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Instructions for building a pyramid


<ul><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>1/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>Eg\ptian P\ramid BuildingInstructions.</p><p>This Page Includes:Kinds of p\ramid molds</p><p>P\ramid block specifications</p><p>Sand blasted p\ramid with decorative inner chamber</p><p>Smooth block challenges</p><p>Quick eas\ p\ramids</p><p>P\ramid With Tomb Chamber</p><p>A Note For Parents With School ProjectsWe onl\ sell rubber molds! (aV VhoZn on Whe lefW). The blockV VhoZn in Whe</p><p>inVWUXcWionV beloZ aUe caVW XVing Whe mold Ze Vend \oX. You will not receive building</p><p>blocks in the mail, bXW Whe meanV Wo caVW \oXU oZn bXilding blockV oXW of plaVWeU.</p><p>FoU a quick introduction aboXW block caVWing, YiViW oXU QXick gXide foU Whe beginneUpage. FoU complete instructions on caVWing and painWing, look aW Whe boWWom of oXU</p><p>Home page.</p><p>Kinds Of P\ramid MoldsTheUe aUe 3 kinds of p\Uamid moldV. All of these molds contain the same blocks. The onl\ diffeUence iV Whe We[WXUe. An\of WheVe moldV can be XVed Wo make Whe oXWVide of Whe p\Uamid on an\ of Whe modelV VhoZn heUe (inclXding Whe dooUZa\).</p><p>You do not have to put an inner chamber on \oXU p\Uamid. If \oX do noW, \oX can still make the top lift off. The inVideZill be holloZ and \oX can place iWemV inVide iW. HoZeYeU, additional molds aUe XVed Wo make a straight walled inner</p><p>chamber if \oX chooVe Wo haYe one.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>2/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>MROd #90ChiSSed VWRQe We[WXUe</p><p>MROd #91SPRRWh We[WXUe</p><p>MROd #92SaQd bOaVWed We[WXUe</p><p>P\UaPid BORcN SSecificaWiRQVTKH Vi]eV Rf Whe S\UaPid bORcNV DUH VKRZQ RQ WKH OHIW. TKH EORFNV DUH PDGH VR\RX FDQ VWDFN QRUPDO EXLOGLQJ EORFNV RQ WRS RI WKHP, XQGHU WKHP, RU XVH WKHP WR</p><p>PDNH LQQHU FKDPEHUV LQ \RXU S\UDPLG.</p><p>TKH RQO\ Rdd WhiQg DERXW WKH EORFNV LVWKH KHLJKW. TKH 5/8" heighW LVQHFHVVDU\ WR NHHS WKH DQJOH RI WKHVORSH FRUUHFW.</p><p>UVLQJ WKH S\UDPLG EORFNV ZLWK UHJXODUEORFNV LV IDLUO\ HDV\. WKHQ VWDFNLQJ</p><p>WKHP XS, 4 S\UaPid bORcNV eTXaO 5 UegXOaU bORcNV. AOVR, VWDFNLQJ 2 S\UaPid</p><p>bORcNV LV WKH VDPH KHLJKW DV 2 UegXOaU bORcNV SOXV 1 fORRU WiOe.</p><p>TKH VPDOO VTXDUH EORFN RQ WKH OHIW LV XVHG WR ILOO LQ VR \RX FDQ PDNH WKH LQVLGH ZDOOV RI WKH S\UDPLG IOXVK. IW FDQ DOVR EH XVHG WR</p><p>VXSSRUW WKH LQVLGH WR WKH S\UDPLG ZKLOH \RX'UH EXLOGLQJ LW.</p><p>SaQd BOaVWed P\UaPid WiWh DecRUaWiYeIQQeU ChaPbeU</p><p>FRU WKLV SURMHFW, \RX ZLOO Qeed aQ addiWiRQaO PROd.</p><p>MROd #92 ZLOO JLYH \RX WKH VORSHG S\UDPLG EORFNV, EXW \RX ZLOO DOVR QHHGMROd #96 IRU WKH VWUDLJKW ZDOOV DQG GHFRUDWLYH SLHFHV IRU WKH LQQHUFKDPEHU.</p><p>CaVW Whe #92 S\UaPid PROd 19 WiPeV DQG caVW Whe #96 baVic bORcNPROd 10 WiPeV WR EXLOG WKLV S\UDPLG.</p><p>II \RX GRQ'W ZDQW WR EX\ DQ H[WUD PROG, \RX FDQ VWLOO EXLOG WKH S\UDPLGZiWhRXW Whe iQQeU chaPbeU. YRXU S\UDPLG ZRXOG EH KROORZ LQVWHDG RIKDYLQJ VWUDLJKW ZDOOV RQ WKH LQVLGH. TR GR WKLV, MXVW IROORZ WKH LQVWUXFWLRQVIRU WKH EDV\ P\UDPLG IXUWKHU GRZQ WKH SDJH.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>3/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>for the Eas\ P\ramid further down the page.</p><p>Mold #96 inclXdeV all of Whe decoUaWiYepieceV VhoZn heUe.</p><p>Mold #96 has blocks that can be used to make a secret door.</p><p>Although this p\ramid does not have a secret door shown on itsconstruction, \ou can find out how to use the secret door blocks on theTips &amp; Tricks 17 page.</p><p>For ideas on using mold #96 for tomb passages, please look at theDetailed Tomb pages.</p><p>1.</p><p>For this p\ramid, I decided to make mounting it as eas\ as possible. I went to Wal-mart and looked for the thickest card stock item I could find to mount this on.</p><p>In the office supplies section (where the\ have markers and poster board) I found achild's manuscript practice board. Children practice writing their letters on thisboard which can be wiped off and used again. It cost me $2.97 and is almost 1/8"</p><p>thick solid pressed paper board (ver\ sturd\).</p><p>2.</p><p>You want to cut a 10" [ 10" square out of theboard. I used a large paperback book to helpme draw a square line.</p><p>Then I used a heav\ pair of scissors to cut theboard to si]e. If \ou don't have scissors, \ouma\ have to use a hobb\ knife and a ruler.</p><p>Peel the thin top plastic coating off so theglue will stick.</p><p>3.</p><p>We will start b\ makingthe inner chamber walls.</p><p>Glue 10 of the split</p><p>blocks. These will be usedfor the base. Be sure the thick half is facing</p><p>\ou (so the holes won't show).</p><p>Glue the other pieces as shown. The step</p><p>block goes on the bottom under the door.</p><p>4.</p><p>Add the pillars onto the wall in the placement shown. Be sure \ouhave at least a 1/2" between the pillar and the edge of the wall.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>4/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>Make 2 copies of WhiV Zall VecWion.</p><p>5.</p><p>The back Zall XVeV WhepieceV VhoZn. Do not</p><p>glue the blocks shoZn</p><p>in green! TheVe aUeXVed aV VpaceUV.</p><p>AfWeUZaUd, UemoYe WhegUeen blockV and add Whe</p><p>WZo VWaWXeV on eiWheUVide. Make 1 of these.</p><p>6.</p><p>The dooUZa\ Zall XVeV</p><p>Whe pieceV VhoZn. Donot glue the blocks</p><p>shoZn in green!</p><p>AfWeUZaUd, UemoYe Whe</p><p>gUeen blockV and addWhe WZo VWaWXeV on</p><p>eiWheU Vide. Make 1 of</p><p>these.</p><p>7.</p><p>Ne[W \oX Zill need</p><p>Wo pre-glue VeYeUalUoZV of blockV. YoX</p><p>ma\ ZanW Wo pUe-glXe foU all of Whe</p><p>VWepV, When go backand aVVemble Whe</p><p>Zhole p\Uamid aW</p><p>once.</p><p>HeUe'V ZhaW \oX need Wo glXe foU Whe fiUVW leYel. The fiUVW phoWo VhoZV</p><p>Whe pUe-glXed UoZV of p\Uamid blockV. The Vecond phoWo VhoZV WheUoZV glXed doZn Wo Whe papeU boaUd.</p><p>8.</p><p>AW WhiV poinW \oX ZanW Wo test fit Whe inneU chambeU ZallV. The VpaceUblockV Ueaching in fUom Whe oXWVide ZallV VhoXld bXWW UighW Xp againVW</p><p>Whe chambeU ZallV Wo keep Whem VWUaighW.</p><p>Do not glue the inner chamber in place. PainWing iW Zill be YeU\</p><p>difficXlW laWeU on if \oX glXe iW in.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>5/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>8. difficXlW laWeU on if \oX glXe iW in.</p><p>LeaYe Whe iQQeU chaPbeU iQ SOace Zhile \oX glXe on Whe Uemaining</p><p>UoZV of blockV, bXW dR QRW gOXe WheP WR Whe chaPbeU. IW'V a good</p><p>idea Wo UemoYe Whe chambeU afWeU each UoZ iV dU\ Wo be VXUe iW Zillcome oXW laWeU on.</p><p>9.</p><p>PUe-gOXe WheVe blockV Wo foUmWhe VecRQd URZ.</p><p>Be VXUe Whe blockV aUecompleWel\ dU\ befoUe glXing</p><p>Whem on Wop of Whe fiUVW UoZ,</p><p>oWheUZiVe Whe p\Uamid Zill Vag.</p><p>AlVo glXe gURXSV Rf WZR bORcNV fUom Whe p\Uamid mold aUoXnd 3 VideV. I'm</p><p>XVing WheVe blockV becaXVe WheUe aUe an e[ceVV of Whem.</p><p>Once again, dR QRW gOXe WheP WR Whe iQQeU chaPbeU! We ZanW Wo UemoYe</p><p>Whe chambeU laWeU on foU painWing.</p><p>10.</p><p>PUe-gOXe WheVe blockV Wo foUm</p><p>Whe WhiUd URZ.</p><p>Be VXUe Whe blockV aUe</p><p>compleWel\ dU\ befoUe glXing</p><p>Whem on Wop of Whe fiUVW UoZ,oWheUZiVe Whe p\Uamid Zill Vag.</p><p>AlVo glXe ViQgOe VTXaUe bORcNV fUom Whe p\Uamid mold aUoXnd 3 VideV.I'm XVing WheVe blockV becaXVe WheUe aUe an e[ceVV of Whem.</p><p>Once again, dR QRW gOXe WheP WR Whe iQQeU chaPbeU! We ZanW WoUemoYe iW laWeU on foU painWing.</p><p>11.</p><p>PUe-gOXe WheVe</p><p>blockV Wo foUmWhe fRXUWh URZ.</p><p>ThiV UoZ ZillbUidge oYeU Whe</p><p>dooUZa\opening.</p><p>Once WhiV UoZ iV dU\, be VXUe \oX can UePRYe</p><p>Whe iQQeU chaPbeU.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>6/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>12.</p><p>Pre-glue WheVe bORcNV WR fRUP Whe fifth row.</p><p>GOXe WhiV UiQg WRgeWheU bXW do not glue it on top of the</p><p>p\ramid! YRX ZaQW WhiV WRS VecWiRQ WR OifW Rff VR \RX caQVee iQVide Whe S\UaPid.</p><p>13.</p><p>HeUe iV row 6 aQdrow 7.</p><p>RRZ 6 haV VTXaUebORcNV fURP Whe</p><p>S\UaPid PROd RQWhe iQVide.</p><p>14.</p><p>Pre-glue Whe OaVW URZV</p><p>WRgeWheU, OeW WheP dU\,</p><p>WheQ gOXe WheP RQ WRSWR fiQiVh Whe SeaN Rf Whe</p><p>S\UaPid.</p><p>GOXe Whe decRUaWiRQV</p><p>VhRZQ fRU Whe iQQeUchaPbeU.</p><p>15.</p><p>The sarcophagus stand iV Pade b\ gOXiQg Whe</p><p>bORcNV WRgeWheU VhRZQ iQ Whe fiUVW ShRWR.</p><p>POace Whe SieceV iQVide Whe WRPb iQ ZhaWeYeU</p><p>aUUaQgePeQW \RX WhiQN ORRNV gRRd, bXW do notglue them XQWiO Whe S\UaPid haV beeQ SaiQWed.</p><p>ViViW RXU SaiQWiQg iQVWUXcWiRQV Sage fRU hRZ WR SaiQW WhiV S\UaPid. ThiVZaV SaiQWed XViQg \ellow craft paint aQd brown shoe polish.</p><p>HeUe aUe a feZ ShRWRV Rf Whe iQVide Rf Whe S\UaPid. MROd #96 giYeV \RXaOO Whe SieceV WR fiQiVh Whe iQVide, e[ceSW fRU Whe VWaQdiQg PiQiaWXUeV \RX</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>7/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>Vee heUe.</p><p>The VWanding miniaWXUeV aUe fUom The\</p><p>haYe a YeU\ ZondeUfXl VelecWion of Eg\pWian figXUeV, boWh hXman and</p><p>fanWaV\ cUeaWXUeV.</p><p>TheVe miniaWXUeV ZeUe painWed b\ RobeUW SpaUenbeUg (aka ImahilXV).</p><p>BeloZ iV a phoWo of Whe oXWVide of Whe finiVhed p\Uamid.</p><p>SmooWh BlockChallengeV</p><p>GeWWing Whe VmooWh blockV Wo line Xp peUfecWl\ can be a challenge depending on hoZ pick\ of a bXildeU \oX aUe. FoU m\</p><p>VWandaUdV, I feel Whe blockV line Xp jXVW fine. I bXilW Whe VmooWh p\Uamid ZiWh no Vanding oU Vpecial fiWWing ZhaWVoeYeU.</p><p>HoZeYeU, WhiV VecWion iV diUecWed Wo Whe peUfecWioniVW Zho ZondeUV Zh\ gapV VhoXld e[iVW aW all. To begin ZiWh, Whe</p><p>oUiginal block pieceV aUe machined Wo e[acW VWandaUdV and fiW WogeWheU ZiWh no gapV. DXUing Whe molding and caVWing</p><p>pUoceVV, VeYeUal WhingV can happen.</p><p>FiUVW of all, \oX aUe caVWing pieceV ZiWh a fle[ible UXbbeU mold. No maWWeU</p><p>hoZ peUfecW Whe oUiginal iV, Whe fle[ible UXbbeU Zill moYe VlighWl\ Zhen \oX VeW iW</p><p>on Whe Wable and poXU plaVWeU inWo iW. AlVo, depending on hoZ \oX VcUape Whemold, Whe blockV ma\ YaU\ in heighW VlighWl\. BoWh of WheVe facWoUV Zill caXVe Whe</p><p>pieceV noW Wo fiW aV peUfecWl\ aV Whe oUiginalV Whe\ ZeUe made fUom.</p><p>LaVWl\, becaXVe Whe blockV aUe VmooWh, an\ defecWV oU chipV Zill be moUe</p><p>noWiceable. YoX alVo haYe Wo be mXch moUe caUefXl noW Wo chip Whe VhaUp edge</p><p>of Whe blockV. A We[WXUed VXUface Zill hide defecWV and chipV.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>8/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>RI WKH EORFNV. A WH[WXUHG VXUIDFH ZLOO KLGH GHIHFWV DQG FKLSV.</p><p>WKHQ WKH EXLOGLQJ LV FRPSOHWH, DOO RI WKHVH GHIHFWV GLPLQLVK ZKHQ \RX ORRN DW WKH</p><p>FRPSOHWH SLFWXUH. I IHHO WKDW WKH p\ramid molds are the easiest to cast DQG</p><p>DUH ideal for a beginner. TKH\ ZRUN JUHDW IRU VFKRRO SURMHFWV, DQG an\one 8 \ears old and up FDQ HDVLO\ PDNH D S\UDPLG</p><p>DQ\ VL]H WKH\ ZDQW.</p><p>Quick Eas\ P\ramidsTKLV S\UDPLG LV JUHDW IRU D VFKRRO SURMHFW! You will need to cast the #91 p\ramid mold 11 times WR PDNH WKLV PRGHO.Directions for making the base, sand and trees DUH RQ WKH TLSV &amp; TULFNV 8 SDJH.</p><p>1.</p><p>TR PDNH WKH MRE JR HDVLHU DQG IDVWHU, \RX QHHG WR pre-</p><p>glue several strips of blocks WRJHWKHU. TKLV ZLOO</p><p>HQVXUH WKDW \RXU ZDOOV GRQ'W VDJ ODWHU RQ.</p><p>WKHQ JOXLQJ HDFK VWULS RI EORFNV, place a straight</p><p>edge behind them VXFK DV D UXOHU RU D ERRN.</p><p>OQ row 1 \RX KDYH 6 UHJXODU EORFNV DQG 1 FRUQHU</p><p>EORFN. OQ row 2 WKHUH DUH 5 UHJXODU EORFNV DQG 1</p><p>FRUQHU EORFN. EDFK URZ ZLOO KDYH RQH OHVV EORFN LQ LW.</p><p>2.</p><p>HHUH DUH WKH UHPDLQLQJ URZV WR WKH S\UDPLG. WKHQ WKH\ DUH GU\,</p><p>HDFK RI WKH IRXU VWULSV RI EORFNV ZLOO EH JOXHG WRJHWKHU WR IRUP HDFKOD\HU RI WKH S\UDPLG.</p><p>3.</p><p>Glue together row 1. YRX FDQ XVH D ERRN RU VTXDUH HGJH RI</p><p>VRPH NLQG LQVLGH WKH S\UDPLG WR NHHS WKH DQJOHV DW 90 GHJUHHV.</p><p>Continue adding strips of blocks XQWLO \RX JHW 3 URZV RQ WKH</p><p>S\UDPLG. If \ou want the top to come off (VR \RX FDQ ORRN</p><p>LQVLGH), GRQ'W JOXH DQ\ PRUH URZV RQ.</p><p>4.NRZ FRPSOHWH WKH WRS RI WKH S\UDPLG VHSDUDWHO\ E\ gluing together rows 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. TKLV ZLOO</p><p>VHW RQ WRS RI WKH S\UDPLG WR FRPSOHWH LW ZKHQ LW'V GU\.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>9/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>VeW on Wop of Whe p\Uamid Wo compleWe iW Zhen iW'V dU\.</p><p>5.</p><p>The laVW VWep iV Wo paint the p\ramid. Since WhiV iV Whe eaV\YeUVion, jXVW XVe one coloU of painW - a dXll mXVWaUd coloU ZiWh a</p><p>WoXch of UeddiVh bUoZn Wo iW. I painWed Whe Wop block gold Wo</p><p>add inWeUeVW.</p><p>HeUe'V Whe finiVhed p\Uamid. To Vee hoZ Wo make Whe sand and</p><p>trees, go Wo Whe TipV &amp; TUickV 8 page.</p><p>P\ramid With Tomb ChamberFoU WhiV pUojecW, \oX Zill need an additional mold.</p><p>Mold #90 Zill giYe \oX Whe Vloped p\Uamid blockV, bXW \oX Zill alVo need Mold #100 foU Whe VWUaighW ZallV inVide WhechambeU. Cast the #90 p\ramid mold 18 times and cast the #100 basic block mold 8 times Wo bXild WhiV p\Uamid.</p><p>If \oX don'W ZanW Wo bX\ an e[WUa mold, \oX can VWill bXild Whe p\Uamid without the inner chamber. YoXU p\Uamid ZoXld beholloZ inVWead of haYing VWUaighW ZallV on Whe inVide. To do WhiV, jXVW folloZ Whe inVWUXcWionV foU Whe Eas\ P\ramid in the</p><p>article above. DiUecWionV foU making Whe sand and trees aUe on Whe TipV &amp; TUickV 8 page.</p><p>1.</p><p>YoX can download and print the plans Wo WhiV p\Uamid fUom Whe BXilding PlanV</p><p>Page.</p><p>The p\Uamid iV pUeWW\ heaY\ Vo I decided to use pl\wood aV Whe baVe Wo bXild iW on.</p><p>The baVe of Whe p\Uamid Zill be 10" [ 10", Vo I made Whe pl\Zood laUge enoXgh Wo</p><p>add a WUee oU WZo laWeU on.</p><p>2.</p><p>Ne[W \oX Zill need Wo pre-glue several</p><p>rows of blocks. YoX ma\ ZanW Wo pUe-</p><p>glXe foU all of Whe VWepV, When go back and</p><p>aVVemble Whe Zhole p\Uamid aW once.</p><p>HeUe'V ZhaW \oX need to glue for the</p><p>first level. The fiUVW phoWo VhoZV UoZV of UegXlaU blockV foU Whe inneU</p><p>chambeU. The Vecond phoWo VhoZV Whe p\Uamid blockV. Use astraight edge Wo help keep Whe UoZV VWUaighW.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>10/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>3.TR NeeS Whe baVe Rf Whe S\UaPid VTXaUe, \RX caQ SOace a bRRN iQVide ZhiOe gOXiQg</p><p>Whe VideV dRZQ. BXiOdiQg a OaUge cRUQeU RXW Rf LegRV ZiOO aOVR ZRUN.</p><p>4.</p><p>Glue the first 2 la\ers of blocks for the inner chamber on their side!</p><p>B\ QRZ \RX SURbabO\ NQRZ WhaW Whe blocks are slightl\ taller WhaQ Whe\ aUe</p><p>Zide. I'Ye Pade Whe heighW Rf 4 S\UaPid bORcNV WR be Whe VaPe aV 5 UegXOaU</p><p>bORcNV. HRZeYeU, WheUe iV a chaQce (deSeQdiQg RQ hRZ \RX VcUaSe Whe PROd</p><p>aQd VWacN) WhaW the inside chamber wall ZRXOd eQd XS slightl\ taller thanthe p\ramid wall.</p><p>Stack the first 2 chamber la\ers with the blocks on their side WR eQVXUeWhaW Whe chaPbeU ZaOO iV VhRUWeU WhaQ Whe S\UaPid ZaOO.</p><p>5.</p><p>La\ dRZQ aQd gOXe Whe bORcNV VhRZQ. Do not glue the blocks in green RU</p><p>\RX ZiOO Qeed WR caVW e[WUa baVic bORcNV. The bORcNV VhRZQ iQ gUeeQ aOORZ</p><p>\RX WR VSace Whe iQQeU chaPbeU eYeQO\ iQVide Whe S\UaPid.</p><p>LaWeU RQ, WheVe ZaOOV ZiOO haYe WR PaWch XS WR Whe VORSiQg VideV Rf Whe</p><p>S\UaPid.</p><p>6.</p><p>HeUe aUe Whe URZV \RX ZaQW WR pre-glue for</p><p>the second level. The fiUVW ShRWR VhRZV URZV</p><p>Rf UegXOaU bORcNV fRU Whe iQQeU chaPbeU.</p><p>The VecRQd ShRWR VhRZV Whe S\UaPid bORcNV. Use a straight edge WR heOS</p><p>NeeS Whe URZV VWUaighW.</p><p>7.</p><p>HeUe I'Ye added Whe VaQd We[WXUe WR Whe baVe. You don't have to do this.</p><p>HRZeYeU, if \RX ZRXOd OiNe WR add WhiV, iW'V beVW WR dR iW ZhiOe Whe S\UaPidiVQ'W YeU\ WaOO \eW. To see how to add sand, checN RXW Whe TiSV &amp; TUicNV 8</p><p>Sage.</p><p>The blocks shown in green aUe Whe VTXaUe bORcNV RQ Whe S\UaPid PROd.</p><p>TheVe aUe 5/8" high aQd aUe XVed WR VXSSRUW Whe S\UaPid bORcNV.</p><p>OQce agaiQ, la\ the inner chamber blocks on their side VR Whe heighW Rf</p><p>Whe iQQeU chaPbeU ZiOO be VOighWO\ VhRUW.</p></li><li><p>1/2/12 Eg\ptian P\ramid Building Instructions</p><p>11/\ramid/p\ramid.html</p><p>the inner chamber will be slightl\ short.</p><p>8.</p><p>Here are the rows \ou want to pre-glue for the</p><p>third level. The first photo shows rows of regular</p><p>blocks for the inner chamber.</p><p>The second photo shows the p\ramid blocks.</p><p>Use a straight edge to help keep the rows</p><p>straight.</p><p>9.</p><p>This photo shows the third level in place. You will notice support blocksunder this le...</p></li></ul>