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<ul><li> 1. EDUCATING ESSEX AND EDUCATING YORKSHIRE Research and Planning</li></ul> <p> 2. M.I.G.R.A.I.N.E. APPLIED TO EDUCATING ESSEX AND EDUCATING YORKSHIRE Media Language There is little to no media language used because it is set in an everyday school, making the need for media language non-existent.Ideology The ideology of these two shows is to provide an insight into the school in order to provide viewers with the real life problems faced within them.Genre Educating conforms to the sub-genres purpose of providing real-life footage and as such being separated from the genre of documentaries in general, as a fly on the wall documentary contains real life situations like a documentary, but does not contain any interaction from the director or the crew, making the footage recorded very raw and uncut, with no telling what is going to happen throughout the show. 3. Representation Within the educating series, there are many uses of representation, especially in terms of students from many different walks of life both socially and economically. They are however, conformative to the stereotypical representations of students throughout the world in that some are more disruptive than others, but not as a result of differing factors.Audience Uses and Gratifications theory plays a major part in this series in the form of the show being made for entertainment purposes, while also allowing people to conduct surveillance of other classes or people from different areas, though this is not a generalised and representative presentation of that social class as they are only obviously showing felons and not the class as a whole. 4. Institution The institution that produced educating Essex is channel 4, this institution is a good example for one that we could approach with our fly on the wall documentary because they have had a lot of success with previous productions in the genre of fly on the wall documentaries such as the educating franchise.Narrative The narrative present within the franchise is linear, this is as a result of the type of show it is as the whole show is a collection of different clips taken from the school on a day to day basis, making the show a linear narrative.Economic/social Context The economic or social context which Educating focuses on, is the majority of society as anyone from anywhere can enrol in the school, there is no class discretion as to who is portrayed within the show, as people from all walks of life are attending the schools in different episodes.</p>