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<p> 1. We used a lot of fades within our film to express a movement of timeand especially at the beginning which adds a lot of suspension and abuild up of events that are going to lead to the finale. We used fades tointroduce the production company and title of the film which fades intowe also used a fade at the end when we zoom into the diary to expressits possible importance. 2. We also included an over the shoulder shot so the viewers can clearlysee the significant page in the diary that declares Jennifers love forJacob Miller. We also slowed down the clip so that the page would be abit more clearer and it could be read properly. This shows that its asignificant/key prop within the opening sequence as it allows an insightinto the main characters mind and what theyre thinking and what mayhave caused them to end up in the psychiatrists office. 3. During the flashback scenes we changed the the filter of the particularscenes to make them look fuzzy and stand out from the other scenes.We put a sepia type of filter on the flashback scenes using the editingtools on Final Cut Pro 4. Cross Cutting was evident when we quickly cut from the flashbackscenes back to the psychiatric analysis scenes (when the maincharacter is mentally reacting to the music) to show what shes goingthrough or experiencing whilst the music is on, i.e. her flashbackscenes. We also used sound bridges to seamlessly link the scenestogether</p>