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Eating healthy at work is easier than you think! Learn how in this presentation. This covers: -H = N/C - the formula for healthy eating popularized by Dr Joel Fuhrman -Phytonutrients -What the most nutrient dense foods are -How to make a green smoothie -Healthy snacks at work -Making a salad for lunch .....and more


<ul><li> Eating Healthy While Working in Tech NadaaTaiyab, BA, BS, MA Presented to Omedix 6/27/2014 </li> <li> EATING HEALTHY CAN.. Increase energy Increase happiness! Improve job performance Keep the weight off Prevent disease in future </li> <li> INTROS! Name Top reason to eat healthy Number one barrier </li> <li> PERSONAL STORY </li> <li> Some Nutrition Basics! </li> <li> Health = Nutrients/Calorie </li> <li> MACRONUTRIENTS Carbohydrates Protein Fat Calories </li> <li> MICRONUTRIENTS Vitamins Minerals Phytonutrients Non-Caloric, but Essential </li> <li> INADEQUATE CONSUMPTION OF PHYTONUTRIENTS Cellular toxicity DNA damage Immune system dysfunction Higher risk of cancer &amp; chronic disease </li> <li> PLANT RICH DIET A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promo8on and disease preven8on ! Dr David Katz, Yale University Preven5on Research Center </li> <li> Health = Nutrients/Calorie </li> <li> Copyright 2010, @ Joel Fuhrman M.D. </li> <li> PRACTICAL HOWTOS Smoothies Snacks Salads Veggies with dinner </li> <li> GREEN SMOOTHIES Fruits Greens Liquid Nuts </li> <li> Chocolate)Green)Smoothie! 2"Cups"Almond/Soy"Milk" 2"handfuls"spinach"or"kale" 2"frozen"very"ripe"bananas" Half"cup"blueberries" "oz"walnuts"(or"chia,"ax,"etc.)" "oz"cashews" Pinch"of"cinnamon" 2"large"heaping"teaspoons"of"raw" cacao" </li> <li> BOWL OF BERRIES </li> <li> SALADS </li> <li> LUNCH SALAD Greens Beans Nuts / Seeds Colorful Veggies Dressing </li> <li> FRUIT SNACKS </li> <li> VEGGIE SNACKS </li> <li> VEGGIE DIPS </li> <li> NUTS &amp; DRIED FRUIT Go for raw and unsalted nuts &amp; bars with natural ingredients </li> <li> VEGGIES WITH DINNER This is whats been missing in your life. </li> <li> BOTTOM LINE Eat more whole plant-foods Have breakfast &amp; lunch Less sugar and rened our Small changes = BIG difference </li> <li> QUESTIONS NadaaTaiyab </li> </ul>