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  • Many people ask what the difference between honeybee extermination and honeybee relocation is.

    The difference is night and day. Extermination, no matter how it is performed usually consists of a

    chemical applicator arriving on the scene and the deciding what sort of toxic chemical is necessary

    for killing the insects.

    This service is usually performed by spraying the chemical directly into the hole where the bees

    are entering. If the chemical is strong enough this can kill all the bees in the colony. But if the

    colony has been in the structure for more than a few weeks you must expect that there will be

    honeycomb in the wall. This is before we get around to discussing the ethics of saving bees

    versus killing bees.

    The economics of your decision entirely have to do with the presence of honeycomb. The

    extermination is cheaper generally but like I said it does not deal with the fact of honeycomb in

    your walls. Honeybee relocation companies are more effective at dealing with the honeycomb

    found in the wall. Most honeybee relocation companies also go to great extremes at cleaning the

    structure of all honeycomb wax.

    But just because someone does a live removal and even goes to the length of cleaning your

    structure of its honeycomb you still need to make sure to get someone to close the structure and

    give you a warranty too. Eco Bee removal does honeybee relocation only and we do it all.

    Bee Removal and Bee Relocation