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2. Introduction

  • Hello, I will be doing a research on Ancient Egyptian Clothing, from footwear to jewelry to special clothing. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn about other kinds of clothes, like what other people wore, what they were allowed to wear, how they afforded it, and how they were made.


  • All clothes were almost always made of linen which is made from flax.
  • Growing flax was a job for men only.
  • Half-ripe flax stems made the best thread.
  • Flax stems were soaked for several days.
  • The fibers were beaten until soft. .
  • The fibers were twisted into strong thread.
  • The weaving was done on a loom.
  • White linen had to be washed a couple of times. They washed it in the river or canal, rinsed, then it was pounded on a stone. After that it was bleached in the sun.
  • They pressed the linen into grooves on a wooden board to let it dry.

4. Egyptian Jewlery

  • Jewelry was worn wheter you were rich or poor.
  • Wore earrings,rings, necklaces
  • They also used the jewelry to surround the pharaohs tomb.
  • Most necklaces were made of turqoise and lapis lazuli stones


  • Both genders usedmake up.
  • Both men and women had green/blue eyeshadows.
  • Used a powder called KOHL to darken the eye lashes
  • Used another powder to redden the check called OCHRE
  • Used a dye called HENNA to redden their nails and hair.
  • The men had to have no beard or mustaches.
  • Women had to have hair down to their shoulders.

6. Clothes

  • The workers wore loincloth which were made of animal hide and linen.
  • Most of the slaves worked half naked since they were poor.
  • Most men or women wore very long see-through robes that were pleated.
  • People wore wide clothes made of white cloth.
  • They did not wear more jewelry or fancier clothes to show wealth.
  • They did wear gold jewelry and the most transparent clothes

7. Footwear

  • People usually went barefoot.
  • Wore sandals when their feet gets hurt, and also in special occasions.
  • Tutankhamen had 93 pieces of footwear made with different things.

8. How they dressed

  • The women didnt wear clothes unless they washed.
  • They were scented with oil
  • Placed a large rectangle of linen around their heads and tied the loose linen to keep wrapped.
  • The main things they used in the bathroom were tweezers, razors and comb.

9. Special Clothing

  • Priests had almost the same clothing as a Pharaoh.
  • They were certain clothing when approaching a god.
  • They had to remove all body hair before approaching a god.
  • They couldnt wear leather sandals or any wool clothing because they were considered unclean.
  • Pharaohs had to wear a lot of jewelry.
  • The Pharaohs clothes had to be different from other peoples especially the priests.
  • They wore a special headdress.
  • Pharaohs also had to have to wear a royal robe.
  • Wore things part of the Fourth Dynasty

10. Hair

  • Both men and women wore wigs. Changed everyday.
  • Both men and women also wore special wigs (curly wigs) in special occasions.
  • If a girl had hair that wasnt at their shoulders. They had to wear a wig that is down to their shoulders.

11. Materials Used

  • A flax is a plant that has small leaves, blue flowers and stems about two feet tall.
  • A loincloth is a piece of material fastened around the waist and worn by men.
  • A Papyrus is tall water plant that grows in the Nile Valley
  • A Lapis Lazuli is a deep-blue stone used for ornaments.
  • The sandals were made of palm fiber or braided papyrus.
  • Wigs were made from human hair or wool.

12. Bibliography

  • Some notes in my book.