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AIS Making IT 2014


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2. Edublogs inYear 8 Integrated 2014Jeremy Ward 3. Contacte @jnortonward#aisitic14Feedback:1. What did you gain from this presentation?2. What could be improved about the presentation?3. Do you have any questions for me to follow up? 4. Todays presentation outlineA) Year 8 students Edublog challenge!B) Introductions Myself Integrated learning ICT @ LoretoC) Edublogs Music Festival website task Public Space redevlopment (Marketing Consultant) website taskD) Reflections Discoveries Troubleshooting Future Edublogs possibilities The Integrated Effect Tips Result of the 40 minute Year 8 Edublog challenge 5. A) Year 8 Edublogs challenge!You are going to design an Edublog using some of the resourcesthat I am using in this next 45 minutes.Documents can be found on the Shared Drive at:R:2018INTAIS ICT Making IT 2014Requirements: Choose appropriate theme (1 or 2 column) Create 4 pages, ignore Home page Page 1 header, background & embed pdf of this PowerPoint Page 2 embed pdf of Music Festival task & embed student video Page 3 embed pdf of Public Space task & embed student video Page 4 Add photo of this presentationExtension ideas: Widget to be created Resize images to fit page Sort new pages into a menu & hide Home page Disable comment box 6. A) Year 8 Edublogs challengeEdublogsLogin: Student email address orfirst name+first three letters of surname+last 2 digits of Year 12Password: jeremywardSlideShareUsername: loretonhyr8Password: lnweb2yr8YoutubeUsername: loretonhyr8Password: lnweb2yr8 7. 8. Myself my Loreto Normanhurst experiences Integrated started Part-Time 2005 at age 25 as Languages Other ThanEnglish teacher Year 7 Integrated 2006-2008 Year 8 Integrated 2011-2014 (Team Manager 2014) Critical Thinking ICT Integrator 2010-2014 Acting Dean of Learning Technologies Semester II 2013 Future Problem Solving 2009-2014 LOTE (French & Italian) Year 12 French Beginners 2010 Year 12 French Continuers 2013 Year 12 French Extension (themes) 2008-2013 9. Integrated what, how, who, when & why?Charlotte Ainsworth (Aston) & Dominica Leaver (Mulhall),two Year 8 Boarders discuss Integrated 10. Integrated what, how, who, when & why?What is it? theme & concept based, cross-curricular subject in whichstudents approach ideas in a variety of ways it is generally unable to be done in the traditional subjectclassroomCommon elements in the units of work (7-10) involve acombination of the following: individual & varied group work (2s or 3s, generally) use of technology of some form personal choice & justification of choice differentiation of tasks creative thinking reflection during or after tasks 11. Who does it? All students in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 Each Year group has 8 Advisors in Years 7 & 8 Each Advisor works with a House group called an Advisorygroup, although groupings are varied throughout the yearacross units of workUnits of work, classes and hours At Loreto Normanhurst, there are 6 periods a day. There are 29 teaching lessons & 1 Assembly lesson each weekwhich means 58 lessons a fortnight. In Year 8 Integrated, we meet 10 times each fortnight.Extra resources about Loreto Normanhurst 12. Term Weeks Task Work & AssessmentTerm I 1-4 Connectedness & the individual5-6 Loreto Normanhurst Music Festival website individual7-10 Local Community Stakeholders RadioTranscriptindividual11 Start of Public Space redevelopment unitTerm II 1-8 Public Space redevelopment individual 60 group 40Term III 1-6 Being a Global Citizen (United Nations) individual 65 pairs 357-10 Mathematics individualTerm IV 1-5 Global Issues individualpresentationcrtiiqued by peers6-9 Art Task individual productdisplayed collectivelyYear 8 Integrated 2014 13. Handprints 8INTA Ms Dominica Jenkins Religion Kendall 8INTB Ms Bernadette ODwyer TAS Ward 8INTC Mr Steven Gibson English Aston 8INTD Mr Jeremy Ward LOTE MayeFootsteps 8INTE Ms Beth Nairn MathematicsMulhall 8INTF Ms Kate Coolican PDHPE Mornane 8INTG Ms Mary Anne De Mattia History Barry 8INTH Ms Fiona Sharman English Kuring-gai 14. ICT @ Loreto Normanhurst - why Edublogs?Mircosoft Share Point 2007 Staff Portal Student Portal Year Group Portals Faculty Portals for Staff & Students Student MySitesShared Drive also frequentlyused to circumnavigate PortalsSchool developed & commenced phasing in a 1:1 laptopprogramme in 2010 15. Staff Portal 16. Student Portal 17. Year 8 Student Portal 18. Edublogs - Tasks &Work samplesTerm 1 Weeks 5 & 61) Loreto Normanhurst Music Festival website task Task outline Examples: Georgina Lonergan 2012Lily Tancred 2014Term 2 Weeks 1-92) Public Space redevelopment task Task outline Example: Kathryn Byrne 2014 19. Georgina LonerganYear 8 2012 20. interface 21. navigation 22. Loreto NormanhurstMusic Festival wiki task 23. Task outline excerpt 24. Lily Tancred (Kuring-gai House) 25. Public Space redevelopment taskCharlotte Ainsworth (Aston) & Dominica Leaver (Mulhall),two Year 8 Boarders explain the work done in Term 2 26. 1) The Design Brief 27. Individual Roles Each company will have 3 owners who will each have adifferent role to play in the development process. You will be exposed to the skills and qualities required forthese roles in workshops. You will then negotiate with your other 2 group memberswhich role you feel you are best suited for. Once decided, each person will then specialise. 28. Team work As a specialist, you willthen work with yourteam members toproduce the best publicspace development. The success of yourteam will depend oneach person beingresponsible for theirown role &communicating with theother group membersto make good decisions. 29. 2) Integrated learning - opportunitiesPersonal & thinking skills Independence Taking responsibility Team work & cooperation Persuasion & negotiation Organisation Problem Solving Creative thinking Punctuality Communication skills Patience Generosity Open-mindednessSubject skills Design & Technology PDHPE ICT English Geography Science Commerce Religion Music 30. 3) Public Space task stagesYou will be assessed throughout the processes to give youfeedback as you work through the various stages 31. Marketing Consultants roleResearch into: Marketing Tools Colour use Logo Slogan Business cardThey then needed to bring together all of their work &understanding in the form of their company website (anEdublog)As the website would be used in their company pitch, theyneeded to organise & store all relevant documents there,including the embedding of pdf & PowerPoint files producedby the other company membersWe created a Year 8 Slideshare account for this & gavestudents the login.Organisation of information was paramount to a goodpresentation. 32. Kathryn Byrne (Mornane) 33. EdublogsDiscoveries challenged students in terms of production of IT developed digital communication through organisation file management & file sharing skillsTroubleshooting upskilling of staff being ahead of students to guide & support them development of marking criterias ongoing use of blog (Posts) or website (Pages) ongoing use of site from Year 8 onwards theme choice extremely important for tasks viewing of Edublogs in browsers 34. Future Edublog possibilities in 8INTTerm Weeks Task Work & AssessmentTerm I 1-4 Introduction to Connectedness & the individual5-6 Loreto Normanhurst Music Festival website individual7-10 Local Community Stakeholders Radio Transcript individual11 Start of Public Space redevelopment unitTerm II 1-8 Public Space redevelopment individual 60 / group 40Term III 1-6 Being a Global Citizen (United Nations) individual 65 / pairs 357-10 Mathematics individualTerm IV 1-5 Global Issues individual by peers6-9 Art Task 35. The Integrated Effect Deans of Learning Martin Pluss (HSIE) Carolina Murdoch (History)ICT Staff Joseph Agius Jeffrey Lu Roberto Jorquera Edublogs staff in WAYear 8 team Dominica Jenkins (Religion) Bernadette ODwyer (TAS) Steven Gibson (English) Jeremy Ward ((LOTE) Beth Nairn (Mathematics)Year 8 team continued Kate Coolican (PDHPE) Mary Anne De Mattia (History) Fiona Sharman (English)ICT Integrators Kelly Cahalane (English) Stefania Thomsett (LOTE) Elizabeth Green (English)Other teaching staff Patti Taafe (English) Tim Lennon (Religion) Monica Boardman (Visual Arts) Kate Scott (TAS)Boarding School administration 36. Year 9 English blogs Elizabeth Green (Loreto 5) 37. Year 7 English blogs Patti Taafe 38. Aborginal Studies timeline Tim Lennon 39. Visual Arts Department Artist in Residence 40. Boarder newletter (password required) 41. Edublogs tip #1 Naming of sitesYear 8 name+first threeletters of surname (excluding punctuation)+last 2 digits offinal yearEg:Olivia McCarthy in Year 8 Maye; Year 12 will be 42. Edublogs tip #2Theme choice The Theme is the appearance of your blog There are currently 222 themes from which to choose This is perhaps the area that warrants the most amount of timedue to trial & error It really depends on purpose of the blog Some are simple with one column whereas others have 2 or 3columns Here is a link that compares the qualities of many themes onthe edublogger. Here is another from t