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Creative Express - the perfect online portal for kids of all ages to display and view Creative Work by Children . We are specialize in Creative ideas, Edutainment, Children’s art, Rubiks cube, English Proficiency classes for kids including fun. For details visit


  • 1. Come aboard to be the star! Upload your drawings, videos , articles , poems and get Rewarded for being active. Become a star amongst your peers by getting your work Published. Connect with other creative children across the globe. Learn with Online Tutorials . Log on to for all this and more. Creative Express SHOWCASES AND PROMOTES childrens creative work. Its a website with a very simple idea: to allow children to submit artwork, videos , ppts ,articles, stories , poems etc and to display it to a wide audience. It helps parents recognize their childs interests, talent and needs so they can guide them well towards developing a holistic personality. It is a colourful, creatively designed , child friendly site. An active reward system is built in to keep children motivated to create and upload. Childrens uploaded work can become part of CrexTimes , a publication circulated in schools, and Active children are rewarded with special online discount and gift coupons. Unlike other childrens networking sites here children share only their creative ideas and not personal information. Also, Instead of just consuming they are contributing. It is a storehouse of childrens creative work and a platform for children to network with other children to discuss hobbies, talent and creativity. It is designed to be safe and beneficial for children with strict access control, content quality control and parental supervision. Using real names is encouraged -- and all memberships go through parents, so children arent using the site without permission or oversight. Through its Institutional network Creative Express also helps parents connect up with teachers and institutions that train children in a particular art craft or hobby area. Members can even access Online Tutorials with simple easy to follow do it yourself ideas to help keep those creative juices flowing. In addition, Creative Express holds regular Workshops in Mumbai, to introduce children to new art and craft ideas. The HANDSON WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN also conduct RUBIKS CUBE WORKSHOPS and workshops on Creative Writing and MathMania. You can preregister for the workshops and we will inform you by mail when the workshop is announced in your category of interest. Or you can register directly for an active workshop. You and your child can spend countless hours enjoying creative activities at home and then reap the fruit of your skill and hard work in the form of accolades, fame and rewards with creative express. Read the blog for interesting and useful information about children and also contribute with tips and experiences. Get active on this site and get to know what your child and other children are capable of doing. And with the conscientious and able people from Creative Express, you know you can trust that everything is aboveboard and handled in the best possible way. Explore the site and see for yourself the numerous assurances and safeguards that are built right in. So Register your child on and be a part of this unique world to keep your child entertained and occupied for hours. Its an intelligent decision youll never regret -- and one that will serve you and your child well.