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  • 1. PowerPoint slideshows can be a good way to get ideasacross -- when used correctly. Sometimes, they can beboring and confusing, even doing more harm than good.Here are a few tools and techniques you can use to createengaging and effective presentations.

2. Showing things to an audience during a speech is asold as public speaking. In nearly all cases, showingan audience a physical thing, an actual object, is thebest way to engage an audiences attention. 3. What has been turned upside-down over the pastdecades spread of PowerPoint, for most PowerPointusers, is that the speech is now mostly whats on thescreen, rather than what is spoken. In other words, the proper relation of the illustrationtool to the speech has been reversed. In the opinion ofmany people, this has tragically damaged the art ofpublic speaking. But today many people who give oral presentationscannot imagine doing so without PowerPoint. 4. PowerPoint is one of the simplest computerprograms to learn. It is the number 1 programused worldwide for presentations. Anyone cancreate stunning presentations that look like theywere designed by a professional. 5. PowerPoint presentations can be made intophoto albums, complete with music ornarrations, to distribute on CDs or DVDs. Ifyou are in the sales field, it involves just a fewsimple clicks to add an illustrative chart ofdata or an organizational chart of yourcompanys structure. 6. In addition to an on screen slide show,PowerPoint has printing options that allowthe presenter to provide handouts andoutlines for the audience as well as notespages for the speaker to refer to during thepresentation. 7. It is easy to customize presentations withyour company logo and to dazzle youraudience by using one of the many designtemplates that come with the programs. Manymore free add-ins and templates are availableonline from Microsoft and a host of otherwebsites. 8. What you can do with PowerPoint.+Create a presentation on paper or to present it on computer.+Organize your ideas for the presentation.+Embellish your presentation to give it a "professional" look.+Add charts, pictures, organization charts and other objects toimprove your audience to understand the ideas you want topresent. 9. The 4 presentation modesTo help you in creating your presentations,PowerPoint split the functions of the software into 4categories or 4 "modes". You can pass from onemode to another by using the buttons that you find inthe left lower corner of PowerPoints screen or bychoosing a mode from the View menu. The 4 modesare the first 4 options of the that menu. 10. The normal mode It combines what was before the slide andoutline modes. It allows you to create the"slides" of your presentation. You can change allthe aspects of slides; such as changing thecolors and size of the text, to add or to removecharts, tables and other elements to thepresentation. In the outline mode of this view,you can add the text to your presentation in astructured way. You can change the order or theimportance of your ideas at any time. 11. The slide sorter modeIt allows you to add special effects to yourpresentation if you are presenting with a computer. Italso allows to prepare your presentation by timingthe time it takes for you to give your presentation.You can then adjust your presentation according tothe time that was assigned to you. 12. The notes page mode It allows you to prepare a comments ornotes document that includes yourpresentation. You can then give it to thepublic as a reminder of your presentation orto help them follow your presentation 13. The slide show modeIt shows your presentation on a computer screen. 14. Basic InformationMicrosoft PowerPoint is a program used to createpresentations for multiple uses, including schoolprojects, school lectures, business meetings, or justas a way to pass along information. The program is apart of the Microsoft Office package, and you canimport items and files from other Microsoft Officeprograms to use within your PowerPointpresentations. 15. SlidesAs a default, the PowerPoint program will start with ablank format. To utilize the program, you will createmultiple "slides" that will later be presented in theorder that you put them. You can start by just typingtext, or use more advanced features and set a designto all of your slides. Power Point comes with differentthemes that you can use for your slides that will helpmake your presentation visually appealing. 16. AnimationsEach slide has the option of displaying text, photos,and even small videos. Text can either beautomatically displayed, or chosen in a certain order.The text can appear with multiple animations like"wipe," "fade," and "typewriter." These animationscan also be applied to make the text disappear.Sound effects can also be applied to the text to addeven more content to your presentation. 17. Saving your projectThe presentation can be as many slides as your wouldlike, but the more slides you have, the bigger file youwill have. Once you are done saving the project, youcan save it as a PowerPoint file or a PowerPoint show.PowerPoint shows enable you to place voiceovers overthe presentation and are great for Internet use whereyou cannot verbally give the presentation. 18. Viewing PresentationsWatching PowerPoint presentations takes upthe full monitor, even blocking out the task baron your screen. To move ahead in your slides,use the space bar to move to each action,whether that is a new text, picture, video, oranother slide. The Escape key exits out of thepresentation, and you can use your mouse atany time and right-click for several options. 19. All in all, PowerPoint is a "one-stop-shop" to createsuccessful presentations forthe business world, theclassroom or just for your ownpersonal use.