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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Editing Digi-Pack - Day 8</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Today we had a media lesson so this was an appropriate time to finish the</p><p>digi-pack and export the music video but unfortunately Nicola and Chloe</p><p>were absent once again, however I didnt let this bother me.</p><p>To begin with I watched over the first draft of the music video and editingthe errors I found before exporting it onto Quick Time Movie. I didnt do</p><p>much in total; all I did was expand the introduction and added a cross</p><p>dissolve fade into the music video rather it suddenly starting, this helped it</p><p>flow much better. In addition, I also elongated a dew shots the</p><p>performance scenes because I felt the sharp cuts of certain shots did not</p><p>flow in time with the tempo. Lastly, there was once shot during the</p><p>flashback scene when young Jon runs off the composition and as an</p><p>improvement we were told to have a freeze frame of the empty location,</p><p>however I didnt like this when watching it back today because the cut wastoo sharp, plus it looked slightly out of place so using the footage I had, I</p><p>cut a shot so it looked like young Jon was running out of the scene which</p><p>shows continuity very well. This is all I really had to do, so I then exported</p><p>the video onto Quick Time movie.</p><p>Furthermore, I then got straight on with finishing the digi-pack. The</p><p>majority of it was basically finished, all I needed to add was the vital</p><p>information such as record labels, bar code, copyright registrations and so</p><p>on. Before I did this I looked on Google Images at back covers of digi-packsto give me an understanding of what had to be done then simply applied it</p><p>to my back cover. I used the same font and colour scheme to do this,</p><p>keeping the majority of it in capitalised letters to make the digi-pack seem</p><p>formal. For the copyright section I downloaded a conventional c to make</p><p>the copyright seem official. I did get feedback from Media Students Conor</p><p>Willis and Jon Champion and they stated I needed to add the artists music</p><p>website onto it; therefore I did this straight away.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Editing Digi-Pack - Day 8</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Moreover, using Photo Shop CS5 I created a black background and using a</p><p>white paintbrush I had drawn a signature for Conrad Fisher, of course this</p><p>did take a couple of attempts because it was difficult to work the mouse,</p><p>however I finally got there. I then deleted the background from this and</p><p>imported it to my digi-pack. Jon Champion also stated that the signature</p><p>would look best in the bottom right hand corner rather than the left</p><p>because it was difficult to see. I am very happy how the autographs turned</p><p>out because it doesnt look messy like the previous one, which is what I washoping for, plus makes the digi-pack seem official.</p><p>Lastly I created the spine of the digi-pack, this was pretty simple to do</p><p>because I the text already provided. I used the faded black box as a</p><p>background and with the same font, the artists name and album is</p><p>displayed evidently and at the bottom of this is the serial code. I typed this</p><p>onto a separate page and imported it over.</p><p>The first draft of the digi-pack was finally completed, TA-DA! All I had to dowas put it together using the template I previously downloaded and once</p><p>this was done I will gather feedback from Media and non-Media Students.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Editing Digi-Pack - Day 8</p><p> 3/3</p></li></ul>