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  • 1. What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from the preliminary task to the full product?

2. The main thing that I have learnt from the progression of my preliminary task to the full product of the music magazine is that attention to detail is essential when producing your publication.
The front cover and contents page of my school magazine had hardly any detail on what was going to be featured in that issue of the magazine and any detail that was given was really brief. I also noticed the importance of making sure at all times that you are targeting your target audience and when creating anything you have to first of all think about how that would relate to the audience that you are trying to target, in my school magazine I knew who my target audience was but was not really doing anything which showed who the magazine was being targeted at, for example the colour scheme of it was really bland with no real substance and also wasnt regular to show a sense of brand identity and could be seen as being all over the place, whereas my music magazine had a constant and familiar colour scheme that my target audience could recognise as ours and also there was much more detail presented, by the use of subtitles and headers.
This brings me on to my next point, the fact that when I made me school magazine I was still not 100% sure on what the forms of conventions of a music magazine was, I had no idea of how a masthead, headline, subtitles and images could represent my magazine in a different and dynamic way and going back to my point about detail the date of the magazines publication was not even featured on the magazine. But through my Masthead Analysis, the uses and gratification theory and comparing different magazines and adopting different Ideas certain magazines that specialise in the same genre as mine I was able to learn what exactly the codes and convention of a magazine is and how it should be represented in a magazine depending on what kind of magazine you are producing.


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