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  • cole Victoria-Albert School

    May 2017 Newsletter


    Inside this issue:

    Nursery & Kindergarten Registration


    Classroom New Have a peek at what

    your childs classroom

    has been up to.


    Grade 6 Farewell

    School Calendar





    * May 8 - No School

    Non Instructional Day

    * May 22 - No School

    Victoria Day


    * May 1- Lunch Program

    Fees are due


    * May 31 - Grade 6 Immunizations

    Principal, Nelia Husack Vice Principal, Marla Tran Phone Number 204-943-3459 110 Ellen Street, R3A 1A1

    Dear Families,

    Students continue to focus on their work and try their very best, as we head into the final months of the school year. It is still so important to continue reading with your child every evening! Thank you so much for your support and for all that you do in helping your child succeed at school!

    Spring means field trips to many interesting places. It is important for all children to attend because these outings are valuable learning experiences that support what your child has learned in the classroom. On the day of the field trip remember to dress your child for the weather and in comfortable clothingespecially for those outdoor experiences. You may also need to send your child

    with a bag lunch that doesnt need heating. Please watch for notes letting you know about upcoming trips. Thank you to all our students in Rooms 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 24 and their families who attended our spring musical The Best Little Theatre in Town. It was a huge success which highlighted the many talents of our students. Registration is still open for Nursery, Kindergarten and French Immersion classes. Please remind your child to always dress for the weather as May brings showers and sometimes snow. We are the lucky recipients of the pay it forward lunch from cole Robert H. Smith School. On Friday May 26th all of our grade 1-6 students will receive a free pizza lunch. Merci cole Robert H. Smith School!



    cole Victoria-Albert School

    A French Immersion Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 will be offered at cole

    Victoria-Albert School in September 2016. This program was created in response to the growing student

    enrolment in French Immersion. The program will continue to expand and will include Grade 6 by the 2018-

    2019 school year. Our French Immersion catchment area includes the following schools:

    * Cecil Rhodes School * Clifton School * cole Sacr-Coeur

    * Fort Rouge School * John M. King School * Pinkham School

    * Principal Sparling School * Sargent Park School * Sister MacNamara School

    * Wellington School * Weston School * Dufferin School

    Bussing is available for students who live in our French Immersion catchment area and who are 1.6

    kilometers or further away from the school.


    2017/2018 SCHOOL YEAR

    To register please bring your lease agreement or tax bill along with your Manitoba Health Card. If

    you are new to Canada, please bring your Landed Immigration documents.

    Children who will be 5 years old by December 31, 2017 are eligible for Kindergarten class. Children who will be 4 years old by December 31, 2017 are eligible for Nursery class.

    Children who attended Nursery this year will be given preference for Kindergarten for September.

    Please come to the school office to register your child between 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • We listened to the story " The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

    by Eric Carle. Then as part of a Math center we finger

    painted the caterpillar bodies according to the number.

    The numbers ranged from 1-10. Here we are making 7

    fingerprints with green paint for the 7th caterpillar. We

    did this for all the 10 caterpillars. Of course the 10th

    caterpillar was the longest!

    Mme DOttavio

    Room 122 PM


    Mrs. Hiebert

    Room 123 AM & PM

    Nursery/Kindergarten AM

    This month in the morning and afternoon classes, the students in Room 123 have been

    learning about fish. We have continued to find fun ways to recognize alphabet letters

    and spell words. We are learning to add groups of numbers, read simple books and

    write stories. The children enjoyed painting their fish to go on our bulletin board in

    the classroom.

    Mme DOttavio

    Room 120

    Kindergarten, AM

    French Immersion

    We have been learning to sing a Spring song called "Si tu aimes

    le soleil".

    The song involves performing action words. Here we are singing

    the song and touching the ceiling (touche le plafond). We have

    lots of fun performing different actions and learning the name of

    the actions in French. The English version is the song" If you are

    happy and you know it".

  • We have been learning about Spring in room 7. We have been working on learning

    new French vocabulary for all of the things we see in the Springtime. We know the

    French words for all of our Spring clothing, the weather, flowers, and all kinds of

    insects! We have read a lot of books on insects and learned about their life cycles.

    We even made our favourite bugs and insects out of modelling clay.

    We have also learned about all of the new things that come alive in Spring and

    about planting a beautiful and colourful garden that will attract butterflies. We

    made our own painted paper and planted a spring garden in our hallway by

    making flowers, birds, butterflies, and insects out of our paper. It was good

    practice for us because we will be planting a live butterfly garden in the school

    yard later this Spring. Stop by just outside our classroom to see our rainbow


    Ms. Szot

    Room 13

    Grade 1

    Mme Benson

    Room 7

    Grade 1, French Immersion

    As the weather gets warmer and the seasons change from winter to spring, the students in room

    13 continue to learn about animals and living things. The students eagerly made nests outside for

    birds to make their homes in. The class is learning about the different things that living things need

    in order to grow and be healthy. We gathered branches from outside so that we could make an

    experiment to see if water would cause leaves to grow out of the buds that had formed on the

    branches. Here are the children drawing the changes that we saw happening as the branches used

    the water we put them in!

    Ms. Forrest

    Room 122 AM


    For the month of April room 122 A.M. has been studying under sea animals. We have been reading

    a lot of books about all kinds of sea animals. We have been learning numbers and letters with our

    sea animals too. The students have been working every day to add to our mural and to find a

    deeper understanding of the sea animals through art, stories, and video.

  • Mme Caliguiri

    Room 8

    Grade 2

    French Immersion

    In Room 8 we have had a fantastic start to Spring! During our Water and Air inquiry we learned

    about the water cycle, how water is transported to our taps, how to keep water and the Earth

    clean, and that many communities like some First Nations reserves do not have clean water. On

    World Water Day, the students decided that it was important for us to write letters to our

    Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. We worked very hard to write persuasive letters and went for a

    walk to send them in the mail! We are hoping that one day all communities in Canada will have

    access to clean drinking water. Next up to discover in our classroom learning: endangered


    Ms. Grimolfson

    Room 12

    Grade 1/2

    We have had a very productive and enjoyable learning month! The students have been working

    hard to improve their reading and writing skills. They have been learning to write personal stories

    using a beginning, middle, and end. They have been learning to check their writing by reading it to

    make sure it makes sense and revising by adding more details to their writing and pictures. The

    students have also been creating their own books and sharing them with each other.

    The students have been working on math investigations to learn and use math

    strategies as well as to develop their problem solving skills. The investigations also

    give the students the opportunity to work together and figure out which math

    strategies to use to solve problems using real life situations.

    Mrs. Hardman

    Room 21

    Grade 2

    We have accomplished many things in our class over the past couple of months!

    The most important one was completing and publishing our Small Moments Stories.

    On Thursday, March 16th, we had a Book Release Party to celebrate our

    accomplishments and share our stories with other adults in the school. We were

    thrilled when approximately 16 different adults turned out to hear us read our

    stories. We enjoyed a fancy snack and Mrs. Hardman toasted our hard work with

    some punch in wine glasses, just like real authors would have! It was a great time!

    We have continued our writing by learning about Canadian animals and writing

    stories that


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