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  1. 1. Editing My Video When editing my video, I used Adobe Premier Pro 5.1 and then, after buying an upgrade, Adobe Premier Pro CC. Using these programs, I cut the clips down to size and then placed them in the order, keeping them in time with the music. Following this I changed the look of the clips and added transitions. 1) I began by placing the clips into the timeline 2) I then slowed the clips down to 40% their normal speed
  2. 2. 3) Following this, I then tinted both of the images dark blue and lowered the tint to 40%, making the images much darker 4) I then added a black and white overlay to the imagery, keeping the gothic genre intact 5) I then unlinked and deleted the audio tracks from the video
  3. 3. 6) I then cut down the clips to size
  4. 4. 7) Finally, I added the music and a slow transition between the clips. This entire process was then repeated for the rest of the video