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Effective Practices Webinar Series: Transition of Youth with Disabilities. Operations Support Manager Social Security ’ s Ticket to Work program October 2, 2014. Presenters. Richard L. Rosenberg Ph.D. Director Career Connection WUHSD Lead Vocational Counselor Whittier High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Effective Practices Webinar Series:Transition of Youth with DisabilitiesOperations Support Manager Social Securitys Ticket to Work programOctober 2, 2014

  • PresentersRichard L. Rosenberg Ph.D.Director Career Connection WUHSDLead Vocational Counselor Whittier High SchoolDirector Career Connection TTW Employment Network

    Julie Johnson CWICCareer Connection TTW Service Coordinator

    Ginni BachtelleCareer Connection Mentor Coordinator*

  • Learning ObjectivesIdentify ParticipantsHSCollegeFoundation for Vocational SuccessFamily CommunicationSSA Benefit PlanningEmployment ServicesUltimate GoalOff BenefitsChallenges


  • Failure to focus on Social Security benefits during transition is just not a missed opportunity, but may also cause harm when students and family members are not educated about or prepared for the effect of earnings on cash benefits and medical insurance

    (National Council on Disability, 2008)


  • High SchoolAttend College FairsAttend Job FairsContact Special Education ChairAttend Transition EventsCollegeContact Disabled Student ServicesAttend College EventsMake Ticket to Work PresentationsMost Likely to Succeed!*

  • Involve the Family

    Parents/Guardian are involved in every decision FinancesSchoolSupport StaffTransportationCareer AdviceUltimate TTW Approval and AcceptanceGaining Trust from Parents/Guardians is a Must!*


  • SSA Benefit PlanningAccurate SSA Benefit Planning must be provided to family and potential participants immediately!Meet individually and provide trainings as often as necessaryWork IncentivesStudent Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) the most influential motivation to workImpairment Related Work Expense (IRWE)Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) Another strong motivation for young adultsIdentify the likelihood of SSA letters and guarantee your guidance and support in addressing them*

  • ResumeIndividualizedCover LetterTechnologyInterview PracticeCommon interview questionsSituational questionsCompleting paperworkTechnologyIndependent EmploymentSupported EmploymentEmployment


  • Employment - 2Explore Internship OpportunitiesResearch for Summer Youth Employment ProgramsConsider Volunteer opportunitiesNetworkEN provides on-going supportContinued Family CommunicationAvailable to answer all questions*

  • ChallengesYoung Adults eligible for entry level jobsMinimum wagePart time hoursMust have family supportDisability Benefits reduced but not terminatedEN may not be eligible for immediate payments Participant may not meet Timely Progress GuidelinesTrust of Parents and Participant and ANY work is a Success!*

  • Overcoming Challenges Scott Partnership Plus successScotts goalsENs strategies*

  • Success StoriesCraig Cat Successfully EmployedEN ChallengesFrustrated with SSA paperwork


  • Success StoriesClaudiaClaudias goalsENs challenges


  • Success StoriesMiguelMiguels goalsENs challenges*

  • Introducing GINNI Our first TTW ParticipantReal Life Story

    Volunteer Part-time Full time

    Successfully worked herself off of benefits


  • CaPROMISECalifornia Promoting the Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income

  • What is PROMISE Joint initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Social Security Administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Department of Labor


  • CAPROMISE Model demonstration projects that serve14-16 year old SSI recipients who have a:Significant Disability,Limited Resources, andLimited Income.Family members are fully involved and may receive services.www.CaPROMISE.org


  • CaPROMISE OverviewAt least 3,078 child 14 to 16 year old SSI recipients and their familiesRecipients are randomly assigned Treatment Group Usual GroupEnrollment began at the beginning of August and will continue through April 2016


  • Who are the partners in CaPROMISE?

    California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) leadCalifornia Department of Education (CDE)California Department of Developmental Services (DDS)California Department of Healthcare Services (DHS)California Department of Social Services (DSS)California Employment Development Department (EDD)Local Education Agencies (LEA) and TransAccessSan Diego State Universitys Interwork Institute



  • 21 LOCAL AREAS THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIANorthern California Regional Manager Joyce Montgomery21 Districts and Organizational UnitsVallejo City USDOakland USD Vallejo City USD Solano COE West Contra Costa USD Elk Grove USD Lodi USD East Side Union HSD Expandability Consortium Santa Clara USD Milpitas USD Santa Clara COE Greater Los Angeles Regional Manager Richard Rosenberg4 Districts and Organizational Units Whittier Union HSD Los Angeles USDWhittier Area Special Education Program Cooperative (WACSEP)El Rancho Unified School District

    Greater Inland Empire Regional Manager Lynn Smith49 Districts and Organizational UnitsRiverside COEDesert Mountain SELPASan Bernardino USDWest End SELPASouthern Costal Regional Manager Linda ONeal15 Districts and Organizational UnitsOrange County Consortium/Irvine USD Centinela Valley UHSD Compton USD Long Beach USD San Diego USD


  • Who is Served14 to 16 year old SSI recipients and their families


  • Outreach and Recruitment: Outreach Efforts Begin*

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • Youth at Job Fair Citadel Today *

  • Questions*

  • Thank You!Richard L. Rosenberg Ph.D.Richard.Rosenberg@wuhsd.org

    Julie Johnson CWICJulie.Johnson@wuhsd.org

    Ginni BachtelleGinni.Bachtelle@wuhsd.org


    **The third slide of your presentation should serve as a key learning objectives slide. This slide should contain four to five learning objectives for the presentation.

    This and all other subsequent slides should be 32-point font Arial title. Do NOT make the font larger. All bullets should be 24 point font Arial. Sub-bullets should be 20 point font Arial. Do NOT use any other font but Arial.


    **State of California: 5 year grant from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2018.

    Other states awarded a PROMISE grant are: New York, Arkansas, Maryland, Wisconsin, and a consortium of states with Utah as the lead state**DOR: 14-16 at initiation of services

    Significant Disability: about 70% have received some type of special education services; about 50% have another household member with a disabilityLimited Resources/Income: 1 out of 6 families on TANF, 1 in 6 families receive housing assistance, over family headed by a single mother, SSI accounted for of family income - many families with no parental earnings, live at or below the poverty line.**DOR: Enrollment form sign release for all 15 year olds or older in the household to have access to earnings, public benefits including TANF, SSA, MediCal

    Need to enroll roughly 1 in 7 child SSI recipients in California.

    Those in control group receive usual services while those in the participant group will receive usual services plus augmented services that we will discuss later.

    *The grant has a lead state agency, which is the DOR and 5 mandated partners (list), as well as the local partners and San Diego State University Interwork Institute.

    ******14-16 year old at initiation of services, SSI recipients and members of their families (parents, legal guardians/payees).

    Roughly 22,000 SSI students ages 1416 in California, 8.6% of USA



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