edexcel btec level 3 diploma in sport (outdoor adventure) .btec level 3 diploma in sport (outdoor

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    Course outline It will be a double award equivalent to 2 A levels and will take up two options over two full days each week. What will I learn through studying the course? During the course you will:

    learn about all types of Outdoor and Adventurous activities and how they are organized;

    be taught how to become fit enough to take part effectively and how to manage risks that are presented;

    take part in many practical activities and lead other students as your skills grow;

    go on expedition and plan any trips yourselves with tutor support. Practical activities offered over the two years may include:




    Problem solving

    Hill walking

    Mountain biking

    Rock climbing Who would make a successful student for the course? You will enjoy spending extended periods of time outdoors and will enjoy working as part of a team to complete challenges. You will be self-motivated to complete written tasks according to deadlines in order that high quality portfolio work is submitted.

  • Course structure In order to complete the course, both mandatory and optional units must be completed. Each unit is worth either 5 or 10 credits, shown in brackets after each unit, and you must complete120 credits to gain the diploma.l3 Diploma in Sport Mandatory units account for 60 credit and are; 1 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport (5)5 3 2 The Physiology of Fitness (5)5 3 3 Assessing Risk in Sport (10) 4 Fitness Training and Programming (10) 10 3 13 Leadership in Sport (10) 10 3 29 Principles and Practices in Outdoor Adventure (10) 10 3 30 Equipment and Facilities for Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (10) Optional credits account for the remaining 60 credits and will be selected from; 12 Current Issues in Sport 10 3 18 Sports Injuries 10 3 23 Organising Sports Events 10 3 24 Physical Education and the Care of Children and Young People 10 3 25 Sport as a Business 10 3 26 Work Experience in Sport 10 310 3 31 Impact and Sustainability in Outdoor Adventure 10 3 32 Environmental Education for Outdoor Adventure 10 3 33 Skills for Land-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 10 3 34 Skills for Water-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 10 3 35 Leading Land-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 10 3 36 Leading Water-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 10 3 37 Outdoor and Adventurous Expeditions 10 3 38 Alternative Pursuits for Outdoor Adventure 10 3 39 Sports Facilities and Operational Management 10 3 42 Research Investigation in Sport and Exercise Sciences 10 4 44 Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology NB all optional units are worth 10 credits. For further information, please speak to Miss Baxter.



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