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  • 1. Editing Images

2. Original Image:This is the original imagethat I took of Jonnyplaying the guitar in afield. I decided that Iliked this image butthought the shot shouldbe closer. 3. Cropping Image:I cropped the image, to makeJonny stand out more and to takeaway all the background. I feltthat this looked more eye catchingand liked how he filled themajority of the image. 4. Editing Image: I edited the image by adjusting the different image settings. I toned the colours down so it was slightly duller and also added a satin effect to the image. I felt that the effects made the image more eye catching and interesting. 5. Editing Image: I altered different image adjustments to create this different effect. For this one I added a sepia tone to the image, to try and make the colours appear as being more natural. I also played around with different image effects. 6. Original Image:This is the originalimage of Jonnys feetand the guitar. Afterdoing deconstructions,I found that the albumcover doesntnecessarily have to beof the artists face andtherefore I decided toexperiment with theuse other parts of hisbody. 7. Cropping Image:Again, I decided to crop theimage so that it fills the framebetter. This got rid of bits of thebackground and helped to makeit more eye catching 8. Editing Image: I edited the image by altering some of the different image adjustments. I made the colours stand out slightly more and played around with the brightness and contrast of the image 9. Editing Image: I used various photo filters to create this effect. I also experimented with other image adjustments like the vibrancy and colour balance. 10. Original Image:This is the original image ofJonny. He is looking out tosee, and holding the guitar. 11. Cropping Image:I cropped the image so that Jonnyis in the centre. I also made itsquare so itll be suitable for analbum cover. 12. Editing Image: I edited the image by changing the brightness and contrast slightly. Also, by added a sepia photo filter to it. I felt this helps to make it have a more natural feel to it. 13. Original Image:This is the original image ofJonny face. He is lookingdirectly at the camera,helping to draw viewers in. 14. Cropping Image:I cropped the image andmade it square. This cut outthe bricks slightly and madeJonny the main focus of theshot. 15. Editing Image: I altered the image by changing the brightness and contrast and also by added a colour filter to it. I also blurred out the background slightly in order to make Jonny stand out more. 16. Editing Image: I added an artistic effect to the image. This made the image more contrasted and it has slight brush strokes on it.