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'Find not search; delivering information services to parliamentarians' by Laura O Brion of the Library & Research service at the Houses of the Oireachtas. Case study presented at 'Information Innovators: Librarians evolving in the digital environment' the Academic & Special Libraries conference 2014.


  • 1. February 2014

2. 3. Buildon our innovative use of ICT by implementing and exploring new technologies. 4. Anassessment of how various web 2.0 tools, resources and applications can be used within a library and research service. Identificationof the positive aspects of using these tools as well as the risks. Anevaluation of the potential of these tools/applications for the delivery of information to L&RS staff and to our endusers 5. Conferences Literatureand seminarsreviews Applicationtrials Benefit/Riskassessment 6. Membersnow using Social Media Reducedresources LessICT Section resistance Realpotential for service provision 7. Facebook,Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, Yammer, Joomla, RSS, Wordpress, Blogger Slideshare and many more Shortlisted: Yammer Wordpress Blogger Joomla 8. Privacyand security Cost Easeof use - admin Ease of use end user Widgets/plugins/themes Local installation Blogging element Posting by email/text User levels Support 9. Localinstallation (security!) Free of charge Tried and tested application User friendly at multiple levels Widgets, plugins, themes. User access options Excellent blogging element Excellent online support network Existing staff experience and expertise 10. www.wordpress.comto sign up for a web-based blog www.wordpress.orgto download locally hosted blog 11. Implementation (action 4) Knowledgesharing Project development team Training Business case ICT Unit Consultation Multi site network development Launch Oct 2012 12. Reportsand recommendations Presentation GLINTarticleto L&RS Team 13. Sponsors Teamleaders Wordpress ICTUnitDevelopment Team 14. Earlyconsultation Agreement Businessin principlecase ServiceLevel Agreement Contactperson 15. Selflearning: Help Selflearning: test site Cascade Formaltrainingtraining 16. Membersautomatically subscribed Announcement Keyby emailcontent delivery Onlineuser guides 17. Post implementation actions 1.Management information (statistics) 2.User Survey online 3.Focus Group On-goingredevelopment 18. Statisticsplugin WassUp 19. OnlineSurvey FocusGroup Meetings Informalfeedback Improvementsbased on feedback 20. 39,281 visits over the past year and 232,853 pageviews! 21.