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  • 1.Social Media: engaging as a networked researcher

2. CreateCommunicateConnectCurate 3. CreateContribute 4. Every researcher should have a blog! 5. that you carepersonal voicepassionate viewsSharing of practice & expertise 6. Communicate& Connectconnecting yourself to the network 7. What on earth should I tweet about? 8. Curate 9. ShareCreateCommunicateCurateConnect 10. have you ever done a web search for your name? 11. photo by Flickr ID Affendaddy you to us 12. socialnotpersonal 13. its a socio-professional era 14. identity is distributedbut connected 15. its not about how many accountsyou manage to create 16. rather how and where you 17. Social Media for researchers (RIN) of social media for researchers and supervisors Scholar (M. Weller) Gillaspy Slideshare (VITAE) in university research, teaching, and impact activities (LSE) 18. Dr Cristina available at: