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    Joseph E. Glass


    July 2020



    Associate Investigator

    Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (previously Group Health Research


    1730 Minor Ave, Suite 1600

    Seattle, WA 98101-1466

    Phone: 206-287-4266



    Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, St.

    Louis, MO, 2009 to 2012

    M.S.W., University of Michigan, School of Social Work, Ann Arbor, MI, 2004 to 2005

    Specialization: Interpersonal Practice in Mental Health

    B.S., Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 2000 to 2004

    Major: Psychology

    With honors

    Clinical Licensure

    Washington State Social Worker Independent Clinical License # LW60780913 (2017-Present)

    State of Michigan Licensed Master Social Worker #6801088479 (2009-Present)


    Current Positions

    Associate Investigator (Scientific Investigator II), Kaiser Permanente Washington Health

    Research Institute

    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of

    Medicine, University of Washington, 2018-Present

    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Health Services, School of Public Health, University

    of Washington, 2018-Present

    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Systems Science, Kaiser Permanente Bernard J.

    Tyson School of Medicine, 2020-Present

    Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012-



    Assistant Investigator (Scientific Investigator I), Kaiser Permanente Washington Health

    Research Institute, 2016-2019

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    Assistant Professor (Tenure-track), University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Social Work,


    Research Associate (Without compensation), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Puget Sound

    Health Care System, 2017-2019

    Research Investigator (Without compensation), William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans

    Hospital, 2013-2016

    Graduate Research Assistant, Washington University, Department of Psychiatry (Under

    Kathleen K. Bucholz, PhD), St. Louis, MO, 2010 to 2012

    Graduate Research Assistant, Washington University, Brown School (Under Enola K. Proctor,

    PhD), St. Louis, MO, 2010 to 2012

    Intermittent Consultant/Health Services Research Specialist, VA Serious Mental Illness

    Treatment Research and Evaluation Center, Ann Arbor, MI, 2009

    Psychosocial Research and Evaluation Coordinator, VA Serious Mental Illness Treatment

    Research and Evaluation Center, Ann Arbor, MI, 2008 to 2009

    Research Intern, Department of Psychiatry (under Stephen T. Chermack, PhD), University of

    Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI, 2008 to 2009

    Interim Administrative Officer, Mental Health Service, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, Ann

    Arbor, MI, 2008

    Psychiatric Social Worker, Mental Health Service, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, Ann

    Arbor, MI, 2006 to 2009

    Intern, Hospital Based Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, Mental Health Service, VA Ann

    Arbor Healthcare System, Ann Arbor, MI, 2005


    Papers published or accepted in refereed journals

    1. Glass, J.E., Williams, E.C., Oh, H. (In Press). Racial/ethnic discrimination and alcohol use disorder severity among United States adults. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

    2. Chen, J., Glass, J.E., Bensley, K.M., Goldberg, S.B., Lehavot, K., & Williams, E.C. (In press). Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences in Receipt of Brief Intervention among Patients

    with Unhealthy Alcohol Use in the U.S. Veterans Health Administration. Journal of

    Substance Abuse Treatment.

    3. Fortuna, K.L., Muralidharan, A., Goldstein, C.M., Venegas, M., Brooks, J.M., Glass, J.E., Marsch, L.A. (In press). Certified Peer Specialists’ Perspective of the Barriers and

    Facilitators to Mobile Health Engagement. Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science.

    4. Oh, H., Glass, J.E., Narita, Z., Sinha, S., & Jacob, L. (In press). Discrimination and Multimorbidity among Black Americans: Findings from the National Survey of American

    Life. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. PMID: 32458345.

    5. Yeung K, Richards JE, Lozano P, Goemer E, Lee AK, Achtmeyer C, Ludman E, Glass, J.E., Caldeiro R, Parrish R, Bradley KA. (In press). The Cost of Behavioral Health Integration

    Implementation using Practice Facilitation in a Large Primary Care Delivery System. Health

    Services Research.

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    6. Richards JE, Shortreed S, Glass JE, Simon G, Penfold R, Ziebell R, Williams EC. Association between Patterns of Alcohol Use and Risk of Suicide Attempt among Patients

    With and Without Self-Reported Suicidal Ideation. Journal of Addition Medicine. In press.

    7. Richards, J.E., Shortreed, S.M., Simon, G.E., Penfold, R.B., Glass, J.E., Ziebell, R., Williams, E.C. (In press). Short-term Risk of Suicide Attempt Associated with Patterns of

    Patient-Reported Alcohol Use Determined by Routine AUDIT-C Among Adults Receiving

    Mental Healthcare. General Hospital Psychiatry.

    8. Lapham G.T., Boudreau D.M., Johnson E.A., Bobb J.F., Matthews A.G., McCormack J.F., Liu D., Samet J.H., Saxon A.J., Campbell C.I., Glass J.E., Rossom R.C., Murphy M.T.,

    Binswanger I.A., Yarborough B.H., PROUD Collaborative Authors, Bradley K.A. (In press).

    Prevalence and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Among Primary Care Patients in Six

    Health Systems. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

    9. Frost, M.C., Glass, J.E., Bradley, K.A., & Williams, E.C. (In press). Documented brief intervention associated with reduced linkage to specialty addictions treatment in a national

    sample of VA patients with unhealthy alcohol use with and without alcohol use disorders.


    10. Richards J.E., Bobb J.F., Lee A.K., Lapham G.T., Williams E.C., Glass J.E., Ludman E., Achtmeyer C., Caldeiro R.M., Oliver M., Bradley K.A. (2019). Integration of screening,

    assessment, and treatment for cannabis and other drug use disorders in primary care: An

    evaluation in three pilot sites. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 201:134-141. PMID:


    11. Goldberg, S.B., Simpson, T.L., Lehavot, K. Katon, J.G., Chen, J.A., Glass, J.E., Schnurr, P.P., Sayer, N.A., & Fortney, J.C. (2019). Mental health treatment delay: A comparison

    among civilians and veterans of different service eras. Psychiatric Services. 70(5):358-366.

    PMID: 30841842.

    12. Bensley, K.M., Fortney, J., Chan, G., Dombrowski, J.C., Ornelas, I., Rubinsky, A.D., Lapham, G.T., Glass, J.E., Williams, E.C. (2019). Differences in Receipt of Alcohol-Related

    Care across Rurality among VA Patients Living with HIV and Unhealthy Alcohol Use.

    Journal of Rural Health. 35(3):341-353. PMID: 30703856.

    13. Hermes, E., Lyon, A., Schueller, S. Glass, J.E. (2019). Measuring the implementation of behavioral intervention technologies: a recharacterization of established outcomes. Journal of

    Medical and Internet Research. 21(1): e11752. PMID: 30681966.

    14. Glass, J.E., Bobb, J.F., Lee, A.K., Richards, J.E., Lapham, G.T., Ludman, E., Achtmeyer, C., Williams, E.C., Caldeiro, R.M., Parrish, R., Williams, E.C., Lozano, P., Bradley, K.A.

    (2018). Study protocol: a cluster randomized trial implementing Sustained Patient-centered

    Alcohol-related Care (SPARC Trial). Implementation Science. 13 (1): 108. PMID: 30081930.

    15. Glass J.E., & Williams, E.C. (2018). The future of research on alcohol health disparities: a health services research perspective. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. 79 (2): 322-

    324. PMID: 29553364.

    16. Lapham G.T., Lee A.K., Caldeiro R.M., Glass J.E, Carrell D.S., Richards J.E., Bradley K.A. (2018). Prevalence of behavioral health conditions across frequency of cannabis use among

    adult primary care patients in Washington State. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 33

    (11): 1833-1835. PMID: 29992423.

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    17. Lehavot, K., Goldberg, S.B., Chen, J.A., Katon, J.G., Glass, J.E., Fortney, J.C., Simpson, T.L., & Schnurr, P.P. (2018). Do trauma type, stressful life events, and social support explain

    women veterans' high rates prevalence of PTSD? Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric

    Epidemiology. 53 (9): 943-953. PMID: 29936598.

    18. Brown, R.T, Deyo, B., Riley, C., Quanbeck, A., Glass, J.E., Turpin, R., Hetzel, S., Nicholas, C., Cruz, M., & Agarwal, S. (2017). Screening in Trauma for Opioid Misuse Prevention

    (STOMP): study protocol for the development of an opioid risk screening tool for victims of

    injury. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. 12 (1): 28. PMID: 29198186. PMCID:


    19. Lehavot, K., Blosnich, J.R., Glass, J.E., & Williams, E.C. (2017). Alcohol use and receipt of alcohol screening and brief intervention in a representative sample of sexual minority and

    heterosexual adults receiving health care. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 179: 240-246.

    PMID: 28810195.

    20. Williams E.C., Gupta S., Rubinsky A.D., Jones-Webb R., Bensley K.M., Glass J.


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