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2. We imported our raw footage into iMovieand from there selected which footagewe wanted to include.Footage underlined orange havebeen used in the final production.The reason not all the footage wasFootage that was not underlined underlined was because some of itwith orange is not used in thewas cut as it was unnecessary orproduct and looks like this.not wanted. 3. Once the appropriate footage has beenThe blue lines above selected we edit it together and makerepresent what titles something like this. are included (done byRyan)The boxes inbetween thefootage is thetransitions weused for fadingand flashbacks.(done by Ryan)The green line underneathrepresents what music is included(done by Aleks) 4. The final product was kept in a folder namedTHE UNFORGIVEN so as to keep itseparate from past projects. 5. This footage was edited by myworking partner Aleks. He editedin the muzzle flashes, bloodeffects and gun fire sounds. The footage is edited using layers. 6. Well Aleks finished editing each piece offootage, he would render them so they couldbe imported into iMovie and used for the finalproduct.