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  • 1. Save the Girl Child in Jharkhand Village Banta/Hazam, Silli ,Jharkhand Fb link:
  • 2. Jharkhand The land of forests
  • 3. A brief about Jharkhand Jharkhand means land of forest, mountains and river. Jharkhand alone accounts for 40% of resources in India. Like coal, manganese, bauxite, iron, mica etc. Jharkhand is famous for tribal community and Ayurveda. Since Independence Jharkhand is being exploited by Government and Industries for minerals. Jharkhand is also considered as the poorest state of India.
  • 4. What do we mean by Saving the Girl Child ? It is high time in Jharkhand now. Beside having a serene beauty of nature. Harsh reality is that Jharkhand is No.1 for girls early marriages in India. Nearly 30,000 girls and women are trafficked to cities for prostitution. Here our aim is to save the girl child from early marriages and Girl trafficking.
  • 5. What is the situation of girls ? In Village Banta/Hazam there are Govt. Schools where girls get free education upto 10th class. After 10th education is not free in that region. So almost 80% of girls are being married at the age of 15 or 16. The community people are poor, so they cannot afford the cost of Intermediate or Graduation for their children. So the girls are getting married under the societal and peer pressure.
  • 6. What has Antral/ done so far ? In that region so far Antral/ with the community support has started a community school and has been working with it since 2013. We have employed two girls as teachers in that school. Now they are earning a bit for themselves and educating themselves. We are also running a creative learning space for the children of the community in the evening. But the need of the hour is more, in order to save the girls from early marriages.
  • 7. How would we do this ? We have planned to employ the 10th passed out girls by self directed Agarbatti making unit. By opening a Agarbatti making unit we would be saving at 12 to 16 girls from early marriages. This would be a breakthrough and within some years we would be able to multiply the effect. It is said that if you ever wonder to make a difference then just touch one life. Here we would be impacting 12 to 16 lives at a time and many more in the near future.
  • 8. Why an Agarbatti unit ? It would be an low budget cost-effective model for the 10th passed out girls. The most important raw material used in making agarbatti is bamboo. And in Jharkhand bamboo is very easy accessible. The tribal community is supporting us by giving us the space to work and the bamboo. We would also be getting support from some people for marketing the raw agarbatti or packed agarbatti.
  • 9. How are we going to establish the Agarbatti unit ? We have planned to purchase three machineries from a Innovator of Ahmedabad,Gujarat Mr. Paresh .K. Panchal. He innovated three machines for making the production easier and highly productive. The machines are manually operated and safe to work with. Mr. Paresh has specially designed these machines for tribal community.
  • 10. Details of the machines Machine 1 In This machine bamboo can be cut into strips which later on fed into another machine to make the sticks. Machine Price (In Rs.) No. of machine required Capacity (Kg / hr) 17,500 1 4
  • 11. Details of the Machines Machine no. 2 Role of sticks making machine starts after bamboo strips are chiselled off from the bamboo pieces by bamboo strips making machine. This machine cuts the bamboo strips and make sticks of thickness 1.2 mm to 1.5 mm ( Thickness of sticks can be adjusted ). Machine Price (In Rs.) No. of machines required Capacity (Kg / hr) 22500 1 3.5
  • 12. Details of Machines Machine no. 3 Incense sticks making machine is a manual machine which rolls the incense sticks with rate of 1 KG per hour. Prepared premix is filled in a container and sticks are fed in machine through a slit and simultaneously pedal has to be pressed resulting in complete incense stick from other end. Price Per machine (In Rs) 22000 Price for 8 Machines (In Rs) 176000 Processing Capacity (Kg/hr) 1.2 No. of machines required 8
  • 13. Total Estimation Total fixed cost Machines Quantity Price per Machine Total Price Bamboo Strips Making Machine 1 17500 17500 Bamboo Sticks Making Machine 1 22500 22500 Incense Sticks Making Machine 8 19000 152000 Transportation cost Total 10 2,15,000 (estd.)
  • 14. How can you contribute towards the process of Social change. It is not their need and we should help them, rather it is absolutely our need to serve them. Its an opportunity that would make you feel happy at the core of your heart. It is not our cause but it is everyones cause and we all have some responsibilities to fulfill. You can fund some amount of money as much as you can, You can also volunteer for raising funds and be the part of this social change. You can also welcome to Jharkhand for any workshops you are interested to conduct for children.
  • 15. Thanks for your precious time you gave in listening us.