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  2. 2. PLAN BEFORE YOU WRITE Know what you want to Achieve with your content and set right objectives.
  3. 3. ADDRESS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Before you start to write, do proper research about your target audience
  4. 4. NAIL YOUR Choose unique and compelling title which can attract your target audience. TITLE
  5. 5. WRITE AN INTRODUCTION To grab the audience attention, write a captivating introduction about your topic.
  6. 6. KEEP IT SIMPLE Use simple words, no jargons and make it easy for readers
  7. 7. HEADINGS ARE IMPORTANT Use short and descriptive headings for each section of your content so that readers can easily navigate through the information.
  8. 8. OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT FOR SEARCH A great blog post always follow basic SEO rules which includes adding keyword optimized title, anchor text and targeted keyword. SEO optimized content always attracts search engines.
  9. 9. WRITE CONTENT WHICH COMMUNICATES WELL Use positive and friendly tone while writing content and dont beat around the bush, It works best when you write online content.
  10. 10. MAKE IT INFORMATIVE Write informative content which is trendy and make your blog post a value addition for your readers.
  11. 11. MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT Retain your readers attention from the beginning till the end using nice content flow as well as making sure content is error free and contains compelling phrases.
  12. 12. USE HIGH QUALITY IMAGES It is always better to use eye catching and attractive images to grab attention of readers.
  13. 13. MAKE YOUR POST UNIQUE Dont try to duplicate. Always come up with your own idea and try to write unique content.
  14. 14. END WITH A PUNCHY CONCLUSION Ensure to conclude well with the conclusion focusing on value add as well as providing nice call to action for your audience to connect with you.
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