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Education ICT Master Plan. Group 3: Marcia Thomas, Warren Vernon, Andrew Holness , Yoganand Indarsingh. DREAM ICT PROJECT. Universal literacy at Primary level (up to grade 6) Project : Connectivity in all schools Project : Implement an Enterprise EMIS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Education ICT Master PlanGroup 3: Marcia Thomas, Warren Vernon, Andrew Holness, Yoganand IndarsinghDREAM ICT PROJECTUniversal literacy at Primary level (up to grade 6)Project : Connectivity in all schoolsProject : Implement an Enterprise EMISProject : Professional Development program for educators in ICT in teaching and learningProject : Children producing digital learning objects</p> <p>VISION 2016Students:Equal access to ICT enhanced learningAll students with core eSkills Teachers:Proficient in use of ICT as a tool in teaching and learningSchools:Schools with infrastructure and connectivityMinistry of Education:Providing equitable and quality education for allNATIONALHarnessing the creativity and skills of citizens to create a knowledge societyVISIONLiterate students effective participation in a digital world ProgramProjects4Projects and StrategiesInfrastructureProjectStrategiesFacilitiesSecure resources via Private-Public Sector partnerships</p> <p>ICT EquipmentUse Universal Access Funds to equip institutionsBusinesses to adopt schoolsConnectivityUse Universal Access Funds to equip institutionsTelecoms to provide free BandwidthSupport and SustainabilityInvolve Students in ICT deployments and supportCreate regional ICT support centersPolicy ImplicationsData Usage and SecurityEwaste Projects and StrategiesCurriculum Reform and Professional DevProjectStrategiesTransforming Teaching and LearningUtilize best practices in elearningIncorporate expeditionary learningContent DevelopmentResearch, review, and adopt/adapt available content</p> <p>Teacher DevelopmentProfessional Teachers LicenseIncentives for promotionPolicy ImplicationsTeacher standards and qualificationsAccreditationProjects and StrategiesEducation ManagementProjectStrategiesEMISCloud based enterprise Management Information Systems</p> <p>LMSCentralized repository of educational materials</p> <p>Policy ImplicationsData usage and securityIntellectual property and copy writeData Privacy</p> <p>Implementation and CoordinationProjectLead ImplementorPartnersCoordinatorFacilitiesBuildings/ Facilities UnitPrivate sector donorsCollaboration between Ministries, NGOsICT CommitteeICT EquipmentMISUPrivate sector donorsCollaboration between Ministries, NGOsICT Committee</p> <p>ConnectivityMISUISPs, GovernmentICT CommitteeSupport and SustainabilityMISURegional and school ICT personnelMISUImplementation and CoordinationProjectLead ImplementorPartnersCoordinatorTransforming Teaching and LearningNCERD/ NEI/ JTCUniversities, Teacher Training Institutions, UnionsICT CommitteeContent DevelopmentCore Curriculum Unit,, NCERDeLearning Company Ltd. , Teachers JTC, International Organizations, Multi-Media UnitICT Committee</p> <p>Teacher DevelopmentJTC, NCERDNational College for Educational LeadershipICT CommitteeImplementation and CoordinationProjectLead ImplementorPartnersCoordinatorEMISMISUDepartment of School Services, Planning Unit, Vendors, Donor OrganizationsICT CommitteeLMSCore Curriculum Unit, NCERDMISU, Teacher Colleges, Donors, ISPsICT CommitteeFunding StrategiesGovernment commit % of Education BudgetUniversal Access FundsPrivate and NGO partnershipsDonor grants and technical assistanceExpertise and content from International Organizations</p> <p>Funding MechanismProjectsGovt.Local Govt.DonorsPrivate SectorCommunitiesOthersFacilitiesICT EquipmentPTA, AlumniConnectivitySupport and SustainabilityTransforming Teaching and LearningHigher EdExpertsContent DevelopmentTeacher DevelopmentEMISOpen SourceLMSBudgetProjectsCapitalOutlayEqptSalaryMOOEContent DevtTrainingTotalFacilitiesICT EquipmentConnectivitySupport and SustainabilityTransforming Teaching and Learning</p> <p>Content DevelopmentTeacher DevelopmentEMISLMSTime Table20122013201420152016FacilitiesICT EquipmentConnectivitySupport and SustainabilityTransforming Teaching and LearningContent DevelopmentTeacher DevelopmentEMISLMS</p>