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  • Free Upcoming Talks

    ED Talks

    Free Upcoming Talks

    July 9 "Meet th e bugs in your


    by Melinda McK inney, CCC Bio

    logy Faculty

    June 11 "Voice , fingerprints, e

    ye scans: Are b iometrics really

    keeping your m obile device se


    by Gonzalo Per ez, CCC Assoc

    iate Vice Presid ent of Innovativ

    e Learning Solu tions

    Room B34 emphasis on the city’s neighborhoods like Sunnyside.

    All ED Talks take place at the CCC Fourth Street Campus, located at 3000 N. Fourth St., in Flagstaff

    August 13 "Mu shroom Mania:

    Get to know th e various types

    of fungi that g row in northern


    during the Mon soon season" b

    y Rachel Edels tein, CCC Alum

    ni and Donor R elations Coordi


    "Todos Unidos: The Hispanic Experience in Flagstaff

    with an emphasis on the Sunnyside Neighborhood"

    Monday, May 14, 2018 | 6-7PM CCC Fourth Street Campus Free and Open to the Public

    Breanna Velasco Pioneer Museum

    The Pioneer Museum’s Breann Velasco discusses the award-winning exhibit that focuses on the Hispanic

    experience in the creation of Flagstaff, with an

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