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<ul><li><p>$22 billion for air pollutio control and services in th </p><p>next 12 month Over $22 biilion will be spent on air pollution con- trol systems, parts and services between July 1, 1996, and June 30, 1997, The Mcllvaine Company in its Air Pollution Manage- ment Report predicts that the Americas segment will spend $6.4 billion, the Eur- opean-CIS-Africa segment will spend $7.7 billion and Asia will be the biggest purchaser at over $8 billion. </p><p>Over the last decade the purchases of equipment to control gas phase contami- nants have increased much more rapidly than have pur- chases of particulate con- trol equipment. In the next twelve months, the world will spend $6.8 billion for particulate control but will spend almost $11 billion for elimination of nitrogen oxides (NO,), sulphur oxi- des (SO,), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and acid gases. Electrostatic precipitators will be the most popular equipment se- lection primarily due to pur- chases in the Asian sector. 58% of the $3.9 billion sla- ted for electrostatic precipi- tators will be spent in the Asian region. By contrast, purchase of precipitators in the Americas will ac- count for only 18% of the total. Europe-CIS-Africa segment will account for an investment in gas phase contaminant reduction of nearly $4 billion. 37% ($1.5 billion) of this total will be for scrubbers and absorbers to remove acid gasses and VOCs. 33% ($1.35 billion) will be in- vested in NO, and SO, re- duction systems. 30% </p><p>($1.15 billion) will be in- vested in thermal and cata- lytic air treatment systems, </p><p>The air consulting seg- ment worldwide will ac- count for $2.6 billion in total revenues. However, this segment represents a big portion of the value added in the air pollution sector. Since there are few outside purchases, most of the air consulting revenues consist of value added by the consultant. In contrast, most of the revenue in FGD system sales come from the purchase and resale of components such as pumps and packing. Therefore, the value added and profitabil- ity of secondary suppliers represents a substantial portion of the total. </p><p>A single large flue gas desulphurisation contract will result in as many as one hundred subcontracts. This division of the large contracts to many subcon- tractors plus the substantial portion of the industry re- presented by very small companies, results in an industry comprised of large numbers of small suppliers. These 70 000 companies average $300 000 in reven- ues and employ 700 000 workers devoted to the air pollution industry. There- fore, air pollution control is a significant industry world- wide. Detailed information on this forecast will be found in Air Pollution Man- agement published by The Mcllvaine Company. </p><p>The Mcllvaine Company, 2970 Maria Avenue, North- brook, IL 60062-2024, USA. Tel: i-l 847 272 0010; fax: + 1 847 272 9673. </p><p>DANA celebrate its 25th anniversary Members of EDANA, the European association for the nonwovens and hygiene absorbent goods indus- tries, celebrated its 25th anniversary of the organi- sation on the 21 and 22 May 1996 in Brussels. </p><p>EDANA was founded on 12 May 1971 in Brussels and has </p><p>since developed into an a- ssociation with 147 member companies in 24 countries. It is the sponsor of INDEX, the nonwovens exhibition. </p><p>Six of the founding com- panies have been active members of EDANA during these 25 years. These are BFF Nonwovens, Dexter In- </p><p>ternational Corporation, Kaysersberg S.A.-Jamont, Lantor BV, Lystil Oy and SCA Molnlycke AB. They were presented with com- memoration plaques. </p><p>At this years Annual General Meeting of mem- bers, Mr Patrick Jeambar, president and managing di- </p><p>rector of Lystil SA was elected chairman of EDANA, taking over from Mr Roger Cornelissen, Proctor &amp; Gam- ble, from 1st July 1996. </p><p>EDANA, 157 avenue Eu- gene Plasky, Bte 4, 1040 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: + 32 2 734 93 70; fax: +32 2 733 35 18. </p></li></ul>