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Hasbro's 2010 New York International Toy Fair Presentation on Feb. 13th




  • 2009 was a great year for Hasbro Star Wars!
  • 2010 will be more focused but it will be a CELEBRATION!
  • Refocused movie-based lineup including the relaunch of Vintage.
  • Awesome new black and blue Shadow of the Dark Side line look (August)
  • A few things wont be back for Fall (Comic Packs and Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes)

3. TOY FAIR 2010 COLLECTOR EVENT PRESENTATION Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3 Figures and Vehicles 4. New Line Look Saga Legends Clone Wars 5. 3-3/4 Galactic Battle Card Game

  • Hot new game mechanic that includes a unique card, base and die
  • Galactic Battle Card game included with Clone Wars Figures, Saga Legends Figures, Battle Packs and Figure and Vehicle Packs

(In Packages August 2010) 6. 3-3/4 Clone Wars Basic Figures

  • The hottest new figure line continues
  • 31 new Clone Wars figures in 2010
  • Most will be in back-half
  • Still playing catch-up!

(Wave 2 - on-shelf right now) Anakin with ColdWeather Gear Thi-Sen Darth Sidious TX-20 Tactical Droid Commander Stone 7. 3-3/4 Clone Wars Basic Figures (Wave 3 - on-shelf April) Obi Wan with Cold Weather Gear Clone Trooper withHeater Pack Magna Guard Firefighter Droid 8. 3-3/4 Clone Wars Basic Figures(Wave 1 on-shelf early August) Pre Vizsla Aurra Sing Mandalorian Guard General Grievous With Cape 9.

  • Similar to Deluxe
  • All Clone Wars
  • $15.99 SRP
  • Flavor:Some classics, some new, and some mini rig concepts

3-3/4 Clone Wars Figure & Vehicle Packs(Wave 1 on-shelf right now) Clone ScoutWith AT-RT Cody with Barc Speeder Anakin withTattoine Skiff 10. 3-3/4 Clone Wars Figure & Vehicle Packs (Wave 1 on-shelf early August) Plo Kloon With Speeder Bike Cad Bane withPirate Bike Anakin with Naboo Skiff 11. 3-3/4 Clone Wars Figure & Vehicle Packs (Wave 2 on-shelf early August) Obi WanSpeeder Bike with Side Car Mandolorian With Speeder 12. Wave 1 (On Shelf March) Holocron Heist Jedi Showdown 13. Wave 2 (on-shelf August) Droids and Clones Anti-Hailfire Squad 14. 3-3/4 Starfighter Vehicles(Wave 1 on-shelf early August) Clone Swamp Speeder Clone Interceptor Tank 15. (on-shelf early August) 3-3/4 Hailfire Droid R/CNEW! Hailfire Droid R/C 18 Projectiles! Includes Clone Trooper Tank Steering 16. TOY FAIR 2010 COLLECTOR EVENT PRESENTATION Star Wars: Legacy Collection 3 Figures and Vehicles 17. The Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection

  • Vintage is back!
  • This time, not limitedwill run for at least two years.
  • Figures beyond OTC, including Episodes I, II and III
  • 37 basic figures in 2010
    • Four waves, approximately every 6 weeks
    • 27 figures will be new or have some new tooling and deco
    • 10 figures will be greatest hits appearing on Vintage card backs for the first time!

18. Vintage Line Look Vintage 19. Wave 1 (on-shelf early August) ESB Commemorative Wave Dengar Hoth Leia Hoth Hangar Han Bespin Luke 20. Wave 1 (on-shelf early August, contd) ESB Commemorative Wave AT-AT Commander C-3PO Dak Darth Vader 21. Wave 1 (on-shelf early August, contd) ESB Commemorative Wave Boba Fett Cloud Car Pilot 4-Lom 22. Fall Figure Mail-In Program

  • 30 thAnniv. of ESB
  • The Holy Grail of Hasbro Star Wars Action Figures
  • Look for the vintage Boba Fett sticker
  • Stickers start appearing with ESB wave (approx. August)

23. Wave 1 (on-shelf March) Birth of Darth Vader Tattoine Desert Ambush 24. Wave 2 (on-shelf August) Hoth Pack 25. 3-3/4 Starfighter Vehicles(Wave 1 on-shelf early August) Snow Speeder Cloud Car 26. AT-AT The Big One! 27. 28. Wave 1 (on-shelf soon) Anakin Skywalker and ARF Trooper Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Fil Gunner Trooper with Battle Droid with Jet Pack 29. Wave 1 (on-shelf August) Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano Cad Bane and Aurra Sing Republic Commandos 2 Pack Clone Trooper and Padme 30. Cinema Scenes Wave 2(on-shelf soon) Slave One and Jango Fett Anakin and EP III Starfighter 31. Galactic Heroes AT-AT (on-shelf August) 32. Star Wars Force Battlers Wave 1 & 2 (on-shelf August) Anakin Captain Rex General Grievous 33. Role Play General Grievous SpinningLightsaber Boba Fett Electronic Helmet Boba Fett Electronic Blaster 34. Cad Bane/Xanadu Blood(On-shelf March) Obi-Wan/Jedi Starfighter (On-shelf March) Anakin/Y-Wing (On-shelf March) Yoda/Attack Shuttle (On-Shelf August) Captain Rex/Freeco Bike (On-Shelf August) 35. Exclusives

  • Star Wars 3 Deluxe Figure and Vehicle Packs
  • In-store May


  • Star Wars 3 TFU Collector Packs
  • In-store May

Exclusives 37. Exclusives

  • Star Tours Boarding Set (Disney Star Wars Weekends Exclusive)
  • Available May 21 st


  • Darth Maul and Owen Lars Comic 2 Pack (Comic Con exclusive)
  • Special Outer Package
  • Will be VERY limited
  • Available at Hasbrotoyshop.com and Starwarsshop.com

Exclusives 39. Exclusives

  • Cami and Fixer Comic 2 Pack (Celebration V Exclusive)
  • Special Outer Package
  • Will be VERY limited
  • Available at Hasbrotoyshop.com and Starwarsshop.com


  • 4-Lom and Zuckuss (Celebration V Exclusive)
  • Special 30 thanniversary tribute to original reversed packaging
  • Will be very limited packaging
  • Available at Hasbrotoyshop.com and starwarsshop.com

Exclusives 41. Force FX Lightsabers with Removable Blade Darth Vader Anakin Obi-Wan 42.

  • A ton more to come.see you in SAN DIEGO!


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