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  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Easter around the world

    The student : Adalbert GiorgianaThe class : a IX-a B

    The teacher : Ruxandra Teodorescu

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Easter in RomaniaEaster is celebrated with great zeal and

    enthusiasm throughout the world. On theoccasion of Easter, the Christian community

    presents in every nook and corner of the worldcelebrates this day as the day of the resurrectionof Jesus Christ after crucifixion.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Easter in Romania is celebratedaccording to the rituals of theEastern Orthodox Church. TheEaster entire season consists ofFlowers Saturday (Lazarus

    Saturday), Palm Day (FlowersDay), Great Thursday, GreatFriday, Easter, The Small Fountainand Good Peoples Easter. Each ofthese has small interesting rituals.The Easter celebration goes on for

    a long week and finally wraps withGood Peoples Easter celebrated inhonor of the ancient spirits.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Starting with Holy Thursday,

    people start painting eggs in amultitude of colors. Thepredominant color is red, butother colors are also applied -yellow, green, blue and even

    black. Decorated eggs or 'ouaincondeiate' are an integral partof Easter celebration inRomania. The eggs aredecorated using a type of thin

    and round sticks called chisita,made of beech wood.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Pasca and Eggs

    The special Easter cake, known asPasca, is baked on Great Thursday.The Pasca can have a round shape(reminding little Jesus' diapers) or a

    rectangular one (the shape of hisgrave). The shells of the eggs usedfor the Pasca are thrown in a river.This action stems from the ancientbelief that the shells are taken bythe river to the country of the

    Good People, announcing themthe Easter has came.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Easter in USA

    Easter is celebrated in USA withtraditional fervor and gaiety.Sunday church services and festivecelebrations blend together duringthe Easter weekend. On Easter

    Sunday in New York and othercities, large Easter parades are heldwhere people turn out in theirfashionable outfits and trendyEaster bonnets. The person leadingthe parade holds Easter candle or

    cross in his hand. Easter festivitycan be observed here in the welldecorated markets and beautifullyadorned homes across the city.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Easter in USA is also very muchcommercialized. Easter symbols likebunnies, Easter tree, Easter Eggs andEaster lamb are found in differentforms during the Easter festivities

    throughout the market. The populartrend of Easter symbols such as theEaster bunny and egg tree wereintroduced to the American folklore bythe German settlers who arrived in thePennsylvania Dutch country during the1700s. Gradually American peopletook to crafts such as egg and Eastertree decoration. The book 'Egg Tree'by Katherine Milhous was creditedwith popularizing the custom of eggtree decoration in USA.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Easter in UK

    One of the most famous was ofstartingLent, and so the Eastercelebrations, in the U.K. is byholding Pancake races. InMinehead, the town where I live,

    the main street used to be closedon the evening ofShroveTuesdayand lots of people tookpart in the races. You ran down theroad while tossing and trying not todrop your pancake! Sadly, due to

    very expensive insurance (in casepeople fell over and hurtthemselves!) it's not done any morein Minehead

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Over the years the tradition haschanged. Now the Queen,

    carrying a small pomander orbouquet of sweet herbs, giveslittle purses of money to a fewchosen men and women. Thecoins are special little silverpennies and the purses are madeof soft leather and are closed

    with a drawstring. The ceremonyis held at Westminster Abbey, inLondon, every other year. In theyears when it isn't held at

    Westminster Abbey, the Queendistributes the Maundy Moneyat different cathedrals in thecountry.

  • 7/30/2019 Easter Around the World (Adalbert Giorgiana)


    Happy Easter !