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<ul><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 1/14</p><p>PARISH MESSENGER</p><p>TheMarThomaParishPerth</p><p>Edition58/August2013</p><p>Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit(1 Cor 12:4)</p><p>GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT</p></li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 2/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>I will what thou willst-only keep me sure</p><p>Thus thou are willing: call to me now and then</p><p>So, ceasing to enjoy, I shall endure</p><p>With perfect patience-willing beyond my ken,</p><p>Beyond my love, beyond my thinking scope;</p><p>Willing to be because thy will is pure</p><p>Willing thy will beyond all bounds of</p><p>hope (Anonymous)</p><p>When Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane criednot as I will, but as thou will, his own will did</p><p>not die. He was embracing his Fathers will.</p><p>There is a difference between surrendering and</p><p>embracing. To give up your own will to</p><p>someone in one thing; to join your will with</p><p>another is something different. You still have</p><p>your will.</p><p>When God created us with free will, he made</p><p>us different from a dog that has no will but his</p><p>masters, different from the bird that yields only</p><p>to instinct. Even when we sin we have wills,</p><p>wills that disobey their Maker. Never are wereduced to being mere mammals, cousins of</p><p>the rat. We maybe in rebellion, but we are</p><p>princes in rebellion.</p><p>It has been said that God does not love a weary</p><p>collapse. He does our wills to merge with his</p><p>will. Then we become partners and friends. He</p><p>is not a tyrant: we are not cowering slaves. Weare his daughters and sons.</p><p>To know His will at all times is not possible, we</p><p>need to pray, keep me sure that thou art</p><p>willing. Without being sure of His will, we still</p><p>have to choose a course, often with a prayer</p><p>that He will call now and then and that He</p><p>will forgive if we have misunderstood. And He</p><p>will.</p><p>but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and</p><p>on His law he meditates day and night. (Ps</p><p>1:2)</p><p>May our good</p><p>God bless you all,</p><p>W i t h p r a y e r f u l</p><p>regards,</p><p>Mothy Achen</p><p>MESSAGE FROM OUR VICAR</p><p>His Will and Ours</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 3/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>Promeon:Greek, mean ing introduction orpreface.</p><p>ThePromeon i s an introductoryprayer. In the Promeon , we seekgrace andmercy from ourLordJesus Chris t.</p><p>CHURCH SERVICE &amp; AREA ACOLYTES</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 4/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>YOUTH FELLOWSHIP</p><p>Youth Fellowship meets third Saturdays of</p><p>every month at 03:00pm at the residence of a</p><p>parish member.</p><p>Encourage all youngsters of our parish to</p><p>participate in the activities of the Youth</p><p>Fellowship. For further details, please contact Mr</p><p>Vitty Jacob (youth@perthmarthoma.org.au).</p><p>SUNDAY SCHOOL</p><p>Regular Sunday School on all Sundays before</p><p>the Holy Communion Service. Contact: Mr Ninan</p><p>Thomas or Mrs Babbin Mathews for further</p><p>details (sunday-school@perthmarthoma.org.au).</p><p>EDAVAKA MISSION</p><p>Edavaka Mission meets at the residence of aparish member every month. For further details,</p><p>please contact Mr Solomon Jacob.</p><p>PARISH CHOIR</p><p>Parish Choir meets for practice every Sunday</p><p>after the Holy Communion Service at Murdoch</p><p>Worship Centre. For further details please contact</p><p>Mr. Ginsu Ninan (choir@perthmarthoma.org.au).</p><p>SENIOR CITIZENS FELLOWSHIP</p><p>Senior Citizens Fellowship meets fourth</p><p>Saturdays of every month at 12:00pm at the</p><p>residence of a parish member. For further details,</p><p>please contact Mr Retnarajan.</p><p>SEVIKA SANGHAM</p><p>Sevika Sangham meets once every two month</p><p>at the residence of a parish member.</p><p>Encourage all women in our parish to</p><p>participate in the activities of the Sevika Sangham.For further details, please contact Mrs Mary John</p><p>(sevika@perthmarthoma.org.au).</p><p>NEWS FROM YOUR PARISH MINISTRIES</p><p>FOR YOUR PRAYER Pray for our Parish, Vicar and the members;</p><p> Pray for all our Parish Organisations and for all their activities;</p><p> Pray for our Sunday School kids and teachers;</p><p> Pray for this nation and its government;</p><p> Pray for world peace and for all war torn countries; and</p><p> Pray for the youth of our parish for them to have a blessed and God</p><p>fearing future.</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/mailto:youth@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:sunday-school@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:choir@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:sevika@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:sevika@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:sevika@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:choir@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:choir@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:sunday-school@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:sunday-school@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:youth@perthmarthoma.org.aumailto:youth@perthmarthoma.org.auhttp://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 5/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>BIRTHDAYS AUGUST 2013 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY AUGUST 2013</p><p>James R Rajesh (2 August)</p><p>Jinu Johnson (3 August)</p><p>Samuel C Thomas (6 August)Sharan Ann Solomon (7 August)</p><p>Linda Susan Mathew (9 August)</p><p>Moitree Dey Thomas (11 August)</p><p>Anil George (12 August)</p><p>Alexia Mathew (16 August)</p><p>Viji Komattu Mathews (22 August)</p><p>Anju Joham Parayil (23 August)</p><p>Ann George (24 August)</p><p>Thomas Kurian Parayil (25 August)</p><p>Dr. Cherukara Philips Thomas (29 August)</p><p>Samuel Francis &amp; Elizabeth Francis (1 August)</p><p>Philin Mathew Philip &amp; Dr. Jinu Mary Eappen (15August)</p><p>Sanju John &amp; Neeta Sanju (19 August)</p><p>V John Zachariah &amp; Sarina John (23 August)</p><p>God Created You with his own hands; He Knows your</p><p>name and your thoughts; He Blesses you with life, with love;</p><p>And the joy of another year to know him.</p><p>HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!</p><p>May the Almighty God continue to bless your family more and</p><p>more in the coming years. May you be an inspiration and</p><p>example for others in the days to come.</p><p>WISHING ALL THE CELEBRANTS HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!</p><p>AREA PRAYER GROUP MEETINGS</p><p>BIRTHDAY AND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 6/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>WORSHIP SCHEDULE</p><p>MalayalamServiceHolyCommunionServiceeveryfirstandthirdSundaysat10:00am.</p><p>EnglishServiceHolyCommunionServiceeverysecondandfourthSundaysat10:00amandDivine</p><p>WorshipServiceonotherSundaysat10:00am.</p><p>Special thanksgiving prayers will conducted for birthday and wedding anniversaries during the</p><p>communionservices.</p><p>TheBiblestudy,ontheGospelaccordingtoMathewleadbyourVicar,startsat09:00ameverySunday.</p><p>EVENTS - AUGUST 2013</p><p>CONDOLENCE</p><p>With heart felt sorrow we inform you the demise of Mr. Mathews Philip</p><p>(78), father of Mr Reji Philip (Willetton Prayer Group) on Monday 01st</p><p>July 2013 in Mumbai, India.</p><p>Mar Thoma Parish Perth expresses heart-felt condolence to the bereaved</p><p>family members on the sad demise of their beloved one. May the Lord</p><p>strengthen and comfort them with His abundant Peace.</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 7/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>Few people look at us with curiosity, some with admiration, others ask how did you tolerate</p><p>each other. how did you survive; newly married couple comment .. so now you agree on</p><p>everything, no difference of opinion?</p><p>We thought it worth giving a summary of the past 50 years, for those who may be</p><p>interested.</p><p>In 1963, the time we married in a very conventional way, the scenario was quite different</p><p>from today; there were definite expectations about the mans and womans role. Mary says</p><p>Lot of informal counseling was given by elders how I should look upon and respect my</p><p>husbands family members, how loud and how often I can express my views, if at all I had a</p><p>view different from theirs etc . Me, the eldest daughter in a nuclear family, having held</p><p>different responsibilities, had to be careful in my manner. I think I passed the test of</p><p>being a modest, homely bride. His family accepted me. Johny, being the youngest of seven</p><p>children , was mamas darling boy and had his dreams about a sunny future . In a way it</p><p>was an advantage for me, ammachy, his mother always had a very special affection for me</p><p>and the children , and we reciprocated it. She would keep all the goodies she got from</p><p>relatives in Malaysia and Gulf countries for us. She was a bit worried that our girls did not</p><p>have gold chain and bangles like others. They still remember the summer holidays we</p><p>spent with ammachy in Ayroor, picking mangoes, and manjadi kuru , fetching milk from</p><p>the neighbours house , participating in carol singing in the church we worshiped and the</p><p>local friends. Our grand children were fascinated to see and realise the country roots of</p><p>their mother and aunty, when they went there.</p><p>Both of us, bride and groom, did not understand the essence of all the exhortation byThe Most Rev. Yuhannan Thirumeni nor the beautiful wedding chants by the achens and</p><p>the commitment that we made in the presence of friends and relatives, less than a hundred,</p><p>in the excitement of the day. But as time passed and we faced the hard realities of life they</p><p>became meaningful , and held us together in all adversities .[ I listen with great attention</p><p>now, when attending a marriage service]</p><p>(Cont.... Page 8)</p><p>THOOLIKA</p><p>Fifty years together as husband and wife</p><p> BY MR C J JOHN &amp; MRS MARY JOHN</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 8/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>First year of marriage we lived in two worlds, me in Coimbatore to fulfill my bond to serve</p><p>the college and he in Birmingham, U.K. doing a P.G .course. The only means of</p><p>communication was the weekly letter , and the photographs or gift sent thro some friend .No telephone call, no direct conversation. Johny says it was a very difficult period, away</p><p>from family and the new wife, I did not feel any better; but that short separation cemented</p><p>our love and longing for each other.</p><p>However, we were together for the second anniversary and started living together in the</p><p>outskirts of the beautiful hill-station, Shillong , in the new house built for us . All staff and</p><p>students living in one campus like a family, tho from different parts of the country .The</p><p>principal and wife were missionaries from U.K. He was a brilliant scholar, all rounder,</p><p>made up a song we are all like birds in the wilderness, down in UCC.</p><p>I felt just that way in spite of Johnys efforts to make me happy; being far away from</p><p>family and the busy life I was used to.</p><p>We dreamt that both of us being well qualified, will be able to live comfortably and work in</p><p>the same place very soon. It was not so, except in the last lap of our carrier before</p><p>retirement from the same Union Christian College .</p><p>We have two children, they were born in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh where grandfatherworked with the YM.CA. When Renu was born Johny was away in UCC, anxiously</p><p>waiting for news which he got by telegram, after 24 hrs. He was able to see he in a months</p><p>time.</p><p>Traveling with the baby to Shillong , by train, plane and road for days was an ordeal;</p><p>relatives or friends in Madras, Calcutta and Gawhati helped . Before Premu was born the</p><p>next year, Johny had come over to Karnataka; We joined him and children started school</p><p>there. We were together and enjoyed bringing them up. We worshiped in the C.S.I</p><p>English Church . From Ankola an achen came once a month to conduct a Marthoma</p><p>service in Hubli where we lived. There were some good friends who cared and helped.</p><p>At the end of six years both of us were about to loose jobs and we had to move.</p><p>Johny was appointed in a good college in Virudunagar in Tamil Nadu , a rural area . There</p><p>were no good schools. One year they had home schooling . Next year I joined Cochin</p><p>(Cont.... Page 9)</p><p>THOOLIKA(CONT.....)</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 9/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>Refineries School and children could study there. They got the best education possible</p><p>those days, to develop their talents in sports, music , leadership and literary activities. and</p><p>were able to get into the Christian Medical college Vellore, eventually.</p><p>Johny had to be alone, could come home for few days once a month and it was a special</p><p>family time. We missed him a lot but absence made the hearts grow fonder. We lived 16</p><p>years in Ambalamugal refinery quarters . There was a united Marthoma-CSI church</p><p>and congregation. Our family participated in Sunday school ,choir and all activities of</p><p>the parish.</p><p>Again another movement for Johny to Chungathara in Malabar as the Founder principal</p><p>of the Marthoma college. A lot of settlers had migrated from the old Travancore State,there were eleven Marthoma parishes, besides all other denominations. The College had</p><p>few buildings in a fairly big campus; needed lot of funds and support to bring it to some</p><p>standard. The deep faith and vision of late Easo Mar Themotheus Thirumeni,</p><p>combined with the hard work of the young members of staff helped me to build it up</p><p>and introduce good traditions for the following generations says Johny, remembering</p><p>those early days. I was all alone, the family still in Ambalamugal . Day to day challenges</p><p>of building up a brand new college , taking decisions , finding funds, managing a peaceful</p><p>atmosphere all seemed to be beyond me, but Gods hand was there always, particularly intimes of crisis. I was able to be with the family most week ends, that was a big consolation.</p><p>As we were thinking of a celebration for our 25th anniversary, there came the big blow.</p><p>I lost my job, had to come away from Chungathara, before I could complete things I</p><p>wanted to do. I was most disappointed; struggled to see Gods purpose in this. The</p><p>family finance had to be stretched, fees for children in Vellore, paying mortgage for the</p><p>house to be paid and so on. Children were very understanding. They minimised their</p><p>expenses and we sailed thro troubled waters somehow. But stopping active work at 54years because I could not find a suitable job at that age , was disheartening for both of us.</p><p>Johny says Then, out of blue came an invitation from UCC Meghalaya, where I had</p><p>worked 22 years before. to be the principal. It appeared impractical as we thought of all</p><p>the difficulties we faced to reach there in the past. After the 1970s refugee problem,</p><p>North Eastern States were not so friendly to people from the rest of India . It will be a</p><p>risk , we have to live separate alone again, so I asked a months time to think and reply .</p><p>(Cont.... Page 10)</p><p>THOOLIKA(CONT.....)</p>http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/http://www.perthmarthoma.org.au/</li><li><p>7/27/2019 Edition 58 - News Letter August 2013</p><p> 10/14</p><p>he Mar Thoma Parish Perth www.perthmarthoma.org.au</p><p>Other fri...</p></li></ul>