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ECPY 621 – Class 8. Sexual, Eating, Sleeping and other Impulse Control Disorders. Overview. Review Case 2—review of paper Sexual, Sleeping, Eating and Impulse Control Disorders Activity. For next papers. Dx on all Axis Axis I: Clinical disorders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ECPY 621 Class 8Sexual, Eating, Sleeping and other Impulse Control Disorders

  • OverviewReview Case 2review of paperSexual, Sleeping, Eating and Impulse Control DisordersActivity

  • For next papersDx on all AxisAxis I: Clinical disordersAxis II:Personality Disorders/Mental DisordersAxis III:General Medical ConditionsAxis IV:Psychosocial/Environmental ProblemsAxis V:Global Assessment of Functioning

  • Next Papers contMeasurable Long term and Short Term GoalsCurrent/Past:MedicationsDrugsInjuriesGood/positives about client

  • Sexual DisordersHypoactive Sexual Desire DisorderSexual Aversion DisorderFemale Sexual Arousal DisorderMale Erectile DisorderFemale Orgasmic DisorderMale Orgasmic DisorderPremature Ejaculation

  • Sexual Disorders- pain disordersDyspareuniaVaginismus

  • Sexual Disorders- paraphiliasExhibitionismFetishismFrotteurismPedophiliaSexual MasochismSexual SadismTransvestic FetishVoyeurism

  • Sexual Disorders Gender Identity Gender Identity Disorder in ChildrenGender Identity Disorder in Adolescents/Adults

  • Problems in Dx Sexual DisordersPatients dont fulfill criteriaFulfill more than oneFulfill symptoms as part of another psychiatric disorder

  • Eating DisordersAnorexia NervosaBulimia NervosaPurging TypeNonpurging TypeEating Disorder NOS

  • Key Points for Eating DisorderAnorexia Nervosa require an intense fear of gaining weight even though they are underweightBulimia cannot be made if criteria is met for AnorexiaFor Bulimia:Frequent periods of binging with loss of controlFollowed by guilt, depression or compensatory behavior

  • Sleep DisordersPrimary InsomniaPrimary HypersomniaNarcolepsyBreathing related Sleep DisorderCircadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

  • Sleep Disorders -- ParasomniasNightmare DisorderSleep Terror DisorderSleepwalking Disorder

  • Sleep Disorders related to otherTo another Mental DisorderDue to General Medical ConditionSubstance-Induced Sleep Disorder

  • Additional InformationTable 14-1

  • Impulse Control NOSIntermittent Explosive DisorderNot Antisocial, Borderline, PsychoticKleptomaniaNot Conduct, Manic, AntisocialPyromaniaNot Conduct, Manic, Antisocial or substance/GMCPathological GamblingNot ManicTrichotillomaniaNot another mental disorder/GMC

  • ActivityVideo Segment 2-2Video Segment 2-7