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Second Screen StorytellingBenson Hendrix@desertroninUniversity of New Mexico Social Media Manager


Much of this presentation is based in my digital media experience working with TEDxABQ and UNM. Much of the work I did with TEDxABQ eventually created the foundation of what I do with UNM, so youll be seeing examples from both organizations in todays presentation. These experiences helped me develop a blueprint for how I create a Virtual VIP experience for the universitys digital audience.

At UNM I noticed we dont livestream major events on campus, from graduation to holiday events. To make up for that, I wanted to provide a unique experience for members of the UNM community who couldnt show up at these events, including our distance learning students and alumni. So I started developing a plan 2

GoalCreating a second screendigital experience for our online audiences

with a goal of creating a unique, second screen digital experience for our online audience. Something that, even if you were at our event, you werent a part of without being connected to us online. And at our events, not just graduation but also holiday events, announcements and other big events, we provide our audience with all of the hashtag and social network information in advance and encourage them to share their experience with us.


But how???

But how do we do this? At UNM our audience isnt as active as other organizations, and we had to look at moving beyond just engaging with our audience.


StrategiesStorytellingAudience EngagementWhats your story?Who is your audience?How will youtell it?What do you want them to do?

For years people have been using social media to share their opinion about events in real time (look at the Super Bowl, the Oscars, or an prolonged election cycle). Now with everyone on their mobile phones, this opened up the potential to bring this event coverage and engagement into university events.

I wanted to step beyond just engaging with our audience. I wanted to combine both sides of social media, the content and the engagement, to share the universitys story while encouraging our audience to contribute. Going from my story to our story.

And what is this idea of the second screen, anyway?5

What is the second screen?When you use social and digital media to create a unique, shared online experience. Usually through mobile channels.Audience isnt passive. Encourage them to be a part of the experience.

Done well, it merges your digital media efforts with your audiences desire to learn more, or just not be bored, and share their opinion during the dead space of your event.And they do this through


Our Mobile-Centric Universe

.. Our mobile centric universe. Were long past the time where every family needs a computer to do the majority of our online activities. We live in a world where people use their smartphone to access the majority of information they are interested in. 7

The information playing field in the future isnt going to be on a laptop sitting on the couch, or an Xbox or an Apple TV. Your integrated experience will be connected to you 24-7.

68% of smartphone users surveyed by Google said they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning, while 30% of those same users said they feel anxious when they dont have their smartphones with them. For millennials, who are a large part of our target audience, that information jumps. 8

150 = times/day177 = average minutes/day1:10 per visit

People are on their phone on and off all day. In little microbursts of activity.9

Creating Micro-Moments

And were trying to create these micromoments for our audience.These are the moments when people turn to their smartphone/tablet for more informationDuring events, you have to be able to act quickly.People are actively looking for real-time information and entertainment and we can provide that with a little advance legwork and knowing what our audience is interested in.Here are some organizations that get it


Who does this extremely well? Here are a few organizations you might want to follow, if you arent following them already.

These organizations dont just create a lot of great content and keep their fans interested and engaged, they understand that native content is critical. And these organizations do this through11

Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling. The right tool for the right job. And if people wanted the complete online experience, they needed to be keeping up across all of our social media outposts.12

For this kind of coverage, Twitter serves as our in the moment play-by-play network. Twitter is still the go-to-network for news style social media reporting. Twitters strengths also include real-time stakeholder relations and sharing images from our followers.13

Weve found that on Twitter, adding text to our photos made it easier to get our message across. Its like a thought bubble you would see from a comic strip.14

Rivalry Games

A great use of Twitter is in rivalry games. This past December, UNM was facing off with the University of Arizona in the New Mexico Bowl. In addition to being neighboring states, the UofA social media manager is a UNM graduate. So she started hitting us up with animated GIFs. After a little reticence we dove back with some responses and had a great back and forth for a couple of days before the game. A back and forth that was noticed by UNM and UofA fans alike. 15


While youre events going on, you can start looking for tweets, Instagram posts for a post-event wrap up on Storify, then you can use this story to further the reach for your own event, as well as hold on to it to use it again before the next event - Previously at UNM Plus the people whose tweets you share are then notified that they are in your story, and can share it with their friends. 17

We went bigger on video content on Facebook this year than in previous years. And instead of polished graduation event video, I wanted to go with shorter, one-off video clips from our keynote speaker sharing his story with our audience. We received a great boost in our engagement by using these videos.

Native video content to Facebook gathered many more views than they would have if we had posted them to YouTube and then tried to share them over18

Facebook has also served as our long tail social media network. During our events well create a photo album and start uploading images a few at a time during the event. Then for about a week afterwards, well keep updating the album with more images and ask for people to share their images. It keeps the story fresh in peoples minds for longer than if we had uploaded all of these images at once. 19

Snapchat is great because we use it to tell the story of the events day from behind the scenes, to student shout outs, to touchdowns we catch in real time (see what I did there?). The thing I love about Snapchat is how we are able to really mix up our content and try to have fun with it. Weve primarily used Snapchat to share moments and stories with our fans that they can be a part of, and showing more moment-to-moment stories around campus. Since this is where our current student audience is, as well out potential students, we want to reach out to them, and use custom geofilters to reach out to their audience, to reach those potential students. 21

But while youre audience is engaging with you on mobile, it doesn't mean your content can only be created on a phone. Your creation platform has to be more robust than ever.. We have to keep this in mind when we balance the types of content we create, from platforms that allow us the opportunity to create polished content (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and other networks that benefit from mobile-created content (Snapchat, Instagram)

As brands move onto new platforms, they bring greater editing power and creativity with them. We have to match it to keep our audiences attention. A lot of this work can be done in advance, before the event starts.


Pre-Event PlanningWhat are the best platforms to tell your story? (Native Content)What platforms are your audiences most active on?Be strategic. Dont try to be everywhere, especially if you dont have the staff to manage it.Why should your audience care? Whats the emotional attachment?

What is the one theme of the event?How can we share this story across a variety of social media platforms?How do we make it fun? How do we get our audience involved?Who do we need to talk to in advance?


During the EventPost quicklyPay attention, you never know whatll happenEncourage your audience to take partDont forget the customer service


Dont Bust Out the Drinks YetRemember to follow up with your key influencersYour work can be seen after the event ends, dont forget to check in from time to time.Is there anything unique that your school does to celebrate events?What posts got the most attention?

Putting Your Team Together

Building your team for these special events is incredibly important. Many of us are one-person shops, or work with a student or two. But this is an opportunity to shanghai as many of your coworkers as possible.

Look for other social media professionals at your university. Does student activities have a social media professional you can get to sign on and help? The Dean of Students Office? Do you have any staff or faculty who are really active on social media on their own? How can you get them more involved? If you have a core team to work with, youll start to know each others strengths and weaknesses and youll see your workflow get easier.27


Key Influencers

These are the people sharing your experience with their friends

Signal Boosting

After your event ends, use your research to find out who the most active people were online during the event. Plus those who have larger audiences, these will start to build a list of people youll want to reach out to for future events, or to keep an eye on and encourage them to be a larger part of your community. They are already interested in your university, build on that. 29

There are worse things than being monotoned. I could be a psychopath

Or a politician.

Alix Generous, TEDxABQ2013Stories Connect PeopleVisuals Inspire Your AudienceV-VIP Experience:Share the behind the sceneswith your digital audience

Engage with your audience, make them feel like they are part of the experience.Create an immersive story, across platformsWhat are your intriguing stories?


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This was the first time we paid for a Snapchat filter. 13 cents per unique user that day0.2 cents per view 33

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