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Most Hiring Managers would agree that Reference Checking should be a mandatory component of any hiring process. However, many of those same Managers would say they are skeptical of the quality of the information they receive from References, and that they question the value of this step in the hiring process.


  • 1. HiringSimulation.comHIRINGSIMULATION.COMHOW CAN MY COMPANY HIRE BETTER SALESPEOPLE?4 Easy Steps to Increase Your Successful Hires

2. HiringSimulation.comHow can my company hire better sales people?Over the past 12 years we have been invited into countless Presidentand CEOs offices to discuss the topic of hiring salespeople. Beforethe President/CEO opens his/her mouth, we can typically predictwhat they are going to say.We could hand them over a few comment cards with the followingissues and almost guarantee their thoughts will be one or twostatements on the card. Comments like.. 3. HiringSimulation.comHow can my company hire better sales people? Hiring Salespeople in this organization has been our biggestchallenge! We have X number of salespeople but only 20% of them are runningon all cylinders we need better salespeople! We figure over the past year the cost of our bad hires in the salesdepartment has been $X. Many times the figure is in the millions ofdollars. 4. HiringSimulation.comHow can my company hire better sales people? Our Sales Managers keep hiring the wrong salespeople onthe team. The cost of hiring mistakes in our sales department iscausing the whole company to suffer And the list of comments goes on. 5. HiringSimulation.comThe reason we continue to hear these hiring mistakescomments is because we are being brought into the companyto assist in hiring the right sales team members through astructured hiring process.What is surprising is to see how little process and logic hasbeen put into existing sales teams hiring processes. 6. HiringSimulation.comHere are a few points that will assist hiring teams in starting to geton solid ground when hiring their next salesperson.1. Industry knowledge trap2. No structure to the initial interview.3. Accountability after the interview.4. Bring other forms of assessments into the evaluation process. 7. HiringSimulation.comHiring salespeople should not be difficult or a mystery.Incorporating these four points mentioned in this article willbring more accuracy and profitability to each hire.A job simulation can save companies huge money and greatlyreduce turnover when compared to traditional hiringmethods. 8. HiringSimulation.comLearn MoreYou can learn more about in-tray exercises, jobsimulations, sales role-play, assessment centres &more by visiting us at http://HiringSimulation.comor http://hireresults.ca