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  1. 1. Easy and Inexpensive Ideas For Your Baby ShowerCredit: Robyn Lee via FlickrCongratulations on your pregnancy! This is indeed a cause for celebration. One of the best ways tocelebrate your pregnancy is to have a baby shower. Normally the tradition is that your close friendsand family would surprise you with one. But we live in the new millennium now (way past thatactually), but who says you can't throw your own party. That would be much better because you willbe able to choose the kind of party you want. Who doesn't get excited when a child is on the way?Your friends and loved ones will most absolutely get that undeniable thrill after you make theannouncement and soon plans get underway to celebrate the baby's arrival. So, now it is time foryou to have a blast using a child shower celebration! Arranging a child shower ought to be exciting.It really is your time for you to shine and produce the party you have normally wanted. Choose toeither go classic or place a bit humor in your occasion. Consider about your theme and unleash yourcreativity. The key aim is basically to make your baby shower an unforgettable knowledge foreveryone.That being said, here are easy and inexpensive baby shower ideas for your party!It's the age of technology. You don't need to print invitations anymore. All you need to do is use alittle bit of creativity and upload your electronic invitation on social media networks such asFaceBook. Just tag away and let your friends RSVP.Idea #2: Keep it CloseDon't be obliged to invite everybody! Keep the guest list to a minimum by inviting your closestfriends and family only. This way, you won't need to spend too much for food and you won't evenneed to rent a venue any more.
  2. 2. Idea #3: Baby Shower GiveawaysSend off your guests by giving them a simple trinket to remember the event forever. You don't needto buy anything expensive. Use your own creativity and imagination so you won't need to spendmuch. For instance, a very popular giveaway for baby showers, or for any kind of event for thatmatter, are candles. You simply need to buy a ribbon to tie on the candle and then print small"Thank You" notes that you can attach. Simple and easy, right?!Idea #4: Video MessagesThis is something that you can easily do with a high end camera phone or your video camera. Duringthe event, document a message from each of the guests addressed to your unborn angel. This willalso serve as a great gift for your child in the future.Idea #5: Gift RegistryYour guests will probably bring gifts for your baby. It's more practical and wise to have a giftregistry before the actual event so that they know which gifts to get. You don't want your child toend up with 2 cribs and zero strollers. Besides, your guests probably also have no idea what to getyou on your baby shower so it's best to just tell them what you need.Idea #6: Games, games, games!What would a party be without any games? There are many baby shower games that you can choosefrom. You will need simple props and maybe even none. Example of a baby shower game is theGuess the Gender game. However, this only applies to couples who have not revealed the real
  3. 3. gender of their child. Another would be a diaper race where two groups would race and change adoll's diaper at the end of the finish line. The group that finishes first wins.5 Fun Baby Shower GamesBaby showers are tradition. It's part of many families' cultures all over the world. You ought to haveone for yourself because you don't get to be pregnant many times in your life. Try to make it asmemorable as possible.