effective questioning in effective teaching strategies

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  • Effective QuestioningIn Effective Teaching Strategies

  • ?Imagine a situation in which questioning is motivating and promotes and supports student learning and responding.

    What would you see, hear, and feel in such an environment?

    What would you be doing? What would students be doing?

  • Give an example of effective questioning.

  • ? ? ?Effective Questioning? ? ?Amplify: Tell me more about that.Clarify: What do you mean when you say such and such? Explain that a bit more.Paraphrase/Summarize: Tell me what happened in your own words.Cause/Effect: Which happened first? Did that lead to something? Why? What were the causes?

  • Compare Contrast: What do these two have in common? How are they different? Have you learned anything like this before? What does this information remind you of?Example: Give an example of this. Definition: How would you define this?Characteristic: Whats a characteristic of this?Qualification: When is this not true? What are exceptions to this?

    Source: Meyer, E., & Smith L.Z. (1987). The practical tutor. New York: Oxford University Press. p.34.

  • Four Corner Synectics ActivityTake a fresh look at something knownConnect new knowledge with what is already knownThe study of creative processes especially as applied to the solution of problems by a group of diverse individuals.

  • Brainstorm...List as many book genres as you can.

  • Four Corners MysteryNonfictionHorrorFairy Tales

  • Create an AnalogyEffective questioning is like ________________ because ________________________.

  • Which genre best describes your vision of effective questioning?

  • In your group:Brainstorm as many possible reasons for your choice as possible. List them on the paper provided.Choose a representative to share with the large group.

  • SharingReturn to your seats, and discuss the following question:How can we implement more effective questioning strategies in our teaching?