editing process of my poster

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  • 1. Editing process of my poster

2. First of all I go two ofthe best pictures that Itook on the day of rockchallenge and I putthem one on top of theother. I wanted to picktwo pictures that werebright and colourful sothat it would make therock challengeexperience seem funand joyful . 3. After this I created asecond layer, on withthe title of thedocumentary wouldgo. This would be ablack box with writingin it. This would alsobe used to cover up therough cutting of thetwo pictures. 4. Next I got the sky onelogo and removed thebackground using themagic wand tool andthen copy and pastedit over to my poster.This is to make it lookmore professional.Then I added a fewfinishing touches likethe coloured bordersof the title box and thetag line for thedocumentary at thetop. I also put theinformation of thedocumentary at thebottom.