constables 6. cowgirl 7. Aviatrix and Friend 8. Wedding in Juarez 9. Boy on homemade scooter 10. Juarez Racetrack 11. Kohlberg Cigar Factory 12. Downtown El Paso 13. Buffalo Soldiers 14. Biking Expedition 15. Watching the Train 16. Guadalupe Mission 17. Mormons on Trail 18. Soldaderas at Camp 19. Pancho Villa and Luz Corral de Villa 20. Soldadera 21. All images courtesy of the El Paso Public Library Southwest Collection</p>


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