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By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING1 Module inEDITORIAL CARTOONING I.LECTURE WHAT IS CARTOONING? Cartooning is an illustration that shows humorous events of which may either be of a serious one or not. Cartooning comes from two words which are Caricature and Lampoon. Caricatureisanexaggeratedillustrationofsomeoneorsomethingbyenlargingsomebodypartsmakingitlook funny. Lampoon is a writing which publicly criticizes someone or something. EditorialCartoon(alsocalledPoliticalCartoon)isanopinionateddrawingofsomepoliticalorsocialissues.It may either be done to attack, criticize, entertain or praise.It is usually partnered with the editorial and may also be seen in features, literary, etc. when there is no appropriate picture to fit it. SUBJECTS OF EDITORIAL CARTOONINGAccordingtoCeciliano-JoseB.Cruzaneditorial cartooningmaytackleawiderangeof subjectwherein some may be: I nspirational oEx. A person holding a cross upward showing that there is still hope. Source: http://opinion.inquirer.net/files/2013/12/Editorial-cartoon-December-1-2013.jpg Satirical oEx. The embarrassment of being gay or homosexual. Source:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Bz1whXZv6j0/S7Tj2-bFqZI/AAAAAAAAAEw/hSv41C3OIOM/s1600/cagle.gif By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING2 Correctional oEx. The problems with criminals. Source: http://imageshack.us/a/img834/1686/startoonl.gif TYPES OF CARTOONSAccording to Aristotle and Joyce Mercado Liwanag there are two types of cartoons: 1.Hogarthaian Named after William Hogarth , an English cartoonist in 18th Century. Are comic strip-like series of illustrations Source: http://www.common-place.org/vol-13/no-03/larkin/images/24-big.jpg 2.Singlepanel Popularized in the 20th century by Charles Addams and Irwin caplan. Mostly published in black and white. Style most preferred by cartoonist and publications. Source: Manila Bulletin, January 27, 2014 WHAT IS A CARTOONIST? By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING3 Acartoonistisapersonassociatedwitheditorialcartooning.Cartoonistmaynotonlydrawforaneditorialbut they may also draw for advertising and entertaining. Thetraditionalcartoonistmaybeseenusingaregularpencil,charcoalpencilorpenwhileasthemodernday cartoonist may now be seen using micropens and digital media such as graphics tablet. A MUST BE CARTOONISTA cartoonist MUST know the important issues and news. be opinionated. beable to simplify complicated topics in his artwork. posess good humor. be good at drawing. be innovative in thinking ways to reuse old issues. TOOLS USED BY CARTOONIST The tools used by a cartoonist to communicate are: Caricatures Drawings with exaggerated features. Ex. Glorias mole is usually enlarged in photos. Source: http://barangayrp.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/kikilfor-blog.jpg Stereotypes Drawings showing the usual image of a person. Ex. A Filipino farmer wearing Camisa de Chino and a Salakot. Source: http://dipolognon.com/PressFreedomEditorialCartoon042808.JPG Symbols Drawings that represents something. Ex. A crocodile represents a greedy person or corrupt politician. By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING4 Source:http://robertariail.com/wp-content/uploads/yapb_cache/aria120516.9f8js6oll4gzoksws4ocs808s.6uwurhykn3a1q8w88k040cs08.th.jpeg Analogies Comparison of two objects which may be similar. Ex. A famous movie or song to represent a current situation. Source: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/45332000/jpg/_45332822_01africagreatest.jpg Humor Their capability of making the reader laugh or show amusement. Ex. Showing realities in life mixing it with words making it funny. Source: http://www.cartoonaday.com/images/cartoons/2011/01/bipartisanship-political-cartoon-598x334.jpg DOs and DONTs Some Dos and Donts to consider when doing editorial cartooning: DOs Do deal with a single topic and be original. Do have humor and be entertaining if possible. Do use symbols which are generally known by people in order to avoid confusion. By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING5 Do have less texts like captions, labels, and dialogs. Do have a balance between the artwork created and the opinion of the cartoonist. DONTs Dont over-exaggerate so as not to make it look corny. Dont or avoid hurting someone. Dont attack the person himself instead of his actions. Dont use several illustrations for it may confuse the reader. Around 3 5 illustrations will do. STEPS IN DOING EDITORIAL CARTOONINGThe steps in doing an editorial cartoon: 1.Issue Know the issue you are concerned with and know the facts related to it. 2.Stand Questions like Which side do you agree or disagree with? and What elements affect the issue?

3.Sketching The creation of the guide or draft of your cartoon. 4.Outlining/Sketching The detailed part of the cartoon is created by using a pen to trace the shape of the sketch. 5.Shading An optional step where in you give depth to your drawing making it more realistic. Examples of Editorial Cartoons and its Meaning Dove Freedom, Peace and Democracy Source: http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4517276078114653&pid=1.7 Chain Suppresion of Freedom, Maltreatment and Slavery Source: http://www.adamzyglis.com/images/cartoon127.jpg By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING6 Grim Reaper Death, and Bad Luck Source:https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKYQtjoG7jr5D2Fxnihi-bDMDwIRnzYSFFHETXSAlT0u9q_3nPFA Blindfolded Woman with a Scale Justice Source:http://www.editorsweblog.org/sites/editorsweblog.org/files/images/Screen%20shot%202012-10-29%20at%2016.55.24.png Syringe Cure, Death, and Drug Addiction Source:https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQaDUyQcxhSkZB2Bdc7J0XHaOnRRp-8t0qI0yWQCD7PIF0enipw Mallet Justice Source: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/judge-gavel-sketch-26513743.jpg Key Hope, and Solution Source: http://www.adamzyglis.com/images/cartoon585.jpg By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING7 II.QUIZ Quiz #1 Fill in the blanks with the correct answer. 1._____________ is an illustration that shows humorous events of which may either be of a serious one or not. 2.____________ is an exaggerated illustration of someone or something by enlarging some body parts making it look funny. 3.____________ is a writing which publicly criticizes someone or something. 4._____________ is a person associated with editorial cartooning. 5._____________ is an opinionated drawing of some political or social issues. Quiz #2 Identification ______________________ 1) Another term for Editorial Cartoon. Types of Cartooning ______________________ 2) Mostly published in black and white. ______________________ 3) Are comic strip-like series of illustrations. Tools used by Cartoonist ______________________ 4) Drawings showing the usual image of a person. ______________________ 5) Comparison of two objects which may be similar. ______________________ 6) Drawings that represents something. ______________________ 7) Drawings with exaggerated features. III.ACTIVITY 1.Cut an editorial cartoon from a newspaper which represents the following and discuss how it is represented. Pork Barrel ScamFreedom RH BillMany Pacquiao won a game Tax LostSchoolwork Overload Drug AddictionBullying Independence of a countryConflict between China and the Philippines By Camille Angela L. Zulueta / IV-NewtonModule in EDITORIAL CARTOONING8 2.Draw an editorial cartoon which represent the given in the previous number. 3.Draw an editorial based on the given editorial below. Get ready for Yolanda IFtyphoonYolanda/Haiyanstaysontrackanddoesnotweaken,itwillarriveintheVisayasonFriday with winds stronger than those of super typhoon Ruping. Those of us who lived or worked in Cebu on Nov. 10-14, 1990 remember Rupings tracks well. Its center winds,which spun at 145 to 200 kilometers per hour, left more than 200 dead in Central Visayas alone. The typhoon unmoored a foreign vessel, which then hit the only bridge between Cebu and Mactan. Ruping also cut off power and water service to Cebu from one week to a month. Weremember,too,theresilienceshownbytheregionsresidents,theconcertedefforttoregainour bearingsandfixorreplaceuptoP10.8billionworthofdamagedinfrastructure.Thestormscarred Cebu, a Sun.Star editorial observed then, but also revealed its strengths. YolandaisscheduledtoenterthePhilippineareaofresponsibilityonThursdaymorning,forcing communities in Bohol and Cebu from the disaster recovery stage back to disaster preparedness.But unlike the earthquake that struck our communities three weeks ago, we have received and continue to receivewarningsaboutYolanda,includingthis:TheUSNavysJointTyphoonWarningCenterexpects the typhoon will bring 222-kph winds. There will be time later to check on the progress weve made or failed to make, in enforcing the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan for 2011-2028.Wellhavemanyopportunitiestoreexamineandaddresstheunderlyingcausesthatleavepeople vulnerable to disaster. And there will be time (and resources, for we are a resilient and resourceful lot) to build back better. For now, however, let us all focus on preparing ourselves for the typhoon that approaches. Start at home. Prepare a basic family kit.The US Federal Emergency Management Administration recommends preparing enough ready-to-eat food for three days; a gallon of clean water per person per day; a first aid kit (and maintenance medications, we may add); a transistor radio and flashlight with spare batteries; a whistle to signal for help, if needed; dust masks or a cotton shirt in case theres a need to filter the air; and important family documents packed in a waterproof, portable container. Hazards become disasters only if vulnerable people and resources are exposed to them, the plan goes. Yes, we are resilient, Cebu. This time lets also be prepared. 4.Bring 10 editorials with its cartoon and exchan