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Telenor's Easy paisa Money transfer servive - the first of its kind in Pakistan -provides the un-banked population withaccessible financial services hence ensues complete convenience and empowerment to the people of Pakistan


  • easypaisa - money.transfer

    Anybody - Anytime Anywhere

    Omar Moeen MalikManager Financial Services

    20th Nov 2009

  • Agenda

    About easypaisamoney.transfer product Customer benefits

    Target Market Target Market Product Pricing Product Details

  • About easypaisa

    Pakistans First Branchless Banking solution

    Providing the un-banked population with accessible financial servicesaccessible financial services

    The innovative product umbrella of easypaisa will provide complete convenience and empowerment to the people of Pakistan

  • Introducing money.transfer!

    Any person can send and receive money to/from their family, friends, etc from any easypaisa Merchant in the most efficient, secure and convenient way

    Not limited to Telenor subscribers or other mobile operator subscribers. Even people with no mobile phones can use this service!!

    No registration is required to use this product

  • Customer Benefits

    Convenience More than 4000 outlets Late working hours/Holidays

    Security Security GSM standards security Instant SMS confirmation messages

    Instant Transaction Not restricted to Telenor subscribers 24/7 Customer Support

  • Target Market

    Any and All Domestic Remittances Users

    Any Pakistani (e.g. Migrant Workers, Household Staff, Drivers, Guards, etc) sending Monthly Salaries home to their families from Urban Cities to Rural Villages

    Parents sending funds to their children at educational Parents sending funds to their children at educational institutions in other cities for tuition fee, monthly pocket money etc

    Frequent Travelers who dont want to carry cash using this service as Travelers Cheques by sending money to themselves from one city and collecting the money in another city

  • Product Pricing

    6 simple slabs for the customers with prices stated upfront No hidden charges

    Transactional Limits (SBP regulations): At most 3 transactions per month

    Rs. 10,000 per month sending and receiving

    money.transfer Pricing Table

    Slab Start Slab End Fee (Rs.) FED (16%) Total

    0 1000 50 8 58

    1001 2500 100 16 116

    2501 4000 150 24 174

    4001 6000 200 32 232

    6001 8000 250 40 290

    8001 10000 300 48 348

  • Pricing Details

    How will the fee be deducted for a Money Transfer?

    Fee for the transaction (including taxes) will be charged on top of the Money Transfer amount

    Fee will only be charged to the Sender and not the Receiver

    Example: A person who wants to transfer Rs. 1000 to another person would end up

    paying Rs. 1000 + 58 to the Merchant (where Rs. 50 = Money Transfer fee & Rs. 8 = taxes).

    Receiver does not need to pay anything and will be able to pick up Rs. 1000 from any easypaisa Merchant.

  • Whats required for money.transfer?

    The Sender needs to bring: original, valid Nadra CNIC and a photocopy Receiver's CNIC number

    Sender to enter a 5-digit secret transaction pass-code during sendingduring sending

    The Receiver needs to bring: original, valid Nadra CNIC and a photocopy Transaction ID (system generated) 5 digit secret transaction pass-code (entered by Sender)

    Sender and Receivers Phone Numbers are optional

  • Sending Process Complete

    Sender has to collect a filled out, stamped Receipt from the Merchant for his records - Mandatory

  • Confirmation Messages on Sending & Receiving

    Sender receives a SMS from 3737

    Merchant receives a SMS from 3737

    Receiver receives a SMS from 3737

    Trx ID 90772. You have sent Rs. 2000 to CNIC

    4220365267929.The fee for this transaction is Rs. 116. Please pay Rs. 2116

    to the merchant

    Trx ID 90772. Please collect Rs. 2116 from the customer. Rs. 2000 have

    been sent to CNIC 4220365267929 and your new MWallet balance is

    Rs. 17926

    Trx ID 90772. CNIC 6110165267929 has sent you Rs. 2000. You can withdraw/collect this

    cash from any easypaisa merchant by giving your

    CNIC, Trx ID and transaction Passcode

  • easypaisa Locations

    Where can customers send/receive Money from?

    All Telenor Sales & Service Centers (24) All Tameer Bank Branches (30) All Telenor Franchises (232)

    All easypaisa Retailers (4117) All easypaisa Retailers (4117)


    easypaisa Info Services*(for Telenor subscribers only)

    Send a SMS with text ep to 3737

    - Find Nearest Merchant- Find Merchants by City

  • Customer / Dealer Support

    24 / 7 Help Line for Customers and Merchants

    Help Line for Telenor Customers (345) Help Line for non-Telenor Customers (111-345-100) Help Line for non-Telenor Customers (111-345-100)

    Help Line for Merchants (345-545)

  • Q & A