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Explore the world of student curation through the metaphor of mutant learning - and how to bring this approach to your classes


  • 1.Mutant LearningDeveloping your connectivist superpowers

2. Who is this strange woman? Tweeter & Blogger Moodler since Moodle 1.8 ex- University EdTech & Private-Corp. Sector L&D Mgr Passionate about Learning &Development, LearningTechnologies, & Engagement 3. Comfortable withthe tools oftraditional learningFeeling more condentabout Collaborative &Social Learning tools, too 4. A little theoryto set thesceneDevelopingMutantLearnersMoodle Tools todevelop aMutant Lab 5. A little theoryto set the scene 6. Pic from: 7. Constructivism Common issues Connectivism 8. Collaboration and the Learning ZoneSo easyits boringI can dothis easilyA bithard Too hardComfort Zone Anxiety ZoneCan be done with guidance &encouragement from a MoreKnowledgeable Other (MKO)Learning Zone 9. Developing Mutant Learners 10. Teacher Role Demonstration and modeling MutantLearning. Learning contexts are based on PLE,conversation, and sharing of information. Cooperation within networks andcollaboration within groups. Be prepared to share your own learningnetworks. Encourage and reward participation. 11. ActiveDynamicConsumer Contributor 12. Disengaged A Zombie Learner says,I dontcare. They are not producing orconsuming they aredecomposing. They have no desire to explore andspend little to no effort learningnew things or opening themselvesup to new technologies of learning. 13. Learner This learner thinks,I want to know. These are the active consumers. This is how most of us learn everyday.We seek knowledge finding it,reading it, and internalizing it. The means through which we gainknowledge has increased anddramatically changed due totechnological, mobile, and wirelessadvances. 14. Initiator This learner initiates a conversationby asking,Do you know? They are dynamic consumers ofknowledge. They instigate, prod, stir, and thenwait to see what answers they get. 15. Wanderer This learner says,Look what I found. They are an active contributor to theonline learning community. A wanderer is someone whostumbles upon an interesting sourceof knowledge somewhere on the weband then shares it on Twitter,Facebook, or another onlinecommunity. 16. Creator This learner says,I will do it. They are dynamic contributors ofknowledge. Creators can answer questionsconfidently and respond withYouTube,or blog, or other community post. Without these dynamic contributors theperpetual growth and value of onlinemutant communities would die. 17. Moodle Toolsto develop a Mutant Lab 18. Connect Systemise Plan Learn ShareMutant Lab Activities 19. Socialise Specialise CollaborateConnect Systemise Plan Learn Share 20. Push Pull RetrieveConnect Systemise Plan Learn Share 21. 15 X 5 Rule Block it out Stick to itConnect Systemise Plan Learn Share 22. Scan Many Review Some Study the FewConnect Systemise Plan Learn Share 23. Duplicate Amalgamate InnovateConnect Systemise Plan Learn Share 24. A little theoryto set thesceneDevelopingMutantLearnersMoodle Tools todevelop aMutant Lab 25. Comfortable withthe tools oftraditional learningFeeling more condentabout Collaborative &Social Learning tools, too 26. Mutant LearningDeveloping your connectivist superpowers 27. Mutant Learning iMoot2013by Soozie Bea (Susannah Brown) is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike3.0 Unported License.Content developed from:How to Develop a Social Learning Labby Lime Green LabsandVygotskys Social LearningTheory at learning-theories.comIncludes pictures of:POPVinyl BobbleheadToys (which are awesome)and other freely available icons


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