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Headline : Australia take part in developing education in Karangasem


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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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    Gemma ArtertonMourning DeadGrandmother

    Bad Weather,Fishers Reluctantto Go to Sea

    NKorea calls forpeace talks, end tosanctions

    The quality of the human re-sources must be increase first inorder to increase the welfare of thepeople. One way to do it is throughgood education, he added. Forthat reason, Karangasem govern-ment agrees to cooperate withAustralian Government.

    On Monday, the representa-tive of Australian government vis-

    Australia take part in developingeducation in KarangasemAmlapura (Bali Post) -

    Australian Government takes part in developing education and culture in Bali especially inthe area that needed assistant such as Karangasem. I Wayan Geredeg, said on Monday, Janu-ary 11th 2009, that Karangasem has 40% of poverty rate and it need a lot of assistant in repair-ing the condition.

    ited SLTPN 4 Bebandem, one of theschool assisted by Australia. Theywere Brian Spicer, the head of Ba-sic Education Program (BEP),Aaron OShanessy, a member ofBridge Program, and FarahTomazin, a journalist.

    Brian said that through BEP pro-gram, Australia has built 2,000schools throughout Indonesia and

    one of them is SLTPN 4 Bebandem.The school received 1.3 billion ru-piah of fund to built and develop it.

    Currently, the school has 330students and adequate facilities. Inaddition to giving great fund, Aus-tralian government also help in in-creasing the education quality ofeducation in Karangasem by givingthe prepare training for teachers and

    school staffs.Through Bridge program, the

    teachers and staff can increase theirskills and knowledge by corre-sponding with the teachers fromAustralia and by teachers exchangeprogram.

    I Ketut Latri, the head of SLTPN4 Bebandem said that two teachersalready being sent to Australia tostudy. We wanted to increase thequality of education by increasingthe quality of the teachers. We alsogive extra lesson of IT to the stu-dents in order to give them moreknowledge, he added.

    BP/EkaThe picture show (from left to right), the member of Bridge program Aaron OShanessy, the journalist from AGE newspaper,Farah Tomazin, the head of Karangasem regency, I Wayan Geredeg, the head of SLTPN 4 Bebandem, I Ketut Latri, and thehead of Basic Education Program (BEP), Brian Spicer.

    Denpasar (Bali Post) Other than at Jagatnatha

    Temple, Sivaratri celebration fall-ing on the upcoming Thursday(Jan 14) will also be centered atSegara Campuhan Windu Temple,Padanggalak, Kesiman, Denpasar.At that time, located at the seasidetemple will be held a temple an-

    Celebrations of SivaratriCentralized at Segara Windhu Campuhan Temple

    niversary, mecaru exorcism rite,mendem pedagingan and entertain-ment in the form of mysticalCalonarang performance.

    Jero Gde Mangku (priest) ofSegara Windhu Campuhan Temple,last Sunday (Jan 10), explained, theanniversary of the temple startingfrom this year moved from the full

    moon in Sasih Kadasa (April) toSivaratri Day. This removal wasbased on pawisik or divine revela-tion from the Ida Batara (adoreddeity) desiring the change consid-ering Sivaratri also denoted a holyday to do contemplation and medi-tation. For that purpose, the proces-sion would begin in the afternoon

    in the form of presenting apologiz-ing ritual (ngaturang guru piduka);mustika exorcism followed byburying pedagingan at each shrine(due to the day of anniversarychanges) and sanctified effigy pu-rification, followed by temple an-niversary and Sivaratri festivity.

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    Bali News

    Denpasar (Bali Post) Expansion Draft of Ngurah Rai

    International Airport proposed byPT Angkasa Pura (PAP) was refusedagain by Badung regency. BadungRegent A.A. Gde Agung in a meet-ing with tourism businesspeople inKuta, last Saturday (Jan 9) said thatthe concept offered by the PAP didnot change significantly and stillfeatured the commercial area.

    Regent Gde Agung revealed thatthe PAP has presented the re-expan-sion of Ngurah Rai Airport in theprovince recently. Afterwards, thepresentation was also resumed tothe Badung Regency. From the pre-sentation, it was noted that the air-port expansion did not meet the ex-pectation. Other than building moreconstructions of commercial areasin the form of shopping malls, theconcept and Balinese architecture

    We do not reject JKBM butmuch appreciate to revise it. Thisprogram impressed to discriminatethe sufferers of HIV whose currentnumber almost reaches 4,000people in Bali, said Putu Utami,Director of Bali Foundation notlong ago.

    Answering that regard, the Headof Bali Health Services, NyomanSutedja when contacted last Sunday(Jan 10) said that JKBM did notcover the patients with HIV / AIDSin the matter of its antiretroviral

    The delayed distribution of anti-rabies vaccine (VAR) within thepast four days causing a vacantstock at Sanglah Hospital, in fact,was caused by the problem in cool-ing machine storage of VAR inJakarta distributor. The Head of BaliHealth Services Nyoman Sutedjawhen contacted last Sunday (Jan10) revealed this matter. I obtainedinformation that the cooling ma-chine of VAR has got problem. Con-sequently, the distributor did not

    Denpasar (Bali Post) Badung Regent that was previ-

    ously reported to refuse the Re-gional Legislation on Bali Re-gional Spatial Layout Plan(RTRWP) along with several otherregents in Bali started to speak.Regent Gde Agung affirmed tocomply with regional regulationsestablished by the province. Even,currently his side has done clarifi-cation on RTRWP of Bali throughthe preparation of detailed spatiallayout plan (RDTR).

    Gde Agung said that his partyhas made a number of steps in-volved in the adjustment ofRTRW of Bali. Some of themwere by controlling the problem-atic buildings. For instance, thevillas did not comply with theland utilization and buildingsthat violated the height limits.

    Today we are doing adjust-ments to RTRW of Bali. One ofthe strategic steps taken is by thecontrol of problematic buildingsin Badung Regency, he said. In

    JKBM Covers HIV/AIDS PatientsJKBM Covers HIV/AIDS PatientsJKBM Covers HIV/AIDS PatientsJKBM Covers HIV/AIDS PatientsJKBM Covers HIV/AIDS PatientsDenpasar (Bali Post)

    Not long ago, the HIV/AIDS Care Forum, consisting of people living with HIV/AIDS, doctors,assistants, counselors in the field of AIDS prevention in Bali gathered to ask the policy of BaliMandara Health Insurance (JKBM) that did not cover the patients with HIV/AIDS to be revised.

    drugs (ARV). It means that it doesnot cover its ARV medicine for pa-tients with HIV/AIDS, said Sutedja.As it is known, the anti retroviraldrugs have already been given by thegovernment at free of charge.

    Continued Sutedja, HIV/AIDSwas not a disease but a collection ofdiseases meaning that HIV/AIDSpatients could be attacked by infec-tious diseases such as diarrhea, tu-berculosis, dengue fever and otherdiseases. So this is borne diseases.If there are patients with HIV/AIDS

    suffer from diarrhea, the diarrheatreatment is borne by JKBM, ex-plained Sutedja.

    Flow and requirements of usingJKBM for patients with HIV/AIDSaccording to Sutedja was the sameas the others. So, the patients wasenough to bring their Bali ID card,certificate stating the patient had noother health insurance from villageauthority and family card identity(KK) to community health center.Afterward, they can obtain these freemedical services. (kmb24)

    Badung Refuses Again theAirport Expansion Draft

    were not implemented maximally.The concept offered was not

    pursuant to as expected. It even didnot accommodate several inputs, in-cluding that of former Vice PresidentJusuf Kalla. However, regarding tothe building height, there is no prob-lem, said Gde Agung.

    Furthermore, it was said that theconcept of airport developmentputting more emphasis on the mallarea than functional areas. Even,this could harm small businesses.Of course, this mater would bevery detrimental to the develop-ment of community-basedeconomy. Meanwhile, concerningwith its Ba