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  • Easy Marketing Ways to Promote Online - 1Marketing is the bottom line for any companys success today. Earlier there was notan option of online promotions and one had to rely on traditional media like newspapers, radio most of which had delayed feedback. Now when we are living in a fast paced world where we love doing everything on the go, the traditional media have taken a back seat and Digital Media has appeared our new savior. The best thing about this media is that it is fast, and comes cheap if implemented smartly.

    Here are several ways one can use to save money on marketing efforts and still gain good traction:

  • 1. Embrace customer referrals

    If you are new to the business, customer referral is what you should target for. Moreover, this technique also works well when you are in service industry. Like Car Rentals, Hotels and restaurants etc. where the customer can refer the service to a friend to avail if satisfied. All the participants benefit, you as a service4 provider get new customers, your customer gets a reward for referral and your prospective customer gets a verified service to avail off.

    2. Work on Your Brand Ambassadors

    Your brand ambassadors need not be celebrities but your customers who have used your product or brand in real. You can even rope in your employees to talk about how they made the product or why did they bring this service etc. Maintain the consistency in the message as constant advertising may invoke interest.

    3. Use online marketing tools

    There are many online marketing tools available that are either free or come cheap. Exploit them to full potential in order to gain a better customer perspective and hence bring a better ad campaign.

    These are some of the ways, the rest will follow in the next.