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<ul><li> 1. Educating Social Entrepreneurs<br />The University of Northampton model<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Born or taught?<br />Organiser, opportunity spotter, innovator, risk-taker, creative <br />Need for achievement, autonomous, ambiguity tolerance <br />(Say, Cantillon, Kirzner, Schumpter, Kight, Casson, Shackle mcLelland, Meredith, De Vries)<br />They may be born that way, but can they learn?<br />More importantly, can they be taught?<br /> 3. Entrepreneur v Social Entrepreneur<br />How is what they ARE, different? <br />How is what they DO, different?<br />How does their model of business differ?<br />How does their model of the world differ?<br /> 4. The field<br />Limited body of research<br />Entrepreneurs are not MUCH different in classical terms<br />But how they do what they do is differently motivated<br />Very little Higher Education<br />University of East London<br />Masters modules in many Universities- <br />Harvard, Oxford etc<br />Very little education<br />Enterprise education in schools<br />MASSIVE public policy interest<br />SE units in Cabinet Office, DoH, DCLG<br />Lots of practice<br />reflective and uncritical<br /> 5. The degree<br />Social issues <br />&amp; how society changes<br />How to do the <br />business bit<br />Wider development<br />debate<br /> 6. The Social Enterprise degree<br />Business <br />Entrepreneurship<br />Sociology &amp; <br />Social Welfare<br />Third World <br />Development<br /> 7. Level 4<br />Introducing Social Enterprise<br />Introduction to Enterprise &amp; Entrepreneurship<br />Entrepreneurial Skills Development<br />Volunteering<br />The Developing World<br />Social Identities and Everyday Life<br />Introduction to Management<br />English for Business Studies<br />Business <br />Entrepreneurship<br />Sociology &amp; <br />Social Welfare<br />Third World <br />Development<br /> 8. Enterprise in Society<br />New Ventures<br />Globalisation and Development in the 21st Century<br />Community Involvement<br />Management Skills and Development<br />Events Management<br />Social Research: Principles and Practice<br />Level 5<br />Business <br />Entrepreneurship<br />Sociology &amp; <br />Social Welfare<br />Third World <br />Development<br /> 9. Level 6<br />Dissertation<br />Research Project or Joint Dissertation<br />Growing Social Enterprises<br />Opportunity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship<br />Social Responsibility of Business<br />Development and change in the Third World<br />Utopias and Dystopias: Contemporary Themes in Social Theory<br />Social Change &amp; Communities<br />Business <br />Entrepreneurship<br />Sociology &amp; <br />Social Welfare<br />Third World <br />Development<br /> 10. Routes<br />Business <br />Entrepreneurship<br />Sociology &amp; <br />Social Welfare<br />Third World <br />Development<br />MA Social<br />Enterprise<br />Mgt<br />PG Cert.<br />BA (Hons) Social Enterprise Development<br />Diploma<br />Associate<br />Students<br />Foundation <br />Degree<br />Enterprise<br />Educators<br />Schools<br />Programme<br /> 11. Infrastructure<br />BA (Hons) Social Enterprise Development<br />Business <br />Entrepreneurship<br />Sociology &amp; <br />Social Welfare<br />Third World <br />Development<br />NBS Funded Projects Unit<br /> Business<br />Link<br /> East Midlands<br />Business School <br />School of Health <br />School of the Arts<br />Knowledge Exchange<br /> 12. Infrastructure<br />BA (Hons) Social Enterprise Development<br /> Business<br />Link<br /> East Midlands<br />Business School <br />School of Health <br />School of the Arts<br />Knowledge Exchange<br />NBS Funded Projects Unit<br /></p>


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