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Easy Eye Carewith the Oriental Wisdom of

AcupressureKeep Your Eyes Healthy Naturally!Acupressure helps in increasing the blood circulation around the eyes & keeps them healthy. Found helpful in preventing dark circles around the eyes. Also helps in reducing puffiness under the eyes.

Based on the 16-Year Plus Rich Experience of Dr Krishan Aggarwal, D. Acu., N.D., Y.D.

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About the Author

Dr Krishan Aggarwal, D.Acu., C.M.T., C.C.P.,C.H.T., C.W.C., N.D. Y.D. Founder-Director - Anubhooti WellnessAn ardent believer in the self-help therapies of oriental wisdom for glowing fitness & physical-mental-emotional well-being. Took active interest in Yogasanas & Meditation since 1968, Learned Yoga & Meditation from Swami Harswroop Brahmachari (1972), Read various Granthas on Yoga and Meditation (Old as well as New Age Publications), Learned Hypnosis/Self Hypnosis from the Master Hypnotist - Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Learned Acupressure & Magnet Therapy from Dr Dhiren Gala of Mumbai (India). Practiced and Experienced various Meditation Techniques, Worked on Kundalini, Experienced the benefits of Acupressure & Yoga-Manoyoga on Self, Family Members, Relatives and Friends regarding - Increasing Mind Power, Achieving Desired Results, Deep & Slow Breathing, Specific Yoga Postures, Peace & Calmness through Meditation. Enjoys the process of acquiring/sharing useful practical skills like YOGA, MEDITATION and Personal Growth Programs i.e. Hypnosis for Positive Change, Creative Visualization, Acupressure & Mano-Yoga etc.

Besides being a Post Graduate and well conversant with English & Hindi languages, he is a Qualified & Experienced TRAINER, Successfully completed Diploma in Acupressure from Mumbai-India, Certificate in Massage Therapy from Universal Class Inc., Florida, USA; Certificate in Counselling Psychology from Universal Class Inc., Florida, USA; Certificate in Hypnosis from IMCD, Hyderabad-India; Certificate in Hypnotherapy from Healthy Hypnotherapy Institute of California, USA; Certificate in Wellness Coaching from Universal Class Inc., Florida, USA. Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of YOGA & Wellness COACH (Having a rich experience of 16 years+ ). A Registered Medical Practioner (A.M.) - Regn.No. IBAM/RMP/B-15803 and President of the Global Positive Change Foundation, Faridabad (India) working for transforming human life. Also a Registered Doctor of Naturopathy. Member - International Naturopathy Organization, New Delhi-India.

He has established 'Anubhooti Wellness/Acupressure & Yoga-Manoyoga Institute' with a view to provide Alternative Medicine solutions based on the Result-Oriented & Time-tested oriental healing wisdom of Acupressure & Yoga-Manoyoga for Physical-Mental-Emotional Well-being of the people. The web-site: http://www.anubhootiyoga.com is an endeavour to provide the same wellness solutions online.

Contact Information: Tel: +91 9999207679, +91 9891714919, +91 9910156244 Email: anubhootiwellness@gmail.com

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The information given in this e-book or on our web-site: http:\\www.anubhootiyoga.com and its sub-domains is educational and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not meant to replace your Physician/Doctor. The information on the website and herein this e-book has been provided to be used by any person judiciously in his/her own interest. They are free to seek medical guidance. Any person experiencing a health problem should consult a health professional. Self treatment could be hazardous in cases of serious illness. Though no known discomfort /harm have come to our knowledge during the last 16 years of practical experience in the field, we are not responsible for any mishaps that may occur by using this information.

Dr Krishan Aggarwal,D.Acu., C.M.T., C.C.P.,C.H.T., C.W.C., N.D. Y.D.

Founder-Director - Anubhooti Wellness+ 91 9999207679 Email: anubhootiwellness@gmail.com

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Beautiful Eyes

Eyes are very important for the human body. Without eyes, human beings wont be able to see the beauty of this wonderful world. Eyes are the windows of the soul. Without eyes, the five basic senses would not be complete. So, eyes are a wonderful GIFT to the mankind as also to each and every creature on this world. It is our utmost duty to take care of our eyes. We can do it by protecting our eyes from any over use, washing with clean water and taking a good nights sleep. There are various methods of taking care of our eyes. While going to a qualified professional Eye Specialist/Doctor when there is any serious illness of eyes is utmost necessary, other natural eye care methods are equally important. Eye Wellness is possible with the time-tested oriental wisdom of Acupressure. Acupressure, based on the principles of TCM, is now-a-days a well known & widely acceptable method of health & fitness. Commonly used forms of Acupressure are Reflexology Acupressure & Meridian Acupressure. What is Acupressure? Acupressure is an ancient scientific healing art of staying healthy and treating diseases by applying pressure on specific acupoints. Acupressure is needle less Acupuncture. Widely used Acupressure is of two types i.e. Reflexology Acupressure and Meridian Acupressure. In Reflexology Acupressure, pressure is given on the points in both the hands/palms and the feet. In Meridian Acupressure, specific acupoints on the skin of body parts are pressed. How to do it? Pressures is given rhythmically with pumping method i.e. pressing an reflex-point/acupoint for 10 seconds with thumb/finger/jimmy and relax the acupoint for 5 seconds. This is one round of pressing and relaxing on a particular acupoint/reflex point. This is to be repeated 4 to 5 times on each

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acupoint in one sitting. At the end of one Acupressure Session, please press in the middle of both palms. Acupoints are to be pressed in this manner on both sides of the body, left and right hand, and left and right leg/foot, except acupoint on CV (in front body midline) and GV (in back body midline) Meridians. For better results, Acupressure is to be taken/given twice-thrice a day. No acupoint is to be pressed upto 1-2 hours after taking full meal. It can be taken after tea/coffee/snacks/light breakfast. Please don't take a bath/wash hands and feet and also don't take cold drinks/water upto 20-30 minutes after taking acupressure for various health problems. These acupressure points can be used while taking/not taking any type of other treatment or for general fitness. How it works? Acupressure is safe and effective way to be healthy. By pressing on acupoints, blocked energy is released and in turn physical-mental-emotional discomfort is eased. In short, Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy, using gentle physical pressure on key points on the body to promote a sense of relaxation and to restore the flow of energy through the body to induce a process of natural healing. Acupressure for Eye Care Acupressure is equally beneficial for eye care also. By pressing certain Reflex-points & Acupoints on hand-feet and on other body parts, wellness of Eyes is restored. Reflexology-Acupressure for Eye Care: By pressing on the shaded area (as given on next page) on Index Fingers and Middle Fingers in both the hands and also on the 1st and 2nd Toes in both the feet restore eye health. Acupressure on these Reflex-points has been found very effective in the following eye conditions: Eye Pain Red Eyes Tearing Eyes Eye-Sight Dry Eyes

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Reflexology-Acupressure for Eye Care:

Shaded Area Reflex-Points Left Hand Palm for Left Eye Wellness

Shaded Area Reflex-Points Right Hand Palm for Right Eye Wellness

After pressing the shaded area which is the reflex area/reflex-points for Left & Right Eye in the respective Left & Right Hand, press for one minute in the centre of both the palm.

Left Foot Left Eye Reflex Area

Right Foot Right Eye Reflex Area

By pressing the shaded area in both the feet helps in maintaining eye wellness as well as prevent from eye problems. Also press in the centre of the sole thereafter.

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Meridian Acupressure for Eye Care: Acupoints, their Images and their Beneficial Effects in various Eye Conditions

Acupoint: UB 1: Helpful in Red Eye, Tearing Eye, Night Blindness, Blurred Vision, Colour Blindness.

Acupoint: UB 2: Helpful in Itching Eyes, Conjunctivitis, Colour Blindness.

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Acupoints, their Images and their Beneficial Effects in various Eye Conditions

Acupoint: GB 1: Helpful in Eye Pain, Itching, Tearing Eye, Optic Eye Nerve.

Acupoint: GB 3: Helpful in Short-Sightedness & Night Blindness.

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Acupoints, their Images and their Beneficial Effects in various Eye Conditions

Acupoint: GB 4: Helpful in Weak Eye-sight.

Acupoint: GB 14: Helpful in Optic Nerve Swelling & Inflammation.

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Acupoints, their Images and their Beneficial Effects in various Eye Conditions

Acupoint: ST 1: Helpful in Conjunctivitis, Colour Blindness & Night Blindness

Acupoint: ST 2: Helpful in Red Eye, Tearing Eye.

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Acupoints, their Images and their Beneficial Ef


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