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RetailOasis are proud to announce a new partnership with Edge (www.edgecustom.com.au), one of Australia's leading content marketing agencies. With the proliferation of media channels, it's getting harder to truly connect with customers. We believe the future of communications is in content creation - engaging customers with your brand, through a meaningful story that leverages your own channels. In partnership with the NRA, Edge have surveyed some of Australia's biggest retailers to shed light on the key opportunities in this area.


  • 1. Challenges. Opportunities. Success stories. Inspiration 2014 Leading the content revolution How Australian retailers are using content marketing to get closer to customers
  • 2. contents Foreword 3 Why this report? 4 Brands featured in this report 5 Overviewthe new media landscape 6 The opportunitymeeting content marketing challenges 8 .HQGLQJV Investment in content marketing 10 Case studiesShoes of Prey, ASOS, Lowes, Net-A-Porter,Woolworths, and Coles 11 Five future priorities for retail marketers 17 7HQSRLQWSODQIRUFRQWHQWPDUNHWLQJVXFFHVV Contact Edge 20 Content Marketing in Retail 2
  • 3. Content Marketing in Retail Retail marketers need to sharpen their minds. Regarded as Australias leading digital and content marketing agency, Edge helps some of Australias most valuable brands to develop their own media strategy, content creation and platforms. Edges expertise in content, editorial, digital, design, social, strategy, media and SEO make it a full-service agency. Australias largest and most representative retail industry organisation, The National Retail Association (NRA) has been providing professional services, advice and representation to more than 19,500 outlets across the retail, fast food and broader services sectors for almost 100 years. SKUvantage is Australias only full-service specialist provider for product content. SKUvantage is focused on gathering, producing, structuring and delivering product content to its retail and brand clients. Clients include leading retailers and suppliers such as Johnson & Johnson, Coles, Myer, LOral and Spotlight. RetailOasis connects retailers with consumers through marketing insights, helping with improved performance across all consumer touch points. foreword Theres a massive change happening around you right now. In the minutes you spend reading this report, your fellow retail marketers are trying to get their heads around the shift thats rapidly changing our marketing landscape. New challenges are forcing retail marketers to rethink their marketing efforts going forward. You know that your potential customer will be accessing content from multiple sources from different brands and competitors across multiple channels before they decide which retailer they want to make a purchase with. To survive in this new, complex, content-rich world, and to change your customers into loyal ambassadors, it takes more than a traditional marketing strategy. Retail marketers need to sharpen their minds, hone their brand story and get creative around this new reality. They have to start thinking in terms of mediatailing and leveraging assets that engage customers through the many touch points that every retail brand has access to. They need to think beyond a world of paid media on other peoples channels to owning their own space where their brand is central. Retailers have a unique opportunity. This white paper, based on a content marketing survey of Australian retail marketers, provides valuable insights, opportunities, ideas and success stories from your industry. Use it to get your content strategy in place. Im looking forward to covering your success in our next report. survey partners Special thanks to: Sanna Axbom, Edge; Danielle Welton, Writer and Content Specialist; Yulia Santoso, Designer, Edge 3
  • 4. why this report? Content Marketing in Retail Earlier this year we commissioned a survey to dig deep into the strategies that Australian retailers are using to navigate the intricate media landscape and capture the hearts and wallets of the ever-powerful consumer. The results paint a fascinating picture of content marketings prominent place in the future of retail marketing, with its importance emphasised by the percentage of marketing expenditure allocated by our respondents. It highlights the content marketing opportunities yet to be fully exploited, with particular emphasis on visual social media channels and video marketing techniques. It puts the spotlight on the concerns of retail marketers from budget and time constraints, to smarter content strategies and how to create compelling, personalised contentand then puts forward strategies for dealing with them. It also looks to the future of retail marketing and highlights the innovations set to revolutionise the retail industry. Retail marketers have got it tough. With so many channels and increasing customer sophistication, the challenge of reaching audiences has become more complex. 4
  • 5. brands featured in this report Also mentioned: Sneaking Duck, Burberry, Nissan, Oreos, Patagonia, All American Clothing
  • 6. According Challenge 1: Standing out amid the general media noise and Content Marketing in Retail overview The new media landscape 1RORQJHUGRHVLQIRUPDWLRQRZLQRQHGLUHFWLRQIURPDELJEUDQGRU institution to an audience of passive readers. The internet has reduced the costs and obstacles involved in broadcasting and distributing content, so these days anyone can get content out. This democratisation has also made content consumption far more active, meaning the audience is able to react, comment and share. In addition, technology has expanded the number of channels we can use to tell a story. Content output can be in the form of print magazines, brochures, brand books, content-rich websites, digital magazines, apps and videos (including micro-video content such as Vine), blogs, white papers, infographics, e-books, email newsletters, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram) and many others. The problem for retail brands is that there are a lot of people creating a lot of content across a number of channelsand not all of it is very good. clutter. The Conversation Prism %ULDQ6ROLVLQWURGXFHGWKHUVW&RQYHUVDWLRQ Prisma prism mapping out social media in 2008. There were 22 social media categories. Fast forward to 2013, and the Conversation Prism had four additional categories with at least six brands in each. 6
  • 7. The powerful content consumer Content Marketing in Retail 65% The number of mobile media users who browse the mobile internet in tandem with a second screen (television, PC, tablet or second phone). Today, consumers are increasingly sophisticated, using a complex proliferation of media channels, platforms and technologiesand often at the same time. They consume in a way thats appropriate for them, using the channels they like at the times they like. Crucially, WKHDUHLQFUHDVLQJOSRZHUIXO%EHLQJDEOHWROWHURXW unwanted advertising or marketing messages, they very much dictate the terms of marketing relationships. Challenge 3: Engaging and retaining consumers while everyone else is vying for their attention. Challenge 2: Getting the right messages to the right people, on the channel or device of their choosing. A new definition of content marketing The new media landscape and this more powerful, more VRSKLVWLFDWHGFRQVXPHUKDYHFUHDWHGWKHQHHGWRUHGHQH content marketing. Heres how the Content Marketing Institute sums it up: Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content WRDWWUDFWDQGDFTXLUHDFOHDUOGHQHGDXGLHQFHZLWKWKH REMHFWLYHRIGULYLQJSURWDEOHFXVWRPHUDFWLRQ But that doesnt tell the whole story. It forgets the power of our 2014 consumer. More accurately, content marketing is: A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, engaging, entertaining and inspiring content that is relevant to the audience, in the channel or device RIWKHLUFKRRVLQJZLWKWKHREMHFWLYHRIGULYLQJSURWDEOH customer action. Source: MEF Second Screen Survey 2013 7
  • 8. Content Marketing in Retail the opportunity Despite deafening media noise and the proliferation of media channels, the consumer appetite for content is stronger than ever, which provides a fantastic opportunity for retail marketers. Tell your stories well. Know your audience. Deliver DXWKHQWLFDQGSURFLHQWHGLWRULDOFRQWHQW0DNHVXUHLWLVRSWLPLVHGIRUWKHFKDQQHO and that it adheres to a content strategy. Do this and you will cut through the market noise and disruption. The solution: Create quality content thats editorially intelligent, personalised, persuasive, clever and creative. A crucial component in making sure a brand stands outand that it is heard above the background media and content noiseis to identify its unique brand story and to ensure that all of the content SURGXFHGLVUPODQFKRUHGLQWKDW brand story. Richard Parker, Director of Strategy, Edge You must develop best-in-class content. Your content must be more valuable than what your competitors are doing. You cant just tell a story better. To stand out, you have to tell a different story. J