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EATA RAINBOW Of nutrients

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Of nutrients

What do colors sayabout nutritional value?A LOT!

Kids love rainbows - and so do our bodies! Strong evidence suggests that the more colors you eat - from red apples t0 black berries - the more nutritious your diet. 

Plus, "eating a rainbow" is an easy way to remember to eat lots of different kinds of fruits and veggies!

White foods, like onion, garlicand cauliflower have importantimmune boosting and cancerfighting nutrients.

PotassiumVitamin CFolateNiacinRiboflavin

Red foods like beets, radishes,red peppers and tomatoes canlower your blood pressure,protect against free radicals andreduce tumor growth.

LycopeneEllagic AcidAntioxidents

Orange fruits and veggies like pumpkins, oranges, mangos, and carrotscan lower cholesterol, help in collagen formation for improved skin toneand keep joints healthy. Beta-Carotine (Vitamin A)

FlavonoidsBromineVitamin C

Yellow foods like bananas, squash, sweetcorn, peaches and lemons protect againstcancer, shield the skin from free-radicals andimprove vision.

CarotenoidsFolatePotassiumFlavonoidsVitamin C

Green artichokes, leafylettuce, kale, peas, limes,leeks, cabbage and celery(just to name a few) arefilled with fibers that aid indigestion. They can alsoreduce cancer risks, lowerblood pressure andsupport a healthy immunesystem.

ChlorophyllLuteinVitamin CVitamin AVitamin KFolateCalcium

Fruits andveggies likeblueberries,blackberries andplums improvememory, removefree-radicals andfight cancer.


Purple eggplants, grapes, cabbage, figs, and raisins protectagainst heart disease, reduce risk of high blood pressure,improve calcium and other mineral absorption and arepowerful antioxidents. Lycopene

LuteinVitamin CFiber,FlavonoidsEllagic acid,

Remember,eating well iseasy!

Just follow the

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