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<ol><li> 1. Bangalore, Karnataka, India Company Profile </li><li> 2. About Easel Studios LLP Easel Studios LLP is an organization defined by service and expertise, collaboration and communication, and respect and caring. We work to do good things for our colleagues, the organizations we serve, and the world around us. For more than 3 years, we have attracted and retained an exceptional team and consistently delivered effective solutions to support highly successful organizations. We are proud of all we have accomplished in collaboration with our client partners. From helping employees better their lives by improving their work skills. </li><li> 3. Our Story Easel Studios was founded by Chetan &amp; Prasenjit in 2012. Knowing the hardships most early-stage businesses face, the founders set a course they hoped would ensure success and sanity. They established principles about talent, attitude (caring and committed), and overhead . During the early years, our work focused primarily on video production &amp; marketing consulting. Then, the founders steered the company to the world of animated content, digital marketing solutions and the design and development of learning and communications solutions. </li><li> 4. Services Easel Learning Easel Digital Easel Animation Solutions At Easel we have three offering to cater specific business needs and expertise. </li><li> 5. Easel Learning eLearning Content Development eLearning Support Services (Design, Graphics &amp; Animations) Learning Video Development Medical / Scientific Animation Consulting (Content, Learning Objectives, Content Analysis, Methodology, Pedagogy) Simulations </li><li> 6. Visual Content Production Explainer Videos Live Shoot Video Production Sales &amp; Marketing Videos Digital Marketing Solution Social Media Management Content Creation (Blog, Web Content &amp; Articles) Pay per Click (PPC) Design &amp; Graphics Branding Content Information Design Marketing &amp; Sales Collateral Easel Digital </li><li> 7. Easel Animation Solutions Animation Solutions 3D Animation Flash Animation Motion Design (Motion Graphics) Character Development Bible Creation &amp; Production Design Pre Production &amp; Planning Content Creation &amp; Design Store Design 3D walkthrough Broadcast Content Medical Animation Product Design </li><li> 8. Pre requisite to Start a Project Pre requisite Clear Briefing Literature, Manuals or Documentation Appoint Subject Matter Expert (SME) Brand Guide ( If needed to be followed) In case we are taking up complete pre production to production we will take 25 + 2 days for the Delivery (Note: Timeline depends on nature of project.) </li><li> 9. What Easel Studios Offer We Handle complete end to end E- Learning Solution : Adding Interactivity (Visuals, Quiz) Analogies (Visual format) Simplify Content We Handle Complete Production &amp; Packaging </li><li> 10. Workflow Content Analysis Storyboarding Production a. Course Development Software b. Voice Over Production c. Animation Basic Production SME Feedback Post Production Delivery </li><li> 11. Scope of Work (SOW) We define the scope of work to avoid confusions, this is also quite crucial from point of view costing: Scope of Work (SOW) Final CostingPilot Project </li><li> 12. Ways of Controlling Cost Planned Pre Production Resource Optimization Standardized Workflow </li><li> 13. How Much Time it Takes to Deliver Video Content It depends on format and duration e-Learning Delivery time - 4 weeks for one course ( If course duration is 60 minutes) 4 Courses can be delivered each month </li><li> 14. Some of Our Clients </li><li> 15. Thank you! www.easelstudios.com info@easelstudios.com +919379480034 </li></ol>