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  • 1.EFT Basics
    JoAnn SkyWatcher

2. Emotional Freedom Techniques
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) was developed by Gary Craig in the mid-90s
Gary was inspired by Dr. Roger Callahans Thought Field Therapy
JoAnn SkyWatcher
3. Self-help Tool
EFT is a self-help tool in which you focus on an issue you would like to clear while tapping with your fingertips on your acu-pressure points.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
4. EFT can be Helpful with:
Headaches (Migraines)
Physical Pain
Negative Thoughts
Weight Loss
Social Anxiety
Personal Development
Traumatic Memories
Improving Performance
Relationship Issues
5. How does EFT work?
EFT works with the bodys subtle energy system.
It is the psychological version of acupressure.
Scientific research is being done to show how it works.
What we know for sure is that EFT gets amazing results.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
6. Doing EFT is Like Rebooting Your Computer
When we stuff emotions were afraid to fully feel, our system can get out of balance.
Our body is telling us that something we are feeling , thinking, or believing needs attention.
Its like the way a computer might crash, or get stuck.
Tapping is like rebooting our energy system.
EFT helps us get unstuck so we can feel centered and relaxed.
Got idea from eftfree.net
JoAnn SkyWatcher
7. EFT Simplified
1) While Focusing on a negative emotion or physical sensation, assess its intensity on a scale of 0-10.
2) Set-up Phrase: Say 3 times, Even though I have (problem), I deeply and completely love and accept myself, while tapping on your Karate Chop point on side of hand. (see chart on next page)
3) Tap through a Sequence starting with Eyebrow (EB), saying the Reminder Phrase (a phrase you create to help you stay focused on the issue) while tapping 7 times on each point.

  • Eyebrow (EB): This problem (be specific)

8. Side of Eye (SE): This problem 9. Under Eye (UE): This problem 10. Under Nose (UN): This problem 11. Under Lip(UL): This problem (continued on next page)
JoAnn SkyWatcher
12. EFT Simplified (continued)

  • Collarbone (CB) This problem

13. Under Arm (UA) This problem 14. Liver Point (LP) This problem 15. Wrist Points(WP) This problem 16. Top of Head (TH) This problem The above Sequence is called a round.
4) After a couple of rounds, check your intensity level. If it hasnt come down, repeat the process.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
17. Example: EFT for a Headache
1. Assess the Intensity Level of your headache.
2. Tap on the karate chop point on the side of your hand saying, 3 times, Even though I have this headache, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.
3. For each round: Tap at least 7 times on energy points while saying the reminder phrase either repeat the same phrase or change it.
Inside of Eyebrow (IE) This headache
Side of Eye (SE)This fracking headache
Under Eye (UE) This headache is a drag
Under Nose (UN) Im so tired of getting headaches
Under Lip (UL) This headache is driving me bonkers
Collarbone (CB) This headache
Under Arm (UA) My aching head
Liver Point (LP) This headache
(continued on next page)
JoAnn SkyWatcher
18. EFT for a Headache (cont.)
Wrist Points (WP) Its driving me crazy
Top of Head (TH) This headache
Many times I do 2 or 3 roundsbefore stopping and re-checking the intensity level.
4. Reassess the intensity of the headache. If it hasnt come down as much as you want, write down the new number & repeat the process.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
19. A Few Questions
Why do you use more points than Ive seen in some other places?
The three points I talk about here werent included in the original EFT materials. The Liver Point under the breast is a powerful point that gets left out because of its location, and because it helps deal with anger. According to Lindsay Kenny, the Wrist Points are great for stress, anxiety, grief, heartache and sadness. The Top of the Head is a powerful contact point for every issue. I use these additional points because they add to the process and dont take much more time.

  • Which side of the body should I tap on?

I recommend tapping on both sides whenever possible. It just seems to speed the process up. However, its OK to do just one side - it doesnt really matter which.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
20. More Questions
What does each point do?
Most of the practitioners I know dont focus on the individual points. However, you can find some interesting info here: http://www.tapintoeft.com/eft-tapping-points/default.htmlI
Im tapping but not getting results. Why?
You may not be getting specific enough. For example, tapping for stress is too general. Tapping about the barking dog getting on my nerves is more specific.
You arent getting to the core emotional issue. You need to go deeper.
You arent putting enough energy into it. Sometimes shouting your setup phrases can help.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
21. More Questions
Are the results permanent?
If you released the core emotional issues, nothing else may come up. However, if something does, it just means there is more to tap on. Many times there are layers. Get to the bottom of it, and let it go for lasting results.
How do I use EFT to help develop my intuition?
When you tap, notice what comes up. Use all of your senses. Remember back as far as you can, when you first felt that particular emotion. Listen closely. Listen deep. Be grateful for your inner guidance and it will grow.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
22. Disclaimer
If someone is suffering from diagnosed psychiatric disorders; taking psychoactive medication; under ongoing treatment with a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist--they should ALWAYS consult with their care providersbefore starting any new form of treatment, including EFT.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
23. Additional Resources
Bruner, Pamela and Bullough, John. EFT and Beyond: Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation.
Church, Dawson, Ph.D. The Genie in Your Genes.
Craig, Gary. The EFT Manual.
Feinstein, David; Eden, Donna; Craig, Gary; and Bowen, Mike. The Promise of Energy Psychology: Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic
Personal Change.
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Hicks, Esther and Jerry (The Teachings of Abraham). The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide.
Lipton, Bruce H. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles.
SkyWatcher , JoAnn. Touched by a Miracle: EFT Healing Stories.
Zacharias-Miller, Carna; Shaner, Lynne; Barbee, Jade; and Morre-
Hafter, Betty. The EFTfree Manual: A Free, Comprehensive Guide to
Using EFT.
JoAnn SkyWatcher
24. JoAnnSkyWatcher
I am a Spiritual Coach and EFT Expert with Specialties in:

  • Loving Ones Body

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