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Brochure about UCF's economic impact on Central Florida


  • Economic cErtainty

    T H E E C O N O M I C I M P A C T O f T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O f C E N T R A L f L O R I D A

    H o w U C F d e l i v e r s t H o U s a n d s o F j o b s a n d

    b i l l i o n s o F d o l l a r s i n e C o n o m i C i m p a C t

  • Great things happen when one of the nations fastest growing universities is in one of the fastest growing cities.

    Under president john Hitts leadership, enrollment at UCF has doubled, research funding has tripled, and the number of doctoral degrees awarded each year has quadrupled.

    together UCF and orlando attract some of the brightest minds and innovative companies. people may come here for the mild weather, but they stay for the variety of educational, entertainment and work opportunities.

    UCF contributes to the regions success by assessing the communitys needs and building programs to meet those needs. programs built from shared goals range from business to medicine and from science to digital media.

    but our contribution to Central Florida does not end there.

    How UCF delivers thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic impact

    Unless otherwise noted, data is from fiscal year 2007 or the most current as of this printing.

  • Tom Ackert, 92 director, orange County Convention Center

    James Atchison, 92 General manager, sea world orlando

    Ken Bradley, 85 Ceo Florida Hospital, winter park

    Olga Calvet, 71 vice president/CFo, palmas, inc.

    Lee Constantine, 74 Florida senator

    Bill Cowles, 76 orange County elections Commissioner

    Rich Crotty, 72 Former state senator/ Currently orange County mayor

    Karl Hodges, 82 vice president, strategic development, orlando regional Healthcare system

    Jim Hunt, 77 vice president/CFo, walt disney

    Mark McHugh, 98 Ceo & president, Gatorland

    William Parsons, 93 director, nasas Kennedy space Center

    Rick Walsh, 77 president, KnobHill Group

    Al Weiss, 76 president, worldwide operations, walt disney parks and resorts

    Major Employerthe spirit and strength of any community rests with its citizens ability to get and keep jobs. UCF, the seventh-largest employer in the region, is proud of its role for impacting more than 25,000 jobs. these jobs and related activity add $2 billion to our economy.

    UCF and its neighbor, the Central Florida research park, affect more than 46,000 jobs and have an economic impact of $3.8 billion.

    many of the 10,000 employees in the research park work with UCF researchers and students on projects in the sciences, engineering, photonics and optics, modeling and simulation, and health-related fields, high-paying jobs in high demand industries.

    Educated Workforcewith 91,747 alumni living in Central Florida, UCF produces a cadre of educated alumni who live, work and pay taxes in Florida.

    UCF offers hundreds of majors to ensure a diverse, educated community and skilled employees. our students become teachers, firefighters and police officers. and nurses and doctors. and business leaders and scientists.

    each year UCF graduates 10,000 students. many stay and enter the workforce armed with an education that translates into greater earning power. some go outof-state, adding to the growing national reputation of UCF and orlando.

    UCF professors also help and work side-by-side with the community on joint projectsfrom helping underprivileged children to read to protecting the environment and from developing health-care solutions to alternative energy solutions.

    Regional Campus Workforce Developmentstretching across seven Florida counties, UCF and its 11 regional campuses work with local community colleges to provide customized programs close to where students and residents live and work.

    Strong research institutions that serve their regions will advance our states shared economic goals.

    UCF president joHn C. Hitt


    uCF $589 million $206 million $600 million $1.39 billion

    uCF Student $235 million $70 million $265 million $570 million

    Research Park $1.14 billion $43 million $699 million $1.88 billion

    Total $3.84 billion

    iMPACT On eMPLOyMenT FY 07

    iMPACT On OuTPuT FY 07


    uCF 8,996 1,989 6,534 17,519

    uCF Students 4,308 744 3,104 8,156

    Research Park 10,250 535 9,920 20,705

    Total 46,380

    Source: Dr. Sean Snaith, Director, UCF Institute for Economic Competitiveness

  • Since 1968 UCF has produced engineers and computer scientists for industries involved in defense, aerospace or construction. today UCFs reach is worldwide in areas like simulation and

    training, and optics and lasers. and in 2009, we will admit students

    to the new College of medicine. these students join UCF scientists

    already solving issues related to cancer and cardiovascular,

    infectious and neurological diseases.

    orlando does a brilliant job of capturing the worldwide tourism

    market. UCF capitalizes on being home to the worlds largest

    industry with the UCF rosen College of Hospitality management.

    the rosen College is the largest, most modern facility ever built for

    a hospitality management program.

    UCF knows that a regions economic stability can hinge on its

    ability to withstand natural ups and downs, to minimize the

    downturns and maximize the upturns, and to innovate and grow.

    and with more than 200 areas of study, UCF is contributing to the

    creativity and vitality of the region.


    1. psychology

    2. molecular biology & microbiology

    3. Hospitality management

    4. biology

    5. Finance

    StuDEntS StuDY:



    1. Florida

    2. new York

    3. new jersey

    4. pennsylvania

    5. massachusetts

    StuDEntS CoME fRoM:

    uCf College of Medicine

    the College of medicine is projected to be a permanent

    contributor to orlandos economy. according to a milken institute

    study, the college will more than pay for the state investment by

    year 10 with the creation of 6,470 jobs, wages of $517 million and

    a total economic impact of $1.4 billion.

    a life sciences cluster and the UCF College of medicine combined,

    according to the milken study, could create an additional 25,730

    jobs, $2.3 billion in wages and $6.4 billion in economic activity by

    year 10.

    soon the College of medicine and the burnham institute will be

    neighbors at lake nona, bringing together some of the most

    innovative researchers in the world. the health sciences city

    will provide the facilities and foster a collaborative spirit where

    scientists and researchers from burnham will join the UCF College

    of medicine and its burnett school of biomedical sciences to

    solve some of the worlds greatest health challenges.

  • The medical city at Lake Nona includes:

    the UCF College of medicine and medical library, burnett school of biomedical sciences, UCF College of nursing, and departments from the UCF College of Health and public affairs.

    the burnham institute is building a 300-person research laboratory to focus on cancer, neuroscience and aging, and infectious and inflammatory diseases.

    the University of Florida plans to build a 50,000-square-foot joint research facility with burnham.

    a new $560 million orlando va medical Center and a new nemours Childrens Hospital are planned for the medical city.

    Partnership university

    strong relationships and a shared vision lead to

    successful partnerships. and UCF has solid relationships

    with Central Florida built on mutual respect and

    shared goals. outstanding relations made it possible to

    receive commitments of $114 million for the College of

    medicine, to build the bright House networks stadium,

    and to earn more than $17 million in business from the

    department of defense last year.

    working with organizations like the metro orlando

    economic development Commission, orange County

    and the City of orlando led to successful projects

    including a venture lab, a small business development

    Center, a entrepreneurship Center and a jet blue

    training center, to name a few.

    partnerships were key to the formation of many of

    UCFs top research centers including the world-famous

    Creol (Center for research and education in optics

    and lasers).

    partnership activity also contributed to the formation of

    the Florida High tech Corridor. the corridor focuses on

    growing the high-tech industry in a 23-county region.

    since its inception in 1996, the corridor has partnered

    with more than 275 companies on 800 research

    projects and has invested $52 million.

    a partnership with local and state organizations and

    electronic arts, creators of madden nFl, led to the

    creation of the UCF Florida interactive entertainment

    academy, which provides a masters degree in

    interactive entertainment.

    these partnerships and others bring money and

    jobs to the region and the state while creating more

    opportunities for the universitys students, faculty,

    alumni and community members.

    VIDEO: College of medicine Groundbreaking

  • UCF researchers attract more than $100 million annually. these dollars help to strengthen and diversify the local and state economy. last year, a record $121 million came from

    federal, state and industry partners.

    the work it inspires does not sit on a dusty shelf. UCF aggr


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