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  • 1. EAD Roundtable, SAA 2013, 2013-08-16 Mike Rush, TS-EAD Co-Chair

2. Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation National Endowment for the Humanities Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH), University of Virginia OCLC Research 3. CommentsFundingRevision Forum 2010-10 to 2011-02 Spring 2011 SAA 2011Schema Dev. Team MeetingConference callsTS-EAD Working Meeting October 2012Alpha Release February 2013 Spring 2012 to Summer 2013Tag Library Editorial Team Meeting February 2013 March 2012Beta Release 2 August 2013 4. Beta comment periodSchema and migration testingFinalize schema and tag library 2August to 1 October 2013 August to November 2013 1 October to 1 December 2013PublishSubmit to SAA Council for adoptionSubmit to Standards Committee Winter 2014 Winter 2013 1 December 2013 5. EAD 2014 EAD 3D 3AD EAD III 6. EAD3 7. Documentation Concern about migration Concern about updating existing tools Reconsider extent of changes Changing of names Alignment with EAC-CPF Increase in number of elements Feature requests Bugs 8. No camel case All element and attribute names will continue tobe all lower case No name changes Existing element names will not be changed, butnew element names will have longer, more natural language forms No Had bundled and in alpha. 9. Restored recursion in sibling elements No split access elements Alpha included and Collapsed in the Beta to just Moved back into the Restored some elements deprecated in alpha + 10. Preliminary Provisional Contingent Possible Potential 11. Likely Highly Likely But nothing is final. 12. Oobleck 13. Oobleck A non-Newtonian fluid that will exhibit solid behaviors if enough stress is appliedCC BY-NC-SA, Jean-Christophe, Flickr 14. Still fluid, but starting to solidify(Stress has been applied) 15. Completely re-written schema Relax NG W3C No DTD yetDraft Tag Library Element definitions Attribute definitions 16. Remove from Remove from Remove from [and promote it to a sibling] Remove from Limit to the Limit and to block contexts in appropriate elements 17. 8 distinct uses for in EAD 2002: or

[in sibling Within siblings [as a block element] Recursively within Within block elements like

[as mixed content] 18. Eliminate generic Create context-appropriate note elements Improve documentation for 19. Enable Armstrong, Louis, 1901-1971 20. Minor tweaks to Minor tweaks to Remove , , and from within


to a block element, add for inline use. 21. Consolidate , , , and to just and Remove linking attributes from assorted elements, e.g. , Deprecate extended links Remove XLINK namespace, but implement linking attributes isomorphic with XLINK 22. Add language code and script code attributes to all non-empty elements Corresondence Make sure appropriate elements can repeat to support multi-language description 23. Reduce mixed content by more carefully considering what elements are appropriate within a given element Balance that impulse against desire for reasonably simple schema design 24. 3 Mixed Content models Core : , , , , , Expanded Core : Core + access point elements, , , , and Expanded Core + 25. Replace with Keeping but replacing the rest Update Add at all levels * 26. , , + Children of 27. 28. Choice of one of the following: Some combination of and will remain as an unstructured option 29. Attributes: @coverage = whole or part @physdescstructuredtype = carrier, materialtype, orspaceoccupied Elements [Required] [Required] [Optional] [Optional] [Optional] 30. Wrapper element for two or more elements that are parallel extent statements. 31. will remain as an unstructured option But: No No No 32. One or more of the following: