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k. Thiagarajan, chief of operations, Agastya International Foundation


  • 1.EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISING shiksha . samskara . sansara www.agastya.org Presented to July 1st & 2nd Delhi

2. 12 States 50 + Districts 170 acre Campus To be launched Campus 40 Science Centers 100 Mobile Labs 35 LOB 100+ LIB 151 Operation Vasantha Centers AGASTYA PROGRAMS Blended learning Teacher training Young Instructor Leaders Low-cost Model making Tod Fod Jod Make Your Own Lab Gifted Children Library & Community Reading Eco restoration Design Thinking Hands-on science for children Program of Rural Transformation 3. ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECOGNITIONS Agastya Global leader of New Learner Consortium World Bank Grant Twice in a RowGoogle Global Impact Award Spark Creativity - Foster Creativity - Instil Confidence 172 Acre Campus Creativity Lab 4. shiksha . samskara . sansara Global Giving Campaign. 1. Campaign Theme $1 Lessons in Science & Arts for 1800 Kids in India. 2. Total Money Raised Vs Target Amount - $10,072 Vs $5000 3. Process Followed Based on invite to Campaign Strategy Pre - Planned Tasks Assigned Campaign Start Monitored Regularly Revisit Strategy Plan basis target achieved Reminders / Follow up calls Campaign End Target Achieved!! 5. shiksha . samskara . sansara Plan Ahead 1. Campaign Strategy Planned well ahead. 2. Multiple teams working on multiple conduits were made alive with specific targets to be achieved. 3. Exhaustive Lists made & divided among teams for each sub task. 4. Rigorous follow-up with team basis target achieved - everyday. 5. Entire Organisation was on a War footing. 6. shiksha . samskara . sansara Power of Networking 1. Activation of All Networks Personal, Alumni, Relatives, Hobby Groups, Workplace. 2. Request help from people with Strong Networks. (e.g. Personal brief given to IISc Student Community about project and use their network etc) 3. Surprises? Unexpected people support the cause! 4. Make use of Effective Outreach Programs to propagate the Event ( e.g. While campaigning for Anveshana*, we also campaigned to over 120 Engg. colleges & their networks. ) * Anveshana Annual State wide Mega Science fair conducted by Agastya 7. shiksha . samskara . sansara Communication is the Key 1. Impactful Posts on Social Media. (e.g. Countdown, Highlight Benefits etc.) 2. Picture speaks a 1000 words. 3. YouTube Annotations . 4. Donation widget linking to Global giving project at strategic pages on website. (ex landing page) 5. Use insights from Fb to create more awareness Social Media / Website Direct Mailers Meeting 1-on-1 1. Direct Emails to all Donors, personal contacts. 2. Use all SMS Channels 3. Reminder Calls to Donors basis target achieved 4. Thank Them personally! We thanked everyone who donated personally. 1. Meet potential High Value Donors personally / email. 2. Highlight Value Proposition 3. Reminder Calls basis target Achieved 4. Share earlier success stories to substantiate the project. 8. shiksha . samskara . sansara Use Effective Taglines $1 Science & Art Lessons for 1800 Kids in India Keep it Comprehensive Communicate the Value Proposition Hands-on lessons will unlock the creative potential Keep the Goals SMART 1800 kids Hands-on lessons 1 year Add a personal element You can help 1800 kids. 9. 9 THANK YOU 10. 9 THANK YOU