egypt by gary continent egypt is in the continent of africa

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EgyptBy Gary

Continent Egypt is in the continent of Africa.

HemispheresEgypt is located in the eastern hemisphere.ClimateEgypt`s climate is hot and dry with moderate winters. Highest point The highest point in Egypt is mount Catherine.Egypt`s major source of water is the Nile river PopulationEgypt`s population is around 82,079,636 people.IncomeEgypt`s major source of income is farming and tradeReligionMost of Egypt`s population are Muslim Flag Egypt`s flag is red black and white and it has a golden eagle in the middle of the flag the black stripe represents oppressions . The red stripe represents to overcome bloody struggle. The white represents to be replaced by a bright future.

EgyptiansThe people in Egypt are called EgyptiansLanguage Egyptians speak Arabic partly English and French In Egypt 15% of them are Christian and they are the only ones who celebrate Christmas in Egypt instead of celebrating on December 25th it is celebrated on the 7th of January KiahkPeople in Egypt say Kiahk meaning Christmas I would like to visit Egypt because it sounds like it might be fun to look at the attractions References